Should you get the Fire TV Cube or the previous generation?

Amazon has been making steady improvements to its line of F… It also added some key features like Local Voice Control for on-device processing and Dolby Vision support. Fire TV Cube (1st Gen)

Cube Contender

$100 at Amazon


Reduced price compared to 2019 version
Inexpensive entry into both Echo and Fire ecosystems
Hands-free Alexa
4K HDR support

Less powerful processor than 2019 version
Doesn’t support Dolby Vision
While it lacks some of the newer features of the 2019 model, the Fire TV Cube (1st Gen) still packs hands-free Alexa and 4k HDR support for super streaming, making it a good value box. Fire TV Cube (2019)

Internal Upgrades

$120 at Amazon


New and improved processor
New features like Local Voice Control and Dolby Vision
Available in more countries
4K HDR support

Most expensive Fire TV streaming box
No external storage support
The Fire TV Cube (2019) has upgraded internals from last year’s device for increased speed and performance.