World War II Veteran Reunited With Beloved Chihuahua After She Was Stolen From His Downey Front Yard

19, 2016. A World War II veteran was reunited Saturday with his “best friend” — a teacup Chihuahua named Lola — after making the devastating discovery she had been taken from the front yard of his Downey home. Luckily, she had been in the care of Chino resident Cynthia Godfrey, who said she was at her son’s old school in Downey last week and found the chihuahua at a nearby dog park. 33.940109

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World War II Veteran Devastated After Beloved Dog Stolen From Front Yard in Downey LeClair previously told KTLA a child reported he had seen a woman in a red car pull up to the home and take the dog while walking home from school. The woman told the child she was taking the dog to the veterinarian and left, according to LeClair. I guess you call it grieving,” LeClair said. Cynthia Godfrey, center, and her son stand with Roger LeClair and Lola as they are reunited Nov. Godfrey said she had been searching for Lola’s owner when one of her friends notified her of the news coverage of her absence. KTLA’s Kacey Montoya contributed to this article. (Credit: KTLA)
Lola, 12, had been missing since last Wednesday, leaving owner 93-year-old Roger LeClair extremely concerned as she had recently been put on medication. “For the last week and a half, day and night, I go to bed thinking about her, I wake up a time or two at night thinking about her.  
The only way he kept positive while she was away was looking at Lola’s photo, he said.