The best cases and covers for your Raspberry Pi

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Crystal clear

KuGi PC protective case

If you want an inexpensive option that still prote… Putting it inside a case is a must! A Raspberry Pi is a sensitive electronic device. Here are a few of the top recommended cases to put your Raspberry Pi 3 B+ in to keep things from shorting out. This case from Miuzei was built to keep things cool, even if you’ve put your entire setup under the TV or inside a media cabinet. We tend to forget that when we’re making all sorts of things or even just making lights blink, but it’s a computer and subject to the same dangers as any other computer. $11 at Amazon

Heat Sink

Flirc Raspberry Pi Case

The Flirc Raspberry Pi case not only looks good but is a great heatsink. Built from solid aluminum with its own thermal pad integrated, this case is an excellent supplemental cooling solution. Active cooling

Miuzei Rapsberry Pi 3 Model B+ Case

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Your Raspberry Pi can get hot when you’re playing games or streaming HD video.