Phone carriers and all 50 states have joined forces to prevent robocalls

Bandwidth Inc. The carriers will implement the SHAKEN/STIR protocol on its networks along with helping law enforcement track down robocallers. and attorneys general from all 50 states came together to hammer out an agreement to help prevent and block robocalls. What you need to know

Twelve of the largest phone companies and all 50 state attorneys general came together in an agreement to help prevent robocalls. The full list of carriers involved includes:

U.S. The agreement was made between twelve of the largest carriers and attorneys general from all 50 states. Few things in this world can bring together lawmakers and carriers, but robocalls is one of those polarizing issues which everyone can get on board with. The agreement is completely voluntary and there is no deadline for compliance. That’s why, on August 22, twelve of the largest telephone companies in the U.S. CenturyLink
Consolidated Communications
Frontier Communi…