San Francisco to Use New Technology to Automatically Reduce Marijuana Convictions Under Prop. 64

Read the full story on But for prosecutors, the chance to change those convictions also came with a challenge: It required a lot of resources to plow through thousands of cases. San Francisco led the charge, announcing in January that the district attorney’s office would retroactively apply the new marijuana law to prior convictions dating as far back as 1975. On Tuesday, Dist. 37.774929

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San Francisco DA Announces He’ll Wipe Out Thousands of Pre-Legalization Marijuana Convictions Atty. When recreational marijuana use was legalized in California, it presented an opportunity to reduce or expunge convictions for possession crimes that made it harder for some people to get ahead in life. San Francisco is working with a nonprofit organization to create a program that would automatically clear eligible convictions under California’s new marijuana legalization law. George Gascón announced what he believes to be the solution. (Credit: Gary Coronado / Los Angeles Times)
Since then, some counties have worked to address those convictions, taking on the lengthy bureaucratic process so that people would not have to wade through the legal world on their own. Marijuana is seen in an undated photo.