Take Down the Fiends! Fortnite Gets New Limited-Time Horde Rush Mode

The new limited-time mode, Horde Rush, will see players fighting alongside their teammates in order to take down the fiends that have appeared in past modes, the likes of which usually appeared during the Halloween season. For a more detailed breakdown of the mode, check out below, and if you want to try it for yours… Now, it looks like this game mode more closely resembles the Save the World aspects of Fortnite, with players looking to rack up a score as they survive and take down the monstrous foes. During this week’s latest Fortnite patch, a brand new limited-time mode has been added into the game’s rotation, and it brings back some of the fiendish enemies that players have taken on in the past. The limited-time mode is only around for three more days, though, so make sure you jump in if you’re for a challenge. Like past limited-time modes, Horde Rush comes with its own set of special challenges to complete, with the big prize being a new animated item spray for use in the game.