Ring’s new Smart Lighting is now available with prices starting at $30

The lights integrate right into your existing Ring setup and can be set to turn on when cameras detect motion and more. You can get two lights with the necessary bridge for just $79.99 and add as many other lights as you want for just $30 each. Back at CES 2019 Ring introduced its Smart Lighting lineup for the first time, but it hasn’t been made available for purchase until just now. Unlike other Ring products, the Smart Lighting requires its own Bridge to work, so your best bet to start out is the two light starter kit, which is just $79.99. Starting at $29.99

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With the Ring Smart Lighting you can receive notifications through the Ring app when they turn on, control them via the app, and c… If you were to buy all the pieces in the starter kit on their own, they’d cost you over $100, so you’re also saving about $30 on this bundle. No more dark spots

Ring Smart Lighting

Ring announced its new Smart Lighting back at CES and until now it hasn’t actually been available.