Which Note 10 storage size should I buy: 256GB or 512GB?

However, just keep in mind that storage configuration is only available for the larger Note 10+ (along with the microSD card slot for expandable storage). Only one option: Samsung Galaxy Note 10 ($950 at Samsung)
Storage variety: Samsung Galaxy Note 10+ (From $1,100 at Samung)
The base 256GB amount should be enough for most people

That might seem like a bumnmer, but to be honest, 256GB is plenty of space and likely more than most people will need. The 512GB option is likely overkill for the majority of people reading this, but if you’re a self-proclaimed power user and keep a ton of local files saved on your device, it mig… If you plan on saving a lot of local movies, music, games, etc., then you may want to splurge for the 512GB option. Even if you save some Spotify playlists for offline listening and download a few movies to have on-hand for traveling, you’ll still be hard-pressed to surprass the 256GB limit. Best answer: For most people, 256GB is likely more than enough storage.