These are the best wallet cases for the Galaxy Note 8

It only gets better with age

Nomad Folio Wallet Case

Staff pick

The only thing better than a brand new leather case is an aged leather case. Coupled with Samsung or Android Pay, it’s really all you’d need anyways to pay for most things in your day-to-day life. $36 at Amazon

Clear, clean and card-carrying

Griffin Survivor Clear Wallet

So maybe you like the added functionality of a wallet case, but hate how most options completely cover up the phone’s design. Nomad’s offering is made of genuine brown leather that only gets better over time. With a wallet case, you can cut down on your daily carry by keeping your most important cards and cash all with your Galaxy Note 8. It’s a valid concern, and one that Griffin Technology has addressed with its Survivor Clea… This case screams high class with a microfiber lining that looks great and protects the display, along with card slots for up to six cards and folded cash. So ditch your old wallet and get a wallet case for your phone!