Your Strava rides will no longer be shared with Relive

What you need to know

Effective immediately, rides recorded in Strava will not report data to Relive. There are ways around it, but this breakup sucks for fans of this cool little service. There are a ton of third-party apps out there that can take your ride of run in Strava and visualize it in a cool new way, but one of the best out there is an app called Relive. It’s a great way to show off a long ride, to better visualize a new goal you’ve reached, or just to show off a fun workout with friends. This service takes your GPS data, photos taken during the trip, and intensity information from Strava to form a unique video showcasing your efforts. Strava says this decision was made because Relive was abusing its API. It’s not super clear where the pro… Relive says it followed Strava’s takedown request and got blacklisted anyway. Unfortunately, there’s been some kind of falling out between the two companies, and now your Strava events will not automatically make their way to Relive.