The new iPhones are just big enough upgrades to make people care

Another year, another Apple announcement that was somehow both hyped and eventually disappointing. The fact that a slide that’s supposed to show the best of the best of what the iPhone offers includes such standard no-nonsense features as “water and dust resistance” and “wireless charging” is almost laughable. Look at the slide above from the launch event. The star of the show, per usual, was the latest iPhone: the interestingly named iPhone 11 Pro. Building on the iPhone XS from last year, Apple made its typical move of slightly refreshing the hardware, adding a few features, and claiming its revolutionary status. The biggest changes this year, that Apple hung its hat on, are things that we already have on And… The only ‘feature’ that matters is that it’s still an iPhone. How much of it is truly new in the smartphone world? Well, none of it. Whether introduced by Apple or another company, everything up there is simply the same, or an iterative improvement on what we already had.