Tropico lets you be the dictator of your very own tropical paradise [GotW]

A great mobile simulation game should let you choose between a slower, more methodical play for times when you just want to relax or let you run roughshod and create as much chaos as you can as you try and push the game past its limits (we’ll meet again one day, Egg Inc.). I swear, if I see another half-assed city-building sim based on a popular TV series that has you wait an arbitrary length of time for anything to get build I’m going to throw a phone at a wall. That’s my roundabout way of showing appreciation for Tropico dropping into the Google Play Store. When you’re burnt out on playing so many casual sims aiming to bilk… Now, a really popular sub-genre is the city building and construction sim, and those can be great concepts to build a game around — but only as long as there’s a unique premise being presented and gameplay that actually hands control over to the player. There are a staggering number of casual simulation games on the Google Play Store, and it makes sense.