These are the best mesh Wi-Fi routers you can buy

A dedicated communication band between units keeps the traffic flowing and you’ll enjoy lower latency and the fastest connection possible. Eero uses a true tri-band mesh network to make sure the signal between every beacon and the devices attached is fast and routed in the most efficient way. Since they are also easy to set up and expandable to work in almost any home, they’re a popular way to do it! Best Overall: Eero home

Eero made one of the first consumer mesh Wi-Fi systems and the company keeps making them better with each revision. And it’s all done using small, easy to place beacons… Here’s our pick of 2019’s best offerings to help you pick which works for you. The current generation has the best blend of advanced networking features and “placeability” of any system available thanks to the small size of the Eero Beacon. Mesh wireless networks, like our favorite kit from Eero, are the best way to rid your home of those dreaded dead spots where Wi-Fi can never seem to reach.