USC Picks Lawyer With History of Representing University to Head Independent Investigation of Dean Scandal

Her rulings changed the outcome of the race, putting into office a candidate supported by the Vernon Chamber of Commerce and some city leaders. Carmen Puliafito. One by one, she decided whether 64 voters who cast ballots in a city council election were legally eligible residents of the city. Now, the University of Southern California has turned to Yang, a former U.S. Debra Wong Yang is used to taking on headline-grabbing scandals. Then-USC Keck School of Medicine Dean Dr. Chris Christie hired to examine his involvement in a scandal over closing lanes of the George Washington Bridge to punish a political rival. Puliafito arrives at the Second-Annual Rebels With A Cause Gala at Paramount Studios on March 20, 2014, in Hollywood. attorney and L.A. Read the full story on 34.022352

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She was one of five attorneys New Jersey Gov. Carmen A. When the city of Vernon was rocked by a series of public corruption scandals, it turned to Yang, at $990 an hour, to examine whether voters from outside the city were casting ballots in an effort to take over the City Council.