Samsung Galaxy Fold hands-on: The tablet that (almost) fits in your pocket

Early televisions had tiny, shadowy screens inside massive, boulder-like cases. The original telephones only communicated over short distances and produced a hollow, ghost-like sound. The Samsung Galaxy Fold is just the first of an inevit… Which brings us to today, where I got to try — and take home — the first truly foldable phone on earth. Yes, there have been other attempts, but they have mainly been two displays crudely and deleteriously conjoined, with little to no thought as to the software experience. If you stretch your mind far back enough, you can probably find fault with every first-generation product. Within both of those categories, innovation happened in fits and starts, but it was relatively constant. By the time we got to smartphones and flat-screen TVs, the sound had improved, the picture sharpened, but it would take many more years — ’til the mid-2010s, in fact — for them to both thoroughly commoditize without sacrificing major core features.