Should you buy the Samsung Wireless Charger Duo?

Great dual charger: Samsung Wireless Charger Duo ($65 at Amazon)
New and improved: Samsung Wireless Charger Duo Pad ($100 at Amazon)
Charge all the things

The cool thing about Samsung’s chargers is the way they follow a global spec, which means you don’t need to have a Samsung-specific device to use it. If you need to charge both a phone and a Qi-compatible smartwatch on a regular basis, this is an excellent choice compared to using two separate chargers. Best answer: Samsung’s Wireless Charger Duo is useful, minimal, and looks great on any desk or nightstand. This applies to the phone side as well as the watch side; in fact, you can even charge a phone on the watch side if you really wanted to. The flat portion of the charger is obviously designed to keep a smartwatch held in place, but it gets the job done with a smartphone too — albeit a tad precariously with… Like its predecessors, the Wireless Charger Duo will charge anything that is designed to work with the Qi standard.