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Louisiana Woman Who Thought She Was Having Twins Gives Birth to 14-Pound Baby

“Right when the doctor was taking him out, my husband’s mouth literally just dropped,” Grover told WDSU. 29.823820
-90.475084 He wears 3 to 6-month-old clothes and he wears some 6 to 9-month clothes. A mother in Louisiana thought she might be pregnant with twins, but it turned out to be one very large baby, according to a New Orleans-area television station. Grover said Loyalty is a happy and healthy little boy. LaQueena Hunter Grover told WDSU that her first two kids weighed a little over 7 pounds when they were born. “He acts like the Incredible Hulk when he does not get what he wants. 6. But when she became pregnant with her fourth child, she didn’t know what to expect. But it turned out, there was just one baby who ended up weighing just over 14 pounds. Maybe there’s another hiding behind one of the babies,’” Grover said. “People would come up to me and say, ‘Oh, I think that’s twins or even triplets. He likes to be changed immediately. I remember the nurse came running back and when she told me that, I swear, had I not been on the gurney already, I would’ve passed out right there when she said that.”
Loyalty Adonis Grover was born Dec. Her third child was 11.9 pounds. “He wears a size three Pamper. After spending 27 days in the NICU, Loyalty is finally home with his mother. I put on him some shorts that were for 18-month-olds,” Grover said. And he wants to eat as soon as he gets hungry,” Grover said. According to WDSU, Loyalty, now just a little over a month old, weighs nearly 15 pounds and measures 2-feet in height. “He was like, ‘That’s a big baby.’ When he was born, he was 14 pounds 1 ounce. The mother of four told WDSU that she does not plan to have any more children. He’s supposed to be in a size one as a newborn. He does not like to be wet.

Rex Tillerson During Confirmation Hearing Breaks With Trump on TPP, Foreign Policy Issues

He told senators that while “no one agrees with the ultimate objective” to stop Iran from getting a nuclear weapon, he feels there should be a “full review of that agreement as well as any number of side agreements that are part of that agreement.”
He also wouldn’t push back against Trump’s predilection for making foreign policy statements on Twitter that could undermine him while he is traveling the world. In opening remarks that were interrupted by a shouting protestor, Tillerson tried to strike a balance, saying that “where cooperation with Russia based on common interests is possible, such as reducing the global threat of terrorism, we ought to explore these options.”
“We need an open and frank dialogue with Russia regarding its ambitions, so that we know how to chart our own course,” he said. “It’s a little amazing that you don’t know Exxon was lobbying on these issues.”
Maryland Democratic Sen. Democrats questioned why in his prepared opening remarks Tillerson didn’t mention Russia’s alleged hacking of US elections, and they hammered his views on human rights and ExxonMobil’s ties to Russia. President-elect Donald Trump’s nominee to be secretary of state broke with his future boss on key foreign policy issues at his confirmation hearing Wednesday, backing the Trans-Pacific Partnership, denouncing Russian aggression in Ukraine, and affirming his belief in climate change. Cardin and other Democrats quizzed Tillerson on ExxonMobil’s business deals with Russia, indicating that they “supported directly or indirectly” some of Putin’s more aggressive actions. “Diplomacy is not the same as deal making,” Menendez said. “Tillerson hearing raises real questions as to whether PEOTUS & cabinet are prepared to stand up to Putin, Iran & represent US interests,” Schumer said. Tim Kaine over long-standing allegations that ExxonMobil misled the public and its investors about internal research that outlined the threat of climate change. The US “sent weak or mixed signals with ‘red lines’ that turned into green lights,” Tillerson said. Tillerson also tangled with Virginia Democratic Sen. “Those are very, very serious charges to make, and I would want to have much more information before reaching a conclusion,” Tillerson answered. “That’s going to be his choice.” But Tillerson added that he was confident that however Trump communicated, it would be “supportive of that policy we both agreed on.”
Tillerson, who said he hadn’t received any classified briefings on the alleged Russian hacks, agreed that it’s a “fair assumption” that Russian President Vladimir Putin authorized the attacks. The former ExxonMobil CEO claims close ties to Putin, having overseen the company’s partnership with a state-owned energy giant there, work that earned him the country’s highest award for non-citizens. “Do you lack the knowledge to answer my question or are you refusing to answer my question?” Kaine challenged the nominee. Former ExxonMobil CEO Rex Tillerson answers questions during his confirmation hearing on Jan. Sen. “A little of both,” Tillerson said. In a departure from the pattern, Tillerson noted his position on the nuclear deal with Iran was consistent with Trump’s. “I do not oppose” TPP, Tillerson told the Senate Foreign Affairs Committee. “I have never lobbied against sanctions personally,” Tillerson said. “Russia must know that we will be accountable to our commitments and those of our allies, and that Russia must be held to account for its actions.”
And he validated NATO allies’ concerns about Russian aggression but said that some of the blame lies with the Obama administration. Not to my knowledge.”
“There was lobbying here,” Menendez told him. “We need to stand up to that bully in Moscow,” Cardin said. “I would not recommend that, no sir,” he said. “To my knowledge, Exxon never directly lobbied against sanctions. Cardin, the ranking Democrat on the committee, pointed to Trump’s longstanding refusal to acknowledge the Intelligence Community’s assessment about Russian hacking. And unlike Trump, who has repeatedly questioned the utility of NATO and its members’ financial contributions to the alliance, Tillerson expressed clear support. “I don’t think I will be telling the boss how he ought to communicate with the American people, Tillerson said. “You are still not prepared to say that Vladimir Putin and his military have violated the rules of war and have conducted war crimes in Aleppo,” Rubio declared, pointing to information in the public record about civilians being targeted in the Syrian city. “We did not recognize that Russia does not think like we do.”


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Obama Vows Action Against Russia for Hacks Ben Cardin later put into the record documents showing Exxon had spent $3.4 million lobbying against the Iran Sanctions Act. Tillerson said he and Trump had talked about world issues “in a broad construct and in terms of the principles that are going to guide that.” But when Menendez said he assumed “Russia would be at the top of that, considering all of the actions that are taking place,” Tillerson said, “That has not occurred yet, senator.”
“That’s pretty amazing,” Menendez shot back. “What message are you now going to be able to send to American businesses who are intent on pursuing their own interests at the expense of US policies and potential political stability in foreign countries,” the New Jersey senator asked. For weeks, Trump has denied or played down Moscow’s involvement in efforts to meddle in the US election, although Wednesday, at a press conference Wednesday, Trump said, “I think it was Russia.”
At the hearing, Democrats — and some Republicans — came out swinging. Menendez also challenged Tillerson on ExxonMobil’s lobbying activities in direct opposition to US policy. He cited the company’s membership in a group that lobbied against Iran sanctions and Exxon’s pursuit of a deal in Iraqi Kurdistan despite US opposition. “In diplomacy, it is useful to have a stick that is in your hand so that whether you use it or not, it becomes part of that conversation,” Tillerson said. “It’s not too great of a distance from Exxon business partnerships to Putin’s slush funds” for disinformation and other activities, Cardin charged. And he brought into the hearing room documents showing millions in dollars of Exxon spending against sanctions on Iran and Russia. In a striking exchange, Tillerson admitted that he’d only spoken to the President-elect about world affairs in general terms, and that they haven’t discussed Russian policy, telling the Senate panel “that has not yet occurred.”
Tillerson praised sanctions as a deterrent, although he cautioned that imposing them can hurt American businesses. Florida Republican Sen. He was asked whether the US should ignore the clause that requires members to come to each others’ defense unless other members paid more. 11, 2017. Tillerson encountered repeated challenges on Russia and ExxonMobil’s track record on climate change and its opposition to sanctions against rogue regimes. Robert Menendez, a New Jersey Democrat, challenged Tillerson on whether his business experience prepares him to represent the US to the world. It was enough, at the hearing’s halfway point, for Senate Democratic Leader Chuck Schumer of New York to tweet about the President-elect or “PEOTUS” and his State Department nominee. (Credit: CNN)
Former ExxonMobil CEO Rex Tillerson — who came under fire from both Democrats and Republicans — said he wasn’t against TPP, a massive trade pact that Trump condemned as he made staunch opposition to free trade deals a centerpiece of his presidential campaign. And he took steps in his opening remarks to strike an overall tougher line on Moscow than Trump has to date, saying, “Russia must know that we will be accountable to our commitments and those of our allies, and that Russia must be held to account for its actions.”
On climate change, Tillerson told the Senators he believes “the risk of climate change does exist and the consequences of it could be serious enough that actions should be taken.” In contrast, Trump has in the past described climate change as a hoax perpetrated by China to hurt US manufacturers, although he recently acknowledged the possibility that human activity could be a contributing factor. He went on to question where Tillerson’s and Trump’s views actually align and asked if the two had discussed US policy toward Russia. “I share some of (Trump’s) views regarding whether the agreement that was negotiated serves all of America’s interests the best.”
Tillerson also blasted Russia’s invasion of Ukraine as an “illegal action” — something Trump hasn’t done — and said he even would have sent the country defensive weapons to use against Moscow. Marco Rubio went after Tillerson about Russia’s violations of human rights and its alleged war crimes in Syria, telling the nominee that he found it “discouraging” when Tillerson wouldn’t put a label on Moscow’s actions in Aleppo. The company’s shareholders have filed a class action lawsuit against the company in Texas, and it faces a similar lawsuit in Massachusetts as well.

Trump Says ‘I Want to Get the Wall Started,’ Insists Mexico Will Reimburse U.S.

“Mexico in some form, and there are many different forms, will reimburse us.”
Trump mentioned a tax or a payment as possible methods of reimbursement. 40.712784
-74.005941 He said he made that clear to Trump. After the news conference, former Mexican President Vicente Fox took to Twitter to excoriate Trump and dispute the president-elect’s claims. Mexico port of entry highway sign on Highway 92 in Naco Arizona with border fence in the background. At his first news conference since the Nov. He went on to say he respected the Mexican government and people, but accused them of taking advantage of American policies. He said Mexico will not pay for the wall, calling Trump a “bully” and saying America has entered a “new era of dictatorship.”

Neither today, nor tomorrow nor never Mexico will pay for that stupid wall. “I want to get the wall started. While campaigning for the presidency, Trump promised to have a wall built along the border and have Mexico pay for it. If Trump wants a monument to his ego, let him pay for it!! Vox has reported that Republicans plan to put the funds for the wall in an appropriations bill in an effort to force Democrats to choose between supporting the wall and shutting down the government. “I would then say, ‘Whose going to pay for the wall?’ And they will scream out, ‘Mexico.'”
The U.S. “I don’t blame them for taking advantage of the United States. “What’s the difference,” Trump said. “I would say ‘We are going to build a wall,’ and people would go crazy,” Trump said, noting the size of his crowds. Please enable Javascript to watch this video

President-elect Donald Trump said Wednesday he wants to get started on building a wall between the United States and Mexico before striking a deal for that he says will reimburse Americans for the cost. I don’t want to wait a year and a half until I make my deal with Mexico,” Trump said. (Credit: iStock/Getty Images Plus)
Trump said negotiations with Mexico will start immediately after he takes office, but he wants to begin construction while talks are ongoing. — Vicente Fox Quesada (@VicenteFoxQue) January 11, 2017

Current Mexican President Enrique Peña Nieto said in September, after meeting with Trump, that his country would not fund the wall. I wish our politicians were so smart,” Trump said. getting reimbursed by Mexico after construction begins is no different than Mexico paying up front, the president-elect suggested. Vice President-elect Mike Pence is currently leading an effort to get final approval to begin construction on the wall, Trump said. 8 election, Trump on Wednesday in Manhattan emphasized his supporters’ enthusiasm for building the wall, and for having America’s neighbor to the south fund construction.

Highly Anticipated ‘The Winds of Winter’ Novel May Be Coming This Year, ‘Game of Thrones’ Author George R. R. Martin Says

“Not done yet, but I’ve made progress. But not as much as I hoped a year ago, when I thought to be done by now,” Martin wrote. Martin Says

George R.R Martin, author of the book series Game of Thrones, speaks during a conference at the Guadalajara International Book Fair in Guadalajara, Mexico on Dec. “I think it will be out this year.”
He added a caveat: “(But hey, I thought the same thing last year).”
Click here to read the full story on Martin said that his long-awaited novel “The Winds of Winter” might be coming out this year. Martin made the tentative prediction in the comments section of his blog, responding to a fan who requested an update on “The Winds of Winter,” the long-awaited sixth novel in the series. 2, 2016. George R.R Martin, author of the book series Game of Thrones, speaks during a conference at the Guadalajara International Book Fair in Guadalajara, Mexico on Dec. (Credit: STR/AFP/Getty Images)

Highly Anticipated ‘The Winds of Winter’ Novel May Be Coming This Year, ‘Game of Thrones’ Author George R. 37.090240
-95.712891 (Credit: STR/AFP/Getty Images)

Good news, “Game of Thrones” fans: George R.R. 2, 2016. The book is the next installment of his “A Song of Ice and Fire” series that is the basis of the hit HBO show. R.

CNN Issues Response to Trump’s Accusations of False Reporting

They are using Buzzfeed’s decision to deflect from CNN’s reporting, which has been matched by the other major news organizations. Intel Chiefs Presented Trump With Claims That Russian Operatives Have Compromising Info on Him
We are fully confident in our reporting. Related: Trump Comments on Election Hacking at News Conference: ‘I Think it Was Russia’

-74.005941 Related: 4 Top U.S. It represents the core of what the First Amendment protects, informing the people of the inner workings of their government; in this case, briefing materials prepared for President Obama and President-elect Trump last week. CNN’s decision to publish carefully sourced reporting about the operations of our government is vastly different than Buzzfeed’s decision to publish unsubstantiated memos. Given that members of the Trump transition team have so vocally criticized our reporting, we encourage them to identify, specifically, what they believe to be inaccurate. The Trump team knows this. We made it clear that we were not publishing any of the details of the 35-page document because we have not corroborated the report’s allegations.

Hosting a Dinner Party With Celebrity Chef Curtis Stone’s Go-To Dishes

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Celebrity Chef Curtis Stone will join us live  with his favorite entertaining dishes. It’s a cooking series that pits celebrity duos against each other. Kitchen Rules premieres on Thursday, Jan 12 on FOX. This is all in celebration of the premiere of his new show “Kitchen Rules”. For more information, click HERE. For more info on Curtis Stone, visit his website or follow him on social media. The teams take turns hosting intimate dinner parties with a menu designed to impress their rival competitors and two professional chef judges, Curtis Stone and Cat Cora.

Bumblebee Is First Bee in Continental US to Be Placed on Endangered Species List

Mainly, those are habitat loss (nearly 40% of all land is used for agriculture, according to the Food and Agriculture Organization), climate change (the land that’s left is changing, and this is shrinking the ranges of some bees) and rampant chemical use. The population of the rusty patched bumblebee has shrunk by 87% since the late 1990s, the wildlife service said. “Now that the Fish & Wildlife Service has listed the rusty patched bumblebee as endangered, it stands a chance of surviving the many threats it faces,” she said. Sarina Jepsen, deputy chair of the International Union for Conservation of Nature’s bumblebee specialist group, and a director at the Xerces Society, an environmental nonprofit, told CNN in December that about 25% of bumblebees in North America are at risk for extinction. Bees help pollinate 35% of the world’s food, and bumblebees pollinate everything from tomatoes to cranberries, blueberries and melons. For the first time, a bee species in the continental United States has been declared endangered by the US Fish and Wildlife Service. The rusty patched bumblebee is in worrisome decline and it is a race to keep it from becoming extinct, the agency said. The rusty patched bumblebee lives in Illinois, Indiana, Iowa, Maine, Maryland, Massachusetts, Minnesota, North Carolina, Ohio, Pennsylvania, Tennessee, Virginia, Wisconsin, and Ontario, Canada. “Why is this important? Bumblebees live in underground colonies, caring for a queen. There are roughly 20,000 species of bees in the world. On Tuesday, she commended the wildlife service’s decision. Without them … our crops require laborious, costly pollination by hand.”
The species joins seven species of yellow-faced bees found in Hawaii on the endangered list. 37.090240

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Bees Placed on Endangered Species List For the First Time They only live for a year, except the queen who is dormant during the winter and emerges in the spring to begin a new colony with eggs fertilized during the prior fall. That’s more species than birds, amphibians, reptiles or mammals. “The rusty patched bumblebee is among a group of pollinators, including the monarch butterfly, experiencing serious declines across the country,” Melius said. There are a number of reasons for the crash of pollinator bees worldwide. Pollinators are small but mighty parts of the natural mechanism that sustains us and our world. It is one of 47 bumblebee species in North America. Photo of the rusty patched bumble bee in Minnesota.(Credit: The Xerces Society/Sarina Jepsen)
“Listing the bee as endangered will help us mobilize partners and focus resources on finding ways right now to stop the decline,” Wildlife Service Midwest Regional Director Tom Melius said. Worker bees — females that don’t reproduce because they’re not the queen — fly around during the day collecting flower pollen and nectar for food and energy.

Haylie Duff Shares New Burt’s Bees Inspired Recipes

This segment aired on the KTLA 5 Morning News on January 11th, 2016. Please enable Javascript to watch this video

For more information on Haylie’s recipes visit her website and for Burt’s Bees protein visit

California’s Drought-Ravaged Lakes Are Being Rapidly Revived by Weeks of Rain

Now, they serve as barometers of the state’s rapidly evolving drought picture. (Credit: Brian van der Brug / Los Angeles Times)
The air was still thick with moisture, and this lake’s tributaries were cascading down from surrounding mountains, swollen by cargoes of fresh snowmelt and rain. Lake Tahoe has risen 12 inches in just the last two weeks as the storms have dumped 33.6 billion gallons of water into the massive landmark, which measures 72 miles around and has a capacity for 37 trillion gallons of water. The lake’s famous tufa formations — for so long a symbol of California’s lack of water — were capped with snow. Leaning against a wooden rail, environmental activist Geoffrey McQuilkin took stock of a parched geological wonderland that had been altered by a weekend deluge. Folsom Lake continues to rise as the Folsom Dam releases water into the American River. Frothy whitecaps and wavelets lapped over grass meadows that had been dry ground only a week ago. Throughout the course of California’s nearly six-year drought, the declining water levels at these places became a stark symbol of the state’s water shortage. Jeffery McQuilkin, executive director of the Mono Lake Committee, looks out over Mono Lake, a beneficiary of recent storms moving into California. (Credit: Gary Coronado / Los Angeles Times

-119.417932 Click here to read the full story on Similar scenes were playing out at lakes and reservoirs across Northern California as weeks of heavy rain and snow brought them back to life.

Parents Charged After 5-Year-Old Ohio Girl Beaten, Left to Die in Their Restaurant: Authorities

Police are investigating the homicide, along with the the FBI and Ohio BCI in cooperation with the Stark County Coroner’s Office. Tuesday evening, Ming Ming Chen was arrested and charged with murder and felonious assault. Please enable Javascript to watch this video

The parents of Ashley Zhao, the 5-year-old girl whose body was discovered in a Jackson Township, Ohio, restaurant after she was reported missing, have been charged in connection with her death, KTLA sister station WJW in Cleveland reported Tuesday. Ashley’s father was also arrested and charged with complicity to murder and complicity  to commit felonious assault. Her body was later found inside the restaurant “deceased and concealed” after an extensive search of the area. Mingming Chen (Photo courtesy: Stark County Sheriff)
Ashley was last seen at her parents’ restaurant in Jackson Township, was reported missing by the parents on Monday. The parents originally told the police they had last seen their daughter in a back room at 4:30 p.m., authorities said. A search was underway at the family’s apartment early Tuesday evening after the discovery of Ashley’s body. Zhao performed CPR on her, but was unsuccessful. 40.866550

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Missing 5-Year-Old Girl Found ‘Deceased and Concealed’ Inside Ohio Restaurant Owned by Her Parents After the beating, her father, Liang Zhao, saw that Ashley had “green fluid coming from her mouth.” He took her into the restaurant bathroom, washed her face and saw that she had stopped breathing. Liang Zhao (Photo courtesy: Stark County Sheriff)
The incident occurred around 9:15 a.m. Monday. According to the Jackson Township Police Department, Ashley’s mother, Mingming Chen struck the child’s head “several times with her right fist.” Those injuries resulted in Ashley’s death.

Law Requiring Therapists to Report Patients Who View Child Porn Upheld by Appeals Court

A file photo shows a person typing on a computer keyboard. A California appeals court has affirmed a judge’s decision to throw out a lawsuit challenging a state law requiring therapists to report patients who admit to viewing child pornography to the police, capping a two-year legal battle over patient privacy rights. A Los Angeles County Superior Court judge tossed the case, ruling that there’s no “zone of privacy” for illegal conduct and that patients who seek therapy for downloading child pornography do so knowing they’ll be reported and may be prosecuted. 34.052234
-118.243685 (Credit: KIRILL KUDRYAVTSEV/AFP/Getty Images)
Two therapists and a substance abuse counselor who treat sexual addiction sued the state in 2015, arguing that changes to the Child Abuse and Neglect Reporting Act violate a patient’s constitutionally protected right to privacy and deter them from getting help. Click here to read the full story on The state countered that a patient’s right to privacy is outweighed by a far more compelling interest in protecting sexually exploited children.

2 More Storms Set to Bring Showers to SoCal Through Early Friday

Nearly a foot of snow could fall above 5,000 feet, according to the Weather Service. 11, 2017. Snowfall with this storm is expected to remain light and stay above 7,000 feet. A hard closure was issued in the area until officials were able to reopen a couple of the lanes. (Credit: Loudlabs)
The wet weather arrived overnight and is forecast to drop between a quarter-inch to a half-inch of rain along the coasts and valleys, with mountain and foothill areas getting as much as an inch of rain, according to the National Weather Service. In South Los Angeles, a vehicle crashed into a fire hydrant and another vehicle, resulting in multiple injuries and a geyser of water being shot into the air near the intersection of South Vermont Avenue and West Manchester Avenue in the Vermont Knolls neighborhood. A second storm is forecast to arrive late Wednesday and continue through early Friday, according to the Weather Service. This storm will result in much cooler temperatures and could bring an inch or two of snow down to 4,000 feet. There was no word on any injuries as a result of the crash. A half-inch to an inch and a half of rain is forecast to fall around Southern California. And a third crash occurred when a big rig overturned about 5:20 a.m. Rain falls on Southern California on Jan. as it transitioned from the northbound 405 Freeway to the northbound 5 Freeway in Sylmar. Possible debris flows could develop in recent burn areas, according to forecasters. Please enable Javascript to watch this video

The first of two storms slated to hit Southern California this week brought moderate to heavy showers to the region Wednesday morning. 11, 2017. An SUV crashed into a fire hydrant and another vehicle in South Los Angeles as rain fell across the region on Jan. Please enable Javascript to watch this video

-118.243685 (Credit: Loudlabs)
Another vehicle crashed into a mail truck that was apparently stopped at a light at South Avalon Boulevard and East Florence Avenue in the Florence neighborhood. The wet roads may have played a role is several crashes throughout the Southland Wednesday morning.