These are the very best Android launchers

Launchers usually consist of a series of home screens, where we can arrange app shortcuts and widgets and an app drawer. Best light and easy launchers
… The way we arrange, organize, and interact with our apps on Android is called the launcher. Some variants of this article have tried to claim that there is one launcher to rule them all, that there truly is a best launcher out there. You use your phone differently than I do, and I use my phone differently than my coworkers do or my friends or my family do. I don’t believe that’s possible, even though I have a launcher I value over all others. Try upgrading your launcher. Every phone comes with a launcher, but when they drop the ball, there are endless third-party launchers that not only pick it up again but knock it clear out of the park. Want to upgrade your Android experience? Everyone has their perfect launcher, but if you haven’t found your favorite yet, then here are a few launchers we think will satisfy users of every type.