Show off your Note 10 while protecting it with these clear cases

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Clear-ly rugged

Ringke Fusion-X

Combining a hard polycarbonate back with a robust TPU bumper gives you a clear case that can take a beating without breaking the glass back it showcases. The clear favorite

Spigen Liquid Crystal

Staff pick

Spigen’s Liquid Crystal series is the case I turn to with my gorgeous Galaxy phones the most often, because it’s easy to insert, lasts a long time without yellowing, and gives the perfect amount of grip without being a dust magnet. There’s also a fun Camo optio… Clear cases have gotten tougher and bolder in the last few years, and that’s great news if you want to show off that prismatic Aura Glow Note 10 to the world. These cases try to strike the balance between security and showmanship, between invisibility and intensity, and they allow us to show off our pretty new phones while still keeping them safe from slips and scratches. There are many, many case styles out there, but my personal favorite has always been clear cases.