Wolfenstein: Youngblood received a thrilling new trailer at E3 2019

Now, the studio looks to capitalize on all that they’ve learned and spin it out into a thrilling cooperative experience with Wolfenstein: Youngblood. And yes, the game largely still celebrates killing those Nazis. Here’s everything you need to know. But how will you do it? Wolfenstein: Youngblood, as it’s called, is still set in the time of Nazi Germany. Kick some Nazi ass

Wolfenstein: Youngblood

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Team up and retake Paris

MachineGames has made some of the very best single-player campaigns to come out in recent years with Wolfenstein: The New Order and New Colossus. June 12, … What’s the story going to be? What crazy new ways can you dispatch of the murderous, hateful souls? What’s new with Wolfenstein: Youngblood? Bethesda Softworks did the world a favor and introduced a new Wolfenstein game. The Nazis may have left America, but this fight isn’t over. As we near Wolfenstein: Youngblood’s release we’ll keep you up to date with everything surrounding the game.