Scan airwaves for cryptic clues in Alt-Frequencies, our game of the week!

I can’t go into too much detail about Alt-Frequencies without spoiling key aspects that drive the narrative, but if you love compelling audio dramas this is definitely worth your time. There are occasionally five radio stations broadcasting co… The game was developed and produced by some very talented designers behind titles like A Normal Lost Phone and Bury Me, My Love, two noteworthy indie games that also make inventive use of the smartphone for the sake of storytelling. What I can say about Alt-Frequencies is that the voice acting is on point — and that’s really important for any game that relies this heavily on keeping you engaged purely through narration and dialogue. Alt-Frequencies is an audio mystery puzzle game that has you clipping and sending cuts from the radio to flesh out the unfolding narrative one loop at a time. The time required to complete the story is short, but because it never feels like just another mobile game, it has a way of really drawing you in.