What are smart outdoor lights and do you need them?

Deciding whether or not to upgrade your outdoor lighting system to something a bit more high tech is going to depend on a couple of key aspects of your home, including the reputation of the area and how many dark corners or areas o… Motion-detecting floodlights are a safe way to keep your home well lit at night but only when the sensor detects a person or animal, and you don’t need an expensive Wi-Fi-connected system for that purpose. All-in-one: Ring Floodlight and Motion-Activated HD Security Camera ($249 at Amazon)
Wireless and modular: Arlo Home Security Starter Kit ($362 at Amazon)
Do you have security concerns on your property? Best answer: Smart outdoor lights are designed to offer all the functionality of your standard motion-detecting floodlights with the added benefit of being connected to your smartphone for alert notifications or remote control. Depending on the system you go with, you can control things from your phone or with your voice using Alexa or Google Assistant.