You and your PlayStation 4 Pro deserve one of these 4K HDR TVs

We’ve found the best TVs with 4K resolution and HDR technology that you can buy for your PS4 Pro. The TVs look great to boot and come with LG ThinQ, Google Ass… That narrows the list quite a bit, but even then there are tons of options on tap. Shopping for a TV in 2019 can be confusing. LG’s latest model cuts down on latency enough that it won’t affect your gaming performance, too. This is because each pixel on the screen can be powered on or off individually, so scenes with true black actually shut those pixels completely off. We’ve stuck (mostly) with just the 55-inch models here as they are the most popular. Perfect blacks

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LG’s OLED TVs are the only ones on the list capable of producing perfect blacks. There are so many options in a wide variety of price ranges. In the case of the PlayStation 4 — specifically, the PlayStation 4 Pro model — you’ll likely want a 4K TV that has HDR, which makes for a sharper picture with a wider range of colors.