The Google Home Hub will apparently be rebranded as ‘Google Nest Hub’

This may seem like a move out of left field, but it actually aligns with something we saw back in March. It’s an awesome smart home device that fits in line with Google’s other Home products, but according to a new report, it’ll soon go by a different name. And people wonder why Google’s brand identity gets made fun of. The Google Store accidentally outed a new device called the “Nest Hub Max” which is apparently a smart display with a 10-inch screen, stereo speakers, and a built-in Nest Cam security camera. With that in mind, it seems like Google wants to move away from the “Google Home” brand and have its smart gadgets live under the Nest name. Back in October, Google released the Home Hub — an excellent little smart display with a fantastic design, gorgeous display, and solid price tag. This… Per 9to5Google, the Google Home Hub will soon be rebranded and relaunched as the “Google Nest Hub.” The product will stay exactly the way it is, save for a new name and branding.