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What Is Your First Impression Profile? With Dating Coach Laurel House

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What’s your First Impression profile when you go out on a date? Dating and Empowerment Coach Laurel House joined us with the 6 First Impression Profiles. The great news is that once you know the 6 profile types you can generally identify which you are, and therefore have more clarity on the changes you need to make in order to be, what Laurel calls- Sticky- which is the profile that makes you stick in someone’s mind in both relationships and business. Knowing your first impression isn’t just important for first daters, but also for business. The problem is that most of us don’t realize how we show up and how are perceived. For more information on Laurel House and to learn more about your first impression and how you can be more sticky so that you can finally find a relationship that lasts, you can go to her website or follow her on social media @DatingLaurel