The Ring Floodlight Cam helped me catch the guy who kept peeing on my car

But about a year ago, during the waning months of summer, I went downstairs to get in my car and was hit with that most offensive of smells — hot, roasting pee. A week or so later, I came downstairs and — same smell, same tire. Upon closer inspection (and this was truly unpleasant), I discovered staining on my front left tire, the urine mixing offensively with hot summer tire. A steady stream of frustration. Suffice it to say, I poured a hefty bucket or two of water on the problem and it disappeared. But I also had a potential solution, a Ring Floodlight Cam that I’d been waiting for warmer weather to install (summers in Canada are fleeting) and replace my… For a few days. Alleyways are attractive for people peeing in corners, and the alleyway behind my house where I park my car is a perfect place (apparently) for someone to do just that. I was fed up. I checked in the corner, where I’d found evidence of said activity in the past, but the smell wasn’t coming from there.