Tarzana Neighborhood on Alert After Home Surveillance Captures Suspicious Man With Knife Outside Porch

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A Tarzana neighborhood in on alert after a home surveillance system captured a suspicious man lurking outside a family’s porch with a knife. Kelley Voy woke up Wednesday and noticed that her front gate was wide open and looked over her surveilence footage from the previous night. That’s when she saw it: a bearded man hanging out in her front porch with a large knife. 34.149485
-118.550616 “I don’t leave my hose now without looking around all over the place.”
Neighbors are equally concerned, and are taking extra measures to avoid break ins. “He had a massive knife,” Voy said. “It’s creepy to have a stranger with a big knife at your doorstep at 2:30 in the morning,” neighbor Gianni Santangelo said. “If he got in, what was he going to do with that?”
She said she watched the man light and smoke a cigarette on the footage and hang out outside her home while she and her family were inside. “I just went into an immediate panic,” Voy said. “We don’t know what his intentions were.”
He added that he had seen the man riding a bicycle in the neighborhood earlier in the week. Los Angeles Police detectives are investigating the incident.