These are the best Galaxy S10+ case you can buy

Ranger rugged

ArmadilloTek Urban Ranger

Staff pick

This new Texan-born case is exclusive to the S10+: a single-layer TPU case with grit, grip, air-cushioned drop protection, and five fetching color options. We’ve got thin cases, clear cases, fun cases, butch cases, and even more. There’s something here for everyone, but please, don’t leave this article without getting your new phone some protection! $17 at Amazon

High class carry-all

Snakehive Vintage Leather Wallet

This U.K. You just dropped a thousand dollars on a Samsung Galaxy S10+, and carrying it around without a case is just begging for Murphy’s Law to come pay that phone a visit. brand makes a dapper case indeed, available in six suave sha… $12 at Amazon

New look on a classic winner

Spigen Neo Hybrid

Gone is the Herringbone on this award-winning case series, and in its place is a new pattern that Spigen promises is grippier than ever. Repeat after me, my friends: No matter your taste, your phone needs a case.