This slim case is liquid smooth — for better or worse

I haven’t had any prior experience with the Liquid Air up until this review, but going forward, I think it’ll be one of the staples as I case I use on a regular basis. To say that Spigen makes a lot of phone cases is an understatement. One of Spigen’s lower-profile cases, the Liquid Air, has quickly become one of my personal favorites. Thin and stylish

Spigen Liquid Air

$12 at Amazon

Like slim cases? This one is a perfect fit. It has an ultra-slim look, a distinctive design, and offers great grip in addition to ample protection. The company’s become pretty well known thanks to big hits such as the Neo Hybrid and Rugged Armor, but there are also a lot of cases in its lineup you may not be very familiar with — one of which is the Liquid Air. Add that together with a low price, and you’re… Everything you could want in a thin case.