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Yanic Truesdale Talks ‘Gilmore Girls’ Revival and ‘The Festival of the Four Seasons’

This segment aired on the KTLA 5 Morning News on November 18th, 2016. The event is free but you have to RSVP at Please enable Javascript to watch this video

Yanic Truesdale stopped by the KTLA Morning News to talk about the return of the fan-favorite show ‘Gilmore Girls’ and ‘The Festival of the Four Seasons’ happening November 19th and 20th from 12pm to 6pm at UCLA Dickson Court.

Utah Man Accused of Setting Kitten on Fire, Killing Several Others

“This suggests something really disturbing about Mr. Briggs is referring to 26-year-old Spencer Pedersen. They say this is one of the worst cases of animal abuse they have seen. “My wife saw him just on the other side of this fence,” said Matt Nelson, pointing to his back yard. Neighbor Rosalyn Briggs remembers running to the flames. “I want this man removed from our neighborhood, what do I have to do?” Dorsey said. “But the cats weren’t mauled,” Nelson said. Please enable Javascript to watch this video

A kitten was set on fire and left to burn to death in Provo, Utah, this week, and now a man is facing several charges including felony animal cruelty. “We worry that he is at risk of abusing more animals or persons, so we hope he gets some intervention.”
During their investigation, police also found heroin in Pedersen’s possession. “There was a guy walking up the street,” Briggs said. He was arrested and charged on Wednesday with three counts of animal cruelty involving dead kittens. She has three children, so she’s just glad she saw it first. Pedersen,” said Sgt. That was Talavaley’s reaction when he found out his next door neighbor was arrested for allegedly setting a kitten on fire outside his house Tuesday morning. “I think his goal was to hide the evidence, kill the cats and then throw them over to hopefully get my dogs to eat them.”
Another dead kitten was uncovered in the corner of Shawna Dorsey’s back yard. Nelson has discovered at least eight dead and abused kittens in his dog pen in the last two weeks. Police say it appears Pedersen was adopting the kittens from some sort of online source. Pedersen even had a picture of one of the dead kittens on his phone. Brian Taylor. “That’s disgusting, I don’t know what kind of person can do that,” Iniki Talavaley told KTLA sister station KSTU. 40.233844
-111.658534 Pedersen is looking at possible jail time. All three animal cruelty charges are felonies. Neighbors believe there are many more victims. According to police, it’s one of a number of kitten abuse cases to take place in the area this month.

20 Billion Barrels of Oil Discovered in Mammoth Texas; Biggest Oil Discovery Ever in USA

“We are picking up a few rigs every now and then but we won’t see it really take off until we (get) that price in the $60 to $65 range,” Burns told the station. Morris Burns, a former president of the Permian Basin Petroleum Association, told KWES the low price of oil — currently around $46 a barrel — means the oil will sit underground for the foreseeable future. “Changes in technology and industry practices can have significant effects on what resources are technically recoverable, and that’s why we continue to perform resource assessments throughout the United States and the world.”
Oil has been produced in the Wolfcamp area since the 1980s by traditional vertical wells — but now companies are using horizontal drilling and hydraulic fracturing to tap the continuous oil reserve. Last March there were 300,000 fracking wells, churning out 4.3 million barrels per day. “This oil has been known there for a long time — our task is to estimate what we think the volume of recoverable oil is,” assessment team member Chris Schenk told CNN-affiliate KWES Wednesday. “When we talk about that many millions of barrels of oil in the ground, that doesn’t mean we can recover it all. oil output. That makes it three times larger than the assessment of the oil in the mammoth Bakken formation in North Dakota. 31.968599
-99.901813 (Credit: CNN)

Geologists say a new survey shows an oilfield in west Texas dwarfs others found so far in the United States, according to the US Geological Survey. The term “continuous oil” refers to unconventional formations like shale, in which the oil exists throughout the formation and not in discrete pools. Geologists say a new survey shows an oilfield in west Texas dwarfs others found so far in the United States, according to the US Geological Survey. More than 3,000 horizontal wells are currently operating, according to the USGS. “Even in areas that have produced billions of barrels of oil, there is still the potential to find billions more,” Walter Guidroz, coordinator for the USGS Energy Resources Program said in a statement. (Credit: CNN)

20 Billion Barrels of Oil Discovered in Mammoth Texas; Biggest Oil Discovery Ever in USA

Geologists say a new survey shows an oilfield in west Texas dwarfs others found so far in the United States, according to the US Geological Survey. Last spring, CNN reported that “fracking” now accounted for more than half of all U.S. We recover in the neighborhood of 50 to 60 percent,” Burns said. The estimate would make the oilfield, which encompasses the cities of Lubbock and Midland — 118 miles apart — the largest “continuous oil” discovery in the United States, according to the USGS. Back in 2000, there were just 23,000 fracking wells pumping about 102,000 barrels of oil a day. The Midland Basin of the Wolfcamp Shale area in the Permian Basin is now estimated to have 20 billion barrels of oil and 1.6 billion barrels of natural gas, according to a new assessment by the USGS. The USGS estimates how much oil is considered to be undiscovered but technically recoverable. The fracking production, led by Permian Basin, Bakken formation and Eagle Ford, also in Texas, caused oil prices to tumble — making the $100 barrel ancient history — to as low as $25 a barrel early this year.

Former OC Teacher Found Guilty of Traveling to Philippines to Molest Young Girls, Filming Abuse

will not escape prosecution by traveling to foreign lands to victimize children,” said United States Attorney Eileen M. American law enforcement is adept at investigating this crime and will pursue a criminal case that could lead to a very lengthy prison sentence.”
The investigation into Ornelas began in 2013 when federal authorities received a tip that he possessed a large quantity of child pornography. “Pedophiles in the U.S. During a search of his home, investigators found images, videos and information on Ornelas’ computer and digital media. 33.745573

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Ex-Teacher Already Facing Child Sex Charges in OC Arrested in Federal Sexual Tourism Case “Federal law contains provisions designed to protect children, whether they live in the United States or abroad. He was also believed to have worked in or around an unlicensed daycare facility near his residence throughout the 1980s and possibly the early 1990s. Decker. “This conviction should serve as a warning to every sexual predator who mistakenly believes they can evade justice by violating the innocence of children overseas,” said Joseph Macias, special agent in charge of Homeland Security Investigations- Los Angeles. This case serves as a lesson and warning to any other person considering trip to engage in sex with minors. “There can be no place for the abuse of foreign children by our citizens, and HSI will seek to defend the rights of those victims no matter how far they live from our shores.”
Ornelas worked as a teacher and coach from 1992 to 2003, authorities said. Ornelas faces a statutory maximum sentence of 190 years in federal prison. He will also face mandatory minimum 15-year prison terms for each of the three child pornography production charges. Ornelas, a onetime school teacher and girls’ softball coach with the Santa Ana School District, was convicted in relation to three specific trips he made in 2006, 2008 and 2012. Robert Ruben Ornelas in a driver’s license photo, left, and booking photo, right. Robert Ruben Ornelas, 65, was found guilty in federal court of two counts of engaging in sexual conduct in a foreign place, three counts of producing child pornography and two counts of possessing child pornography. to testify against the 65-year-old. (FBI)
A former Santa Ana teacher was convicted of seven child exploitation charges on Thursday after traveling to the Philippines to engage in sex with two underage girls and producing videos of the abuse. His two victims were able to travel to the U.S. During these trips he sexually assaulted two girls who were as young as 8, took videos of the molestation and brought the images with him when he returned the U.S., according to the Department of Justice.

‘Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt’ Actress Lisa Lynn Masters Found Dead in Peru

The 52-year-old actress was reportedly found inside the closet of her room after she apparently hanged herself with a skirt. Officials say they found anti-depressants in her room. Actress Lisa Lynn Masters was found dead inside a room at the Nuevo Mundo hotel in Lima, Peru, on Tuesday, Peru21 reports. In these darkening days, we hope those who have had the pleasure of knowing her will see how brightly she shined and will find that light within themselves and continue to share it with others — just as she would have. News (@enews) November 18, 2016

Masters has starred in “Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt,” and has also had roles on “Law & Order: Special Victims Unit,” “Ugly Betty” and “Gossip Girl.”
A representative for Masters released the following statement:
As to her husband and family’s wishes, we hope that the industry can mourn her death without details. Family and friends of the late actress have set up a GoFundMe in her name, which has surpassed their goal of $30,000. -9.189967
-75.015152 Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt's Lisa Lynn Masters has died at age 52 after an apparent suicide:
— E!

British Teenager Wins Battle to Be Cryogenically Frozen in U.S. After Dying of Cancer

“The human cooling program from dry ice was selected and the time needed to cool the patient to liquid nitrogen temperature was 24 hours. “Over recent months, JS has used the internet to investigate cryonics: the freezing of a dead body in the hope that resuscitation and a cure may be possible in the distant future,” he said. The judge said this fluctuation in his views was understandable, adding, “No other parent has ever been put in his position.”
But he emphasized he was not ruling on the science of cryonics, but rather on the dispute between her parents over who was responsible for the arrangements after her death. The girl — who can’t be identified and is referred to only as “JS” — suffered from a rare form of cancer and expressed a hope to be brought back to life and cured in the future. ‘Bright, intelligent’ girl
At the start of proceedings, the teenager’s father, who also has cancer, wrote: “Even if the treatment is successful and [JS] is brought back to life in let’s say 200 years, she may not find any relative and she might not remember things and she may be left in a desperate situation given that she is only 14 years old and will be in the United States of America.”
However, he subsequently changed his position, saying he “respected the decisions” his daughter was making. Barry Fuller, professor in Surgical Science and Low Temperature Medicine at University College London, said that cryopreservation “has many useful applications in day to day medicine, such as cryopreserving blood cells, sperm and embryos.”
But, he said, “cryopreservation has not yet been successfully applied to large structures, such as human kidneys for transplantation, because we have not yet adequately been able to produce suitable equipment to optimize all the steps. The patient was then placed in a cryostat for longterm cryonic storage.”
The Cryonics Institute said the girl was its 143rd patient. “The scientific theory underlying cryonics is speculative and controversial, and there is considerable debate about its ethical implications. But he cautioned that hospital officials had had “real misgivings” about the way the process was handled on the day she died. Justice Peter Jackson said the girl had expressed her desire to be cryogenically frozen. It involves cooling legally-dead people to liquid nitrogen temperature where physical decay essentially stops, in the hope that future scientific procedures will someday revive them and restore them to youth and good health. She died on October 17 but details of the case at London’s High Court were not allowed to be made public until now. I think being cryo-preserved gives me a chance to be cured and woken up, even in hundreds of years’ time. “It is an example of the new questions that science poses to the law, perhaps most of all to family law,” he added. I want to have this chance. They chose the most basic arrangement, he said, which “simply involves the freezing of the body in perpetuity.”
The Cryonics Institute, which is based in Michigan, said the body of a 14-year-old girl from London arrived at its facility, packed in dry ice, on October 25, about eight days after her death. “I want to live and live longer and I think that in the future they might find a cure for my cancer and wake me up. (Credit: Tribune Media Wire)

British Teenager Wins Battle to Be Cryogenically Frozen in U.S. Body packed in dry ice
The case was said by the judge to be the only one of its kind to have come before the courts in England and Wales, and probably anywhere else. The Cryonics Institute i shown in a file photo. “A person held in such a state is said to be a ‘cryopreserved patient’, because we do not regard the cryopreserved person as being inevitably ‘dead’.”
Can a whole body survive freezing process? “The patient was then placed in the computer controlled cooling chamber to cool to liquid nitrogen temperature,” a statement posted on its website said. This is my wish.”
According to the judgment, the girl’s parents are divorced and their relationship is “very bad.” Her mother was supportive of her wish, but her father — who had not seen his daughter face-to-face since 2008 — initially was not. Its website explains the process as “a technique intended to hopefully save lives and greatly extend lifespan. (Credit: Tribune Media Wire)

A British teenager who died of cancer has been cryogenically frozen in the United States after winning a court case before her death. The cost of the procedure in the United States — which the judge said was about £37,000 ($46,000) — is being met by her maternal grandparents, he said, although the family is not well off. In his judgment, obtained by CNN, Mr. “This is why we have to say that at the moment we have no objective evidence that a whole human body can survive cryopreservation with cells which will function after rearming.” After Dying of Cancer

The Cryonics Institute i shown in a file photo. I don’t want to be buried underground. “Cryonics is cryopreservation taken to its extreme.”
The judge ruled in favor of her mother and said the girl had died peacefully, knowing her wishes had been met. She wrote: “I have been asked to explain why I want this unusual thing done. The girl’s mother was said to have been preoccupied with the arrangements after her death, rather than being fully available to her child, he said, and the voluntary organization which helped get her body ready for preservation was disorganized. “On the other hand, cryopreservation, the preservation of cells and tissues by freezing, is now a well-known process in certain branches of medicine, for example the preservation of sperm and embryos as part of fertility treatment. However, some skepticism remains about the science of cryogenics. I’m only 14 years old and I don’t want to die, but I know I am going to. The judge also said there was no doubt the girl — described as “a bright, intelligent young person who is able to articulate strongly held views on her current situation” — had the capacity to start legal action.

1 Dead, 2 Pedestrians Injured After Car Crash in Monterey Park

Two victims were transported with non-life threatening injuries, according to Bet. The accident occurred on Garfield Avenue, just north of Garvey Avenue. Chief Ken Leasure of the Monterey Park Fire Department. Please enable Javascript to watch this video

One person is dead and two pedestrians are injured after a car crash in Monterey Park on Friday, according to the Monterey Park Police Department. Additional resources have been cancelled, authorities said.

LG Signature OLED TV Giveaway

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It was the last day of our LG giveaway. Today, one lucky KTLA Viewer won the LG Signature OLED TV valued at $7999. In addition to including open-format HDR10, every 2016 LG OLED TV features Dolby VisionTM technology for an enhanced HDR experience. By starting from perfect black – which only OLED can achieve thanks to its emissive quality – LG OLED TVs are able to produce the required light ranges for HDR at a lower peak brightness, result-ing in an exceptional, comfortable HDR viewing experience.  For more information, visit their website. LG OLED TVs provide an unrivalled HDR experience with images that look more real, with more perceived depth and crisper, more vibrant colors.

UC Students Protest Possible Tuition Hike, Shut Down Regents’ Meeting

“I think that’s a fair and reasonable deal,” he said. Nathan Brostrom, UC chief financial officer, said financial aid would cover any increase for three-fourths of the 10-campus system’s 252,000 students. Click here to read the full story on UC officials are considering the first tuition increase in six years —  2.5%, or about $280 next year — to help enroll more students, graduate them more quickly, expand classrooms and campus housing, and retrofit aged buildings. (Credit: Kevork Djansezian/Getty Images)

UC Students Protest Possible Tuition Hike, Shut Down Regents’ Meeting

Students walk across the campus of UCLA on April 23, 2012 in Los Angeles, California. Students walk across the campus of UCLA on April 23, 2012 in Los Angeles, California. He also said a small increase for those with family incomes of more than $150,000 a year would help low-income students, because one-third of tuition revenue is funneled directly into financial aid. More than 80 students waved signs, stood up and chanted, interrupting regents as they tried to discuss UC’s financial-aid and tuition levels. (Credit: Kevork Djansezian/Getty Images)

In a brief but rowdy standoff, University of California students furious about a possible tuition hike momentarily shut down the regents’ meeting Thursday and were ordered by police to leave or face arrest.

Mixed Weather Bag Brings Red Flag Warnings, Freezing Temps, Chance of Rain to SoCal

the window in our master bedroom broke open and we realized that the tree bordering the side of our house fell down,” homeowner Michael Colon said. A tree is seen on Nov. Please enable Javascript to watch this video

A mixed bag of weather Friday is bringing red flag warnings, freezing temperatures, gusty winds and a even a chance of rain to Southern California as we head into the weekend. Friday due to low relative humidity levels and continuing gusty winds. Big rigs also had trouble staying upright in Kern County Thursday as winds there lifted trucks right off the ground. A gust of 72 mph was measured in Malibu Hills Thursday morning. “We hear this thunderous noise … Snow levels are expected to drop to about the 6,000-foot level, according to the Weather Service. 16, 2016. Folks in the Antelope Valley also had freezing temperatures to deal with Thursday night. More changes in the weather are expected to arrive over the weekend as a storm system approaches the west coast. In Granada Hills, a large tree broke through a wall as it came crashing down on top of a house. 18 after it fell onto the roof of a house in Granada Hills. A big rig overturned in gusty winds on Highway 395 in the Pearsonville area on Nov. 34.279358
-118.502153 Residents were asked to bring animals inside and cover plants again Friday evening as another round of freezing temperatures may hit the area overnight, according to the Weather Service. (Credit: KTLA)
Powerful offshore winds have already hit Los Angeles and Ventura County valleys especially hard this week, with wind speeds generally between 40 and 45 mph, the National Weather Service reported. The storm could bring rain to Southern California Saturday through Monday, with locations south of Point Conception most likely to see showers Sunday and Monday. (Credit: High Desert News)
Forecasters have called for red flag warnings through parts of Los Angeles and Ventura County valleys until 6 p.m.

Holidays at Disneyland Resort

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Holidays at the Disneyland Resort Features ‘A Christmas Fantasy’ Parade, Sleeping Beauty’s Winter Castle, ‘it’s a small world’ Holiday
Nov. 8, 2017 10 through Jan.

LA Auto Show- Opening Day

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Gayle Anderson was live in downtown Los Angeles at the Los Angeles Convention Center for the opening day of the 2016 LA AUTO SHOW, which remains open to the public, Friday, November 18th through Sunday, November 27th. Automobility LA/ LA Auto Show
Los Angeles Convention Center
1201 South Figueroa
Downtown Los Angeles, CA 90015
(213) 741-1151
Autotrader Executive Editor, Brian Moody
3003 Summit Boulvevard
Atlanta, GA 30319
(404) 568-7790
If you have questions, please feel free to call Gayle Anderson at 323-460-5732 or e-mail Gayle at We continue our auto show week series with AUTO TRADER EXECUTIVE EDITOR BRIAN MOODY to explore the new vehicles on display in the convention center’s South Hall; among them the new General Motors products including the Chevy Bolt, Subaru, VW Passat Concept, Porsche Panamera Hybrid and more!

Alabama Senator Jeff Sessions Selected by Trump for Attorney General, Official Says

It is an unacceptable thing,” he said in March. “We have a toxic ideology, hopefully very small within Islam; certainly most people, most Muslims don’t agree with this violent, jihadist approach. What’s happening to Europe as a result of refugee flows is just incredible. I believe a wise statesman could have foreseen some of the difficulties we’re facing today. He has also critiqued Obama’s handling of Syria. “It seems to me that the problem is that, with our support, ISIS is being damaged, but they’re not utterly destroyed.”
Like Trump, Sessions has questioned whether European countries are contributing enough to NATO. Let’s have a pause and begin to analyze where the threats are coming from,” Sessions told CNN in June, amid questions about whether Trump’s position was shifting. And disaster has been the situation,” Sessions said at a September hearing. It hasn’t developed like President Obama projected. Three senior European officials told me the European Union is threatened by this, the very existence of it,” he said in a Senate Armed Services Committee hearing in January 2016. And we need to figure out a better way to identify that.”
In the past, Sessions has signaled support for a no-fly zone in Syria. Trump’s transition team put out a read out of his meeting with Sessions earlier this week — unusual for a meeting with a member of Trump’s transition team, highlighting Sessions’ record as an attorney. He had denounced the 1965 Voting Rights Act and had labeled the American Civil Liberties Union and the NAACP “un-American” and said the organizations “forced civil rights down the throats of people.”
A black Justice Department staffer said Sessions had called him “boy” and claimed he had thought the Ku Klux Klan “were OK until I found out they smoked pot.”
Sessions was mentioned as a potential running mate for Trump and advised him on his selection of Indiana Gov. And we should have been more cautious and careful in our declarations of how we expect Syria to develop over the years. Sessions was one of President Barack Obama’s fiercest opponents, voting against his nominees to the Supreme Court from his post on the Judiciary Committee and opposing Obama’s other major domestic initiatives. “The situation in Syria is a colossal disaster. (Credit: JEWEL SAMAD/AFP/Getty Images)
The official said the offer had been made officially but it was unclear as of Friday morning whether Sessions had accepted. He’s broken ranks with Republicans, as well, voting against the bank bailout amid the 2008 economic collapse. General Michael Flynn Job of National Security Advisor
Donald Trump to Meet With Mitt Romney This Weekend on Possible Cabinet Role “While nothing has been finalized and he is still talking with others as he forms his cabinet, the President-elect has been unbelievably impressed with Senator Sessions and his phenomenal record as Alabama’s Attorney General and US Attorney,” the statement said. The former US attorney for the Southern District of Alabama and Alabama attorney general isn’t without controversy. 38.907192

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Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe on U.S. “We need to consider the political ramifications. United by their hardline stance against illegal immigration, Sessions helped Trump craft his campaign’s national security policy. I do not believe it had to happen. Jeff Sessions to be his nominee for the next attorney general, an official close to the transition process told CNN Friday. His appointment to a federal district court by then-President Ronald Reagan sank when a former Justice Department employee testified that Sessions had made racially tinged remarks. During Trump’s campaign, he served as a key validator from within the Republican establishment at critical times and urged Republicans to coalesce around Trump. Mission to ‘Build Trust’ With Donald Trump
Trump Offers Retired Army Lt. President-elect Donald Trump has selected Sen. Sessions, 69, is currently serving his fourth Senate term and was the first sitting senator to endorse Trump. US Senator Jeff Sessions of Alabama talks to the media at the Trump Tower in New York on November 17, 2016. “I am wondering do they have a will to survive themselves and/or have they just gotten in the habit of expecting us to step up to the plate to fund their defense. When asked whether Sessions had been offered the attorney general position, Republican National Committee spokesman Sean Spicer told CNN Friday, “until Donald Trump says it, it’s not official.”
Sessions had been in consideration for several Cabinet positions, and as one of Trump’s earliest and most loyal supporters. Mike Pence, who is now helming Trump’s transition effort. His top policy adviser, Stephen Miller, also joined Trump’s campaign. In May, Trump called Sessions a “fantastic person.”
The Alabama senator said during a taping of Politico’s “Off Message” podcast that same month that “the leaders in all parties tend to adjust to reality. They just have to or they won’t remain in office … Already, many are sensing it.”
Sessions has also defended one of Trump’s most controversial policy proposals: His ban on Muslims traveling into the United States. “He simply said, and the way I understand it is, that we should slow down.