You should ditch Spotify until it ditches its latest policy

Spotify doesn’t need to get your location “from time to time” to take your money or play your music. Spotify’s family plan is super cheap, and the rules say everyone participating as a family needs to live at the same physical address. A… That’s a silly rule, but it is the rule. This is another silly practice, but I can see why you’re required to do it if you need to comply with silly rule number one. At least until it figures out that we don’t want the company tracking our location in order to have a family plan. The grocery store can sell me food without verifying my address matches the one on file with my bank. That’s what is happening here. I’m saying goodbye to Spotify this week, and if you care about privacy, you may want to as well. It’s after this, though, where things move from silly to downright absurd. In order to enforce it, Spotify asks you to pinpoint your location via Google Maps, or enable location tracking when you first join a family membership or set one up.