Should you buy a Moto G7 or a Moto G6 for Prime Day 2019?

The Snapdragon 632 … Another significant benefit for the Moto G7 is its faster processor. It’s a better phone than the G6 in many ways, and thanks to its Prime Day discount, it is more affordable than ever before. The G7 has a gorgeous 6.2-inch LCD panel with a resolution of 2270 x 1080, and as you can see, comes with incredibly slim bezels and a waterdrop notch for the front-facing camera. Best answer: If you can afford it, we recommend getting the Moto G7. Alternatively, if you need to spend as little money as possible, the Moto G6 is still a reliable phone and well worth its asking price during Amazon’s mega-sale. We honestly wouldn’t blame you for confusing it for a 2019 flagship phone despite it costing hundreds of dollars less. Our pick: Moto G7 ($290 at Amazon)
Best for less: Moto G6 ($230 at Amazon)
If you can afford it, get the Moto G7

In just about every respect, the Moto G7 is the better of these two phones — one of the most noticeable upgrades being its display.