Spotify Family plan updated with parental controls and shared playlists

The Family Hub can also be used to add or remove family members and keep your home address up to date. The update is now available in Ireland and is set to roll out in all markets where Spotify offers the Premium Family plan this fall. For now, the update is only available in Ireland. You will be able to control the Explicit Content Filter from the Family Hub. Parents now have control over the Explicit Content Filter setting on all other accounts in their plan. Another new … What you need to know

Spotify has updated its Premium Family subscription with some new features. Spotify has announced a new update for its Premium Family subscribers, adding a few new features. The updated plan finally lets parents control the Explicit Content Filter setting of all accounts on their plan. The updated Spotify Premium Family plan will be available in all markets in the coming months. Once parents turn on the filter, the sub-accounts will no longer be able to control the setting on their own.