Which color Moto G6 should you buy?

Like a moonlit ocean

Moto G6 with Alexa built-in Deep Indigo

I’m a sucker for blue, especially when it’s deep and beautiful like this. The Moto G6 may be a few years old, but it’s still a price performer — especially when it frequently goes on sale as an Amazon Alexa built-in phone — so if you’ve decided this is the phone you want in your pocket, you’ve got one more decision to make: which color do you want? This is my favorite of the three colors, but it’s only available with the 4GB/64GB configuration. $276 at Amazon

Just call it gold

Moto G6 with Alexa built-in Oyster Blush

Gold seems to have replaced white in standard phone colors these days, and while I’m more a fan of silver than gold, the hue her… The Deep Indigo might look black in lower lighting conditions, but set it under the light, and this little ocean gem will shine. We don’t have a million colors to choose from here, but the three options available for the Moto G6 still give us some happy variety.