The best items and accessories to enhance your grilling experience

When you’re gathering friends and family for a BBQ, it helps to have the right accessories and tools for the grill. It comes with tongs, a spatula, two skewers, a basting brush, a wire cleaning brush, an ext… This allows you to grill your food exactly the way you want it. The wooden case doubles as a signal repeater so you can use the app up to 165 feet away from the thermometer. Whether you’re a staunch gas griller, a traditional campfire griller, or an electric grill fan, we’ve got you covered. We’ve taken the liberty of collecting both necessary items and fancy doodahs that can make your grilling experience better. $100 at Amazon

All the tools

Home Complete BBQ Grill Tool Set 16-Piece

This handy dandy carrying case makes it easy to bring all of your necessary grilling utensils in one container. See what piques your interest. Easy Grilling


This modern meat thermometer walks you through the grilling process and allows you to monitor your meat using your smartphone.