Prime Minister Boris Johnson could push for a Huawei ban in the UK

What you need to know

U.S. Prime Minister Boris Johnson is seen as more supportive of Trump’s policies, and Huawei could be used in trade negotiations between the two countries once Brexit is completed. has long excluded Huawei from its networking infrastructure. When speaking to the Financial Times, Bolton was quoted saying, “They were very concerned about not having any compromise in security of telecommunications in the 5G space.” He also stated:

What they said was ‘we would like to review this and be very sure about our decision and we too are c… The U.S. Huawei could become a talking point in future trade negotiations after Brexit. The news comes after Bolton’s recent trip to the UK where he was visiting for trade purposes. national security advisor John Bolton is lobbying the UK to ban Huawei from its telecom infrastructure. According to the U.S. national security advisor John Bolton, the UK might be rethinking its stance on banning Huawei from its telecom infrastructure.