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California Democrats Ask Obama to Pardon ‘Dreamers;’ White House Says Pardon Wouldn’t Allow Legal Status

(Credit: Frederic J. without immigration offenses on their records. The White House, however, promptly batted down the idea. Young people wait in line to enter the office of The Coalition for Humane Immigrant Rights of Los Angeles (CHIRLA) on August 15, in Los Angeles, on the first day of the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals program. Zoe Lofgren (D-San Jose), Lucille Roybal-Allard (D-Downey) and Luis Gutiérrez (D-Ill.) sent a letter to Obama on Thursday asking him to use his pardon authority to forgive the past and future civil immigration offenses of the nearly 750,000 people granted deportation deferrals under the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals, or DACA, program. Brown/AFP/GettyImages)

The members of Congress who persuaded President Obama to grant temporary legal status to hundreds of thousands of immigrants brought into the country illegally as children are now asking him to use a pardon to prevent those immigrants from being deported by President-elect Donald Trump. They believe that would keep those people from being deported, and even though it would leave them in legal limbo without work permits or visas, they could more easily apply for legal status from within the U.S. 38.907192

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Donald Trump During Speech About Immigration Plan: There Will Be ‘No Amnesty’ Click here to read the full story on (Credit: Frederic J. Brown/AFP/GettyImages)

California Democrats Ask Obama to Pardon ‘Dreamers;’ White House Says Pardon Wouldn’t Allow Legal Status

Young people wait in line to enter the office of The Coalition for Humane Immigrant Rights of Los Angeles (CHIRLA) on August 15, in Los Angeles, on the first day of the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals program. Reps.

Trump Immigration Policy Would Include Tracking of Immigrants From ‘High-Risk’ Countries: Source

“The national registry of foreign visitors from countries with high terrorism activity that was in place during the Bush and Obama administrations gave intelligence and law enforcement communities additional tools to keep our country safe, but the President-elect plans on releasing his own vetting policies after he is sworn in.”
AG candidate architect of program
One of the architects of the NSEERS program helped Trump’s campaign form immigration policy, and is reportedly being considered for attorney general, according to some news reports. 38.907192

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Donald Trump Will Control the Federal Agency He’s Suing for Ordering Him to Comply With Labor Laws Kobach has also spearheaded and pushed through restrictive voter laws for immigrants in at least six states, including Arizona, Alabama, Georgia, Missouri and Kentucky; he has often himself been the attorney in court representing the states trying to push the new laws. RICHARDS/AFP/Getty Images)
It may not be happening that quickly, but it looks like Trump’s tough immigration policy is starting to take shape. As for Trump’s developing policy, the source did not specify how many or which countries would considered high-risk but said “it’s a moving target” given the ISIS threat. Kobach has worked with groups including the Federation for American Immigration Reform that have pushed for tough measures on undocumented immigrants. The program being mentioned now was blasted by civil rights activists, and the ACLU told CNN in an interview this week that NSEERS “actually made genuine efforts at trying to combat terrorism more difficult by destroying relationships with immigrant communities and actually negatively impacting the ability of the federal government to cooperate with foreign governments in fighting terrorism.”
The program also ignores data, compiled by groups like The New America Foundation, which shows most domestic terror attacks are carried out by US-born or naturalized citizens. That effectively cancels out the vote of the US citizen, effectively disenfranchises that US citizen. “This guy’s is a known gang member. The Trump transition team denied Thursday that he ever advocated for a registry. Kobach told CNN he was part of the transition assisting with immigration, however a Trump spokesman said Thursday he is not officially an adviser. It did not suspend immigration from those countries, but rather required an additional layer of screening for people coming from countries inhabited by known terrorists, like Iraq, Syria and Afghanistan—all Muslim-majority nations. Every time an alien, legal or illegal, participated in an election. “Unfortunately, it rarely gets prosecuted,” Kobach said in an February 2015 interview. (Credit: PAUL J. The Arizona law, which critics call the “show me your papers” law, was fought by the ACLU and numerous other civil rights organizations, because it “invites rampant racial profiling” against Latinos, Asian-Americans and others based only on how they look or sound. “The history of his policies is a history of utter failure — failure in the courts, and failure on the ground,” said Omar Jadwat, a staff attorney at the ACLU Immigrants’ Rights Project, speaking to CNN on Wednesday. The Arizona law requires police to determine a person’s immigration status when there is “reasonable suspicion” that they are not legally in the US; it was partially upheld by the Supreme Court, but had other sections struck down by the court in 2011. A DHS inspector generals’ report in 2012 called the program “obsolete,” “unreliable” and an “inefficient use of resources.”
A Muslim ban
A registry for people from these countries is the latest iteration of a Trump proposal that began with a shocking call in December 2015 when he said he wanted “a total and complete shutdown of Muslims entering the United States until our country’s representatives can figure out what is going on.”
That bold claim has become more muddled over time after Trump came under fire for nakedly targeting an entire religion. Sometimes it is part of the coordinated effort.”
The ACLU has been involved in many of the lawsuits opposing Kobach in various states. And we have many cases in Kansas of aliens getting on our voter rolls and voting. While voter fraud by immigrants has been proven to rarely occur, Kobach has said it is a real problem and the reason harsher measures are needed. Kobach is also known for his views that numerous undocumented immigrants will leave the US, or “self-deport,” if more restrictive immigration laws are enacted, and more undocumented immigrants are detained. Kris Kobach, the current secretary of state of Kansas, is a lightning rod for critics who have accused him of extreme racism and having ties to white nationalists. The screening included extensive interviews, fingerprinting, and for some, monthly checks. At rallies in the last weeks of his presidential campaign, Donald Trump told his supporters “my plan ends illegal immigration and suspends immigration from terror problem regions” and that “we will stop illegal immigration, deport all criminal aliens… and it will happen within the first week of my presidency.”
An international traveler scans in her hand on a U.S. Kobach was also behind a change in voter registration in his home state of Kansas, requiring voters to show passports or birth certificates to register to vote, although that law has suffered setbacks in court. He is often cited as the chief architect of what Arizona’s SB 1070, which was passed in 2010 and led to protests and state boycotts for encouraging the profiling of Latinos and other minorities. His strange bedfellows in the white nationalist movement would certainly agree that fewer immigrants and stricter voting procedures are a good thing, because, well, that would stop brown and black people from being empowered.”
Kobach is a strong proponent for a wall along the US-Mexico border and other measures to stop undocumented immigrants from entering the US, and at the Republican convention this summer, he successfully petitioned to have language in the official platform call for a wall on the southern border, in line with Trump’s campaign slogan. “This is not a victimless crime. He is not only Ivy-league educated, but also has an elite international pedigree, with degrees from Harvard, Oxford and Yale Law School. An adviser to Mitt Romney during his run for President, Kobach was chair of the Kansas Republican Party from 2007-2009, and was elected secretary of state there in 2010. Modeling a new program off the NSEERS program could be more legally sound for Kobach and Trump since courts never ended it. If you look at those policies, and you think about what has been the fate of those policies in the courts, they have all failed miserably to stand up to legal scrutiny and have been found either unconstitutional or illegal on other grounds or both,” said Jadwat. But in the absence of self-deportation, Kobach has strongly upheld the idea of mass deportations when undocumented immigrants are found. Customs and Border Protection fingerprint scanner at Dulles International Airport for identity verification Feb. Trump’s team is working on plans for a program that would track immigrants traveling to the US from high-risk countries, a source familiar with the process told CNN. The source says it will be similar to a program initiated after 9/11, called the called the NSEERS program (National Security Entry-Exit program), which folded five years ago. Maybe it’s time to question Kobach’s claims that he is simply pursuing these issues to enforce the law. It is unclear if that changed after media reports on the new immigration plan were reported. Sometimes and just not realizing they are breaking the law. 20, 2013, outside of Washington, D.C. “President-elect Trump has never advocated for any registry or system that tracks individuals based on their religion, and to imply otherwise is completely false,” spokesman Jason Miller said. Though he is hardly known outside of immigration and conservative circles, Kobach is cited even by critics as one of the best thinkers and intellects among his peers. Sure, they haven’t convicted him yet, but we ought to get him out of the country and that is what this administration, the Trump administration, will probably do and what the Obama administration has not been doing,” he told CNN’s Brianna Keilar. He has been labeled a racist by the Southern Poverty Law Center and also the ACLU. Kobach is almost single-handedly responsible for some of the nation’s strictest immigration laws in at least a half-dozen states—he not only writes the laws, but advocates for them and battles on their behalf in court. Not all countries with large Muslim populations are part of the current list, according to this source, who added that a complete ban of immigrants from high-risk countries is “something we’re prepared for, but it’s unlikely … all options are on the table.”
Last year, in response to a reporter’s question, Trump said he would “certainly implement” a database on all Muslims living in the US. He’s gotten arrested multiple times. In an online publication, the SPLC writes:
“Given Kobach’s racially charged main efforts of recent years — working to restrict voting rights and curtail immigration — his relationship with racist groups isn’t too difficult to understand. “The notion that he pushed around the country that state and local police have inherent authority to work as immigration agents, his proof of citizenship requirement that he imposed on US citizen voters in Kansas, the local laws that he pushed, the anti-DREAMer lawsuits that he attempted. His involvement with the transition team is causing a ripple of alarm among civil rights and immigration activists. When pressed by other reporters, Trump later said he was in favor of a database tracking Syrian refugees in the US, though he never ruled out a broader Muslim ban. The Southern Poverty Law Center has listed FAIR as a hate group since 2007. In an interview earlier this week, Kobach told CNN that he believes that the US shouldn’t wait for undocumented immigrants to be convicted of a crime before deportation, citing a lack of resources to prosecute every crime.

Excavation Fails to Unearth New Evidence in Long Beach Missing Woman Cold Case

20, 2000, in her apartment in the 5500 block of Ackerfield Avenue, according to a statement from the Long Beach Police Department. New information the agency recently received indicates she was likely killed and led officers to search the Ridgecrest area. 33.857364

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Police Release New Details in Case of Long Beach Woman Missing Since 2000; Investigators to Excavate in Ridgecrest 16, 2016, by the Long Beach Police Department. The investigation remains ongoing and anyone with information about Diana Rojas or her vehicle is urged to call Homicide detectives at 562-570-7244. People who worked at the center said she often expressed concerns about her personal safety related to her estranged husband, but according to her family he has been cooperating with law enforcement. Diana Raquel Rojas was 27 when she was last seen on Oct. Several tips have been received since detectives solicited more information on Wednesday, however, and authorities said they will pursue them. Diana Rojas, who went missing in 2000, is shown in an undated family photo released Nov. Rojas was a single mother to her then 2-year-old daughter and worked at His Nesting Place, a church and women’s shelter, when she disappeared, her lawyers said. But no human remains were found at the sites examined Thursday near West Boston Avenue and South Guam Street, and they were ruled out as areas of interest, officials said. After excavating in the Ridgecrest area on Thursday police have ruled our four areas of interest tied to the case of a Long Beach woman who went missing 16 years ago.

Middle School Teacher in Baltimore Fired After She Is Caught on Video Calling Students the N-Word

I had met her a few times and she was always very pleasant,” adding, “she just must have reached breaking point.”
After her son showed her the video, Deminds shared the video on Facebook, where it was viewed more than 1 million times in just over 12 hours. Millions of views
“I was floored, I was utterly disgusted,” Erica Gales Deminds, who has three children at the school, told CNN of her reaction when she first saw the video. The parent went to the school to complain and was told of the teacher’s dismissal. The video clip only shows 50 seconds preceding the use of the N-word and cuts off shortly after its use. Warning: Video includes graphic language. “The teacher was a really good teacher, she was one of my son’s favorite teachers. Her son had been put out of class by the science teacher before she used the word. “The students were being rowdy, they were being disruptive, they were being teenagers pretty much,” Deminds said. A middle school teacher in Baltimore was fired after telling a group of eighth graders that they should focus on their education instead of wanting to “be like a punk ass n—– who’s going to get shot.”
Harlem Park Elementary/Middle School said in a statement on Thursday the science teacher was no longer employed after engaging in “verbally abusive behavior” and having “made racially charged comments directed at students.”
The video, shot by a student on Tuesday, shows the unidentified teacher removing a student from the class before returning to class, where she says the N-word. 39.290385
-76.612189 The video shows the stunned reaction of one of the students, while others can be heard shouting “racist.” At one point, she called the students “idiots.”
The teacher is white; most of the students in the classroom are black.

Police Investigating Death on USC’s Frat Row, Possibly a Suicide: LAPD

A LAPD investigator responds to a death at a frat house near USC on Nov. 17, 2016. — Daily Trojan (@dailytrojan) November 18, 2016

Check back for updates on this developing story. 34.026547
-118.277044 Update: our reporter has confirmed that the investigation is at the Gamma Epsilon Omega fraternity house. It was unclear whether he is a student. Police responded to the 600 block of West 28th Street around 4:40 p.m., according to Los Angeles Police Department Officer Tony Im. (Credit: KTLA)

Police Investigating Death on USC’s Frat Row

A LAPD investigator responds to a death at a frat house near USC on Nov. (Credit: KTLA)

Officers are responding to reports of a death on USC’s Frat Row in L.A.’s University Park neighborhood, authorities said Thursday. Officers are investigating the death of a male, Im said. 17, 2016. The Daily Trojan tweeted that law enforcement responded to the Gamma Epsilon Omega fraternity house.

Trump Offers Michael Flynn Job of National Security Adviser

On at least two occasions, his handling of classified information came under scrutiny by the US military. President-elect Donald Trump has offered retired Army Lt. In both cases, sources say the retired general was informally reprimanded but never charged with wrongdoing. Flynn’s Twitter feed — regularly updated with pro-Trump comments — is another source of potential scrutiny. Michael Flynn delivers a speech on the first day of the Republican National Convention on July 18, 2016 in Cleveland, Ohio. His potential appointment wouldn’t require Senate confirmation, which is potentially helpful for Trump, as Flynn has a long history of controversial remarks and was fired as President Barack Obama’s director of the Defense Intelligence Agency in 2014. Flynn wasn’t supposed to share it. Asked by email about the allegation, Flynn told CNN, “It is not true … not even close.” Flynn declined to comment further. Retired Lt. With it, he shared a link to a tweet by a user who had written, “>Cnn implicated. Two former government officials with direct knowledge of the issue tell CNN that while Flynn oversaw intelligence in Afghanistan, he shared classified information with Pakistan on terror networks responsible for killing American troops. “The investigation on me was for sharing intelligence with the Brits and Australians in combat, and I’m proud of that one,” he told the paper. Flynn wrote in his 2016 book, “The Field of Fight,” that he was booted from Obama’s administration by “censors” who were unhappy he’d told a congressional committee “that we were not as safe as we had been a few years back.”
However, U.S. “That was substantiated because I actually did it.”
Flynn says he had permission to share the classified information. officials said Flynn was pushed out because of his contentious management style. A critical role
First created in the early days of the Cold War, the job of national security adviser is seen as critical to implementing a president’s worldview on the various departments and agencies involved in national security. But Flynn’s own record with classified information has been called into question during his military career. But Flynn, having only retired from the Army in 2014, is actually limited in the positions he could fill. Michael Flynn the role of national security adviser, a transition official told CNN Thursday. In separate incident, the two officials with whom CNN spoke said Flynn did not follow established security procedures when he shared classified intelligence with allies. (Credit: Alex Wong/Getty Images)
It was not immediately clear if Flynn accepted. Not anymore.”
Flynn later apologized, saying he’d only meant to retweet Mook’s remarks. Adam Schiff, the ranking member on the House Select Committee on Intelligence, told CNN’s Wolf Blitzer Wednesday, “I’d be worried about an impulsive president with an impulsive national security adviser.”
Handling of classified information
At the Republican National Convention, amid shouts of “lock her up” from the audience, Flynn delivered a fiery speech condemning Clinton’s handling of emails on her private server. “Certainly, he would be a very plausible candidate for national security adviser, which is arguably the most important national security position in the government,” Bergen added. Susan Rice is the current national security adviser. This is a new low,” Flynn tweeted. Famous national security advisers who made a major impact on American foreign policy have included Henry Kissinger, Zbigniew Brzezinski and Brent Scowcroft. Flynn apologized in July after retweeting a message that bashed Jewish people. Gen. ‘The USSR is to blame!’ … Not anymore, Jews. The retweet came after Hillary Clinton campaign manager Robby Mook said on CNN that Russia was to blame for hacks of the Democratic National Committee. In an August interview with The Washington Post, Flynn has acknowledged the incident. But the question may be whether his management style rubs people the wrong way. Given Trump’s reputation for loyalty, it is no surprise that Flynn would find himself in a key role in the Trump administration. Rep. The intelligence, the sources say, came from another agency. Flynn, 57, was a top adviser and high-profile surrogate to Trump during his campaign, introducing the President-elect at rallies and serving as a top cheerleader on his hyper-active Twitter feed. “The corrupt Democratic machine will do and say anything to get #NeverHillary into power. Flynn enjoys tremendous access and credibility with Trump, especially because he’s had several tours of duty on the battlefield. CNN has learned the CIA was so furious at Flynn for publicly disclosing shortfalls that the agency complained to the Pentagon, which had signed off on the article. Even before it was announced, the idea of Flynn becoming national security adviser was met with opposition from some Democrats. “What makes Gen. Gen. “I have called on Hillary Clinton to drop out of the race because she put our nation’s security at extremely high risk with her careless use of a private email server,” Flynn said. And in 2010, while still a serving senior officer, he published an article criticizing the state of US intelligence operations in Afghanistan. By law, military officers must be out of uniform for at least seven years before they are eligible to become secretary of defense, though it is possible that Congress could grant a waiver that would allow Flynn to be named to that post. They say he was trying to convince Pakistan to stop sheltering terrorists. Flynn different from so many others that we’ve heard about on Donald Trump’s transition team is he is the one with the real experience fighting on the ground in Afghanistan and Iraq,” said Peter Bergen, CNN’s national security analyst.

Police Release Photos of Victim’s Body in Orange County Cold Case 48 Years After Her Death

Photos of the body of Jane Doe, an unknown victim killed on 1968, released Nov. Authorities have still had some clues to guide them — such as her clothes, some of which were only sold in New York at the time, and a ring she was wearing — but are hoping the newly released photos, though taken after her death, will lead to new information. Police want to find out who killer her, but not knowing her identity makes it much harder. The woman’s body was discovered by two boys in a field around 4 p.m. 17, 2016, by the Huntington Beach Police Department. Please enable Javascript to watch this video

Huntington Beach police released photos a woman killed in 1968 in hopes of laying to rest Orange County’s oldest cold case with an unidentified victim. near the intersection of Yorktown Avenue and Newland Street in March of that year, according to Huntington Beach Police Chief Rob Handy. It was apparent she had been beaten severely, her throat had been cut, she was violently sexually assaulted, he said.

14-Year-Old Boy, a Suspected Gang Member, Fatally Shot Man in His 50s in Fontana Park: Police

Another 15-year-old was arrested on suspicion of a probation violation. Neither victim has been identified. A 13-year-old and 15-year-old were interviewed and released. A 14-year-old suspected gang member is suspected of fatally shooting a man in his 50s during a confrontation near a park in Fontana, police said Thursday. A confrontation occurred and the two older men, who were not affiliated with a gang, were shot. Both men were taken to a hospital, where one was pronounced dead and other was treated for a wound that was not life-threatening. Four juveniles aged between 13 and 15 were taken into custody, including the homicide suspect, police said. The unidentified boy was arrested on suspicion of homicide in the Tuesday night shooting at Veterans Park. Anyone with information is asked to call the Police Department at 909-350-7700 or Detective Vogelsang at 909-350-7735. Veterans Park is shown in a Street View image from Google Maps. Police were called to the scene about 7:10 p.m. Related stories

Man Killed, Another Injured in Shooting Near Fontana Park Two men in their 50s were socializing at the park when they were approached by “several juveniles from a local gang,” a Fontana Police Department news release stated. Police are still working to identify other people who were at the scene of a shooting.

Trojans Issue ‘Mannequin Challenge’ to Bruins Ahead of Saturday’s USC-UCLA Game

Ellina Abovian reports for the KTLA 5 News at 3 on Nov. 34.021188
-118.287174 Please enable Javascript to watch this video

A group of USC students did the “mannequin challenge” live on KTLA Thursday, throwing down the gauntlet to their cross-town rival UCLA two days before the big game. 17, 2016.

Groundbreaking Held for New Rams Stadium in Inglewood

17, 2016. 33.961680
-118.353131 Please enable Javascript to watch this video

The groundbreaking ceremony for the news Los Angeles Rams stadium was held in Inglewood on Thursday. Kareen Wynter reports from Inglewood for the KTLA 5 News at 1 on Nov.

Donald Trump to Hold ‘Thank America Tour,’ Not ‘Victory Tour’: Kellyanne Conway

Donald Trump greets supporters after his rally at Ladd-Peebles Stadium on Aug. President-elect Donald Trump will host a new round of rallies in the coming weeks to celebrate his 2016 election win, according to one of his top aides. She came forward to reporters and said, “‘Thank you tour.’ It’s not a ‘victory tour,’” to which Gigicos repeated, “Thank you tour.”
“Thank America tour,” Conway said. 21, 2015, in Mobile, Alabama. (Credit: Mark Wallheiser/Getty Images)
George Gigicos, the head of the Trump advance team, spoke to reporters in the lobby of Trump Tower in New York City Thursday, where he said their team is working on “the victory tour now.”
He asked Trump’s former campaign manager, Kellyanne Conway, who was behind him, to ask when the tour would be happening. Gigicos said the tour would be happening in “the next couple of weeks — after Thanksgiving” and would focus on “the swing states we flipped over.”
One of Trump’s trademark moves during the 2016 election were his huge rallies that gathered thousands of his supporters in a venue. Toward the end of his campaign, Trump was flying to several states doing rallies in one day. 40.783060
-73.971249 On the trail, Trump often credited his electoral success to campaigning and directly addressing his supporters.

Man Who Smashed Donald Trump’s Walk of Fame Star Charged With Felony Vandalism

More than three weeks after the incident, the activist and heir was charged with one count of felony vandalism. Otis used a pick axe and sledgehammer on Oct. 26, 2016. Otis, 52, is scheduled to be arraigned Friday in downtown L.A., the Los Angeles County District Attorney’s Office announced Thursday. Alleged vandal James Otis speaks after being released from jail the following day. He planned to sell the star and donate the proceeds to women who have accused Trump of sexual assault. (Credit, left, Jamie Moreno; right, KTLA)

Man Who Smashed Donald Trump’s Walk of Fame Star Charged With Felony Vandalism

Donald Trump's Walk of Fame star is shown after it was vandalized on Oct. The early morning stunt was was captured on camera on Hollywood Boulevard. “And that’s why I destroyed the star; I broke the law.”
Otis was arrested the morning after the vandalism. fortune, Otis said his great-great grandfather invented Listerine. An heir to the Otis Elevator Co. (Credit, left, Jamie Moreno; right, KTLA)

James Otis said he was prepared to pay the consequences after admitting last month that he vandalized Donald Trump’s star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame. Alleged vandal James Otis speaks after being released from jail the following day. Trump, who has never admitted what he’s done,” Otis said at a news conference after he was released from jail. 26, 2016. Donald Trump's Walk of Fame star is shown after it was vandalized on Oct. If convicted as charged, Otis could be sentenced to up to three years in jail. 34.102590

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Man Suspected of Vandalizing Trump’s Walk of Fame: ‘I Had to Do It’
Donald Trump’s Walk of Fame Star Vandalized With Sledgehammer 26 to smash the star with the name of Republican presidential candidate, now president-elect. “I admitted my mistakes and am now dealing with my consequences, unlike Mr. He said he “had to do it” and that he planned the “nonviolent action” for six weeks.

Disneyland Offers 1 Extra Month at No Cost on Select Annual Passports

The offer is not valid for previously purchased passports, according to the website. The two passes exclusively for Southern California residents, which cost significantly less but also have far more blockout days, are excluded from the promotion. Click here for more information. Fans of the theme park have until Feb. (Credit: Frederic J. Brown/AFP/Getty Images)

Disneyland Offers 1 Extra Month at No Cost on Select Annual Passports

People visit Disneyland on January 22, 2015 in Anaheim, California. (Credit: Frederic J. Prices for those three passes range from $599 to $1,049; passholders also get access to discounts on select dining and merchandise, while the Signature and Signature Plus passports include parking, according to the website. All annual passports can be used at both Disneyland and Disney California Adventure Park. Brown/AFP/Getty Images)

For a limited time, Disneyland is offering an additional month at no extra charge for select annual passports that are purchased starting Thursday, according to Disney’s website. 11, 2017, to purchase the passes. 33.835293
-117.914504 The deal — a 13-month passport for the price of 12 months — is good for three of the theme park’s five annual passes: Deluxe, Signature and Signature Plus. People visit Disneyland on January 22, 2015 in Anaheim, California.