Wear OS could be amazing if Google and Qualcomm took it seriously

However, year after year, Wear OS continues to fall by the wayside. Sign me up. If Wear OS has such a solid foundation, why is no one buying? In my eyes, the answer is pretty simple — Google and Qualcomm have no intention of taking it seriously. Companies like LG, Samsu… The smartwatch market as a whole is growing, with North America on its own seeing a 40% jump in sales during Q2 2019 for a market value of $2 billion. During the early days of Wear OS (formerly Android Wear), things were exciting. At its core, it should be a runaway success. A smartwatch that has good integration with Android, Google Assistant built-in, and great app support? Few things in this industry make me as perplexed as Wear OS. Neither company gives a damn about Wear OS, and that’s too bad. Everything about that sounds incredible, and in theory, it is. There’s a lot of money to be made here, and while companies like Apple and Samsung are soaring, Wear OS has virtually no market share.