The EasySMX VIP003S headset is a step above its predecessor

The VIP003S headset in particular fixes issues with its previous revision and still provides a high-quality, comfortable audio experience. With its latest revision, the EasySMX VIP003S, some of these are fixed while others are not. EasySMX continues to make excellent budget-friendly headsets. EasySMX is a brand that tends to fly under the radar, but it’s well worth your money to check them out. A welcome revision

EasySMX VIP003S RGB Gaming Headset

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Small fixes make a big difference. But comfort and audio quality still remain king when it comes to what makes a good headset in my opinion, so despite not being perfect, the VIP003S remains a good headset. The Good

Comfortable… I reviewed EasySMX’s VIP002S gaming headset several months ago, and while it was quite comfortable, there were a few minor inconveniences.