Toronto Serial Killer Suspect Had Served as a Mall Santa Claus

Canadian media outlets, including Global News and The Toronto Sun, reported last month that McArthur’s Facebook account showed the 66-year-old landscaper posing with families in his Santa getup. McArthur, who is charged with five counts of murder and is alleged to have hidden some victims’ remains in planters around Toronto, served as Santa Claus at Agincourt Mall in the Scarborough neighborhood of the city. As investigators dug for bodies at a Toronto-area property Monday, details continued to emerge about the life of suspect Bruce McArthur. The suspect’s Facebook account was deactivated shortly thereafter. “He was hired through an event management company who provides various forms of entertainers including Santa to many events throughout the (Greater Toronto area),” a statement from the mall said. “There were no reported incidents by customers or by store and mall employees during his time at the mall.”
The statement from the mall provided no further details of his employment. The suspected serial killer was a mall Santa. “We extend our condolences to the families and friends of the victims of these horrific crimes,” it said.