Will any USB microphone work with a PlayStation 4?

However, if you are serious about your audio or you are streaming regularly, then a mic that’s separate from your headphones makes a big difference. Cheap and awesome: BLU Snowball ($64 at Amazon)
Black and red hotness: HyperX QuadCast ($140 at Amazon)
Why would you want a USB mic? You can use a USB headset or, if you are looking to stream your gaming, you can use a good desktop mic to give you the best sound possible. There is nothing worse than listening to a stream and hearing the sound of breathing, or the smacking of lips. That’s fine, and it works perfectly well if you all you want to do is talk to your squadmates or talk smack to own the n00bs. When you are streaming your audio needs to be much better than average, and you can’t be a mouth-breather. Best answer: Any USB microphone will work with your PlayStation 4. Traditionally you would use a microphone headset with a 3.5mm audio jack, plugged into your DualShock controller if you wanted to speak on game chat. This isn’t …