The top tricks and tips for your Chromebook

Millions of people are using Chromebooks, but despite their simple and “for everyone” nature, not every powerful feature is easy to access. Use third-party DNS

There are a lot of reasons to use third-party DNS (Domain Name Server, or the sort of “address book” for the Internet) when you’re on the web. Open the … 1. Some say they are faster, some claim they are more secure, and it’s a great way to get around any silly content blocks that may be in place on the servers of the people who provide you your Internet. Using them on your Chromebook is easy. If you love Chromebooks like we do you’ll want to see these tips and tricks to make the most of them. Every Chromebook is a powerful tool that’s just waiting to be used to its full potential, and once you know a few tricks you’ll feel like you’re getting even more value out of your inexpensive computer. We’ve rounded up the top ten tips and tricks for you to try on your own Chromebook so you can start making the most of your machine.