Police Hunt for Armed Suspect Who Carjacked Hospital Employee in San Bernardino, Drove to Pasadena

Officers are reviewing surveillance video they hope will point to his whereabouts, Hards said. Bernardine Medical Center parking lot as she was walking to her car, according to Officer Eileen Hards with the San Bernardino Police Department. The suspect first drove to an IHOP at 7228 Archibald Ave. in Rancho Cucamonga, where the woman was able to leave the car unharmed, authorities said. The woman called law enforcement around 8 a.m. His motive remains under investigation. Police were searching for a man Sunday evening who had allegedly carjacked an employee as she was leaving her shift at a San Bernardino hospital, officials said. Both got into the victim’s vehicle, and she gave the armed man her keys, Hards said. KTLA’s Dottie Evans contributed to this report. and reported the man had approached her with a knife in the St. Police were able to use the car’s OnStar capability to track the vehicle and locate it in Pasadena, but the suspect had apparently fled. 34.134837