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Vermont Electric Company Finds Alleged Russian Malware on Computer

The company, which serves 19,600 customers in Vermont, said the malware was on a laptop that is not connected to the organization’s power grid systems. US Sen. The federal government refers to the malicious cyber activity as Grizzly Steppe. Targets? Russian Prime Minister Vladimir Putin attends a meeting outside Moscow in Novo-Ogarevo on March 31, 2010. The DHS and the FBI made a 13-page report public Thursday with information about the malware code — which was found on Democratic National Committee computers — and urged entities to check for it. Gov. A Vermont electric company said Friday it had found on a company laptop the same kind of malicious software that US authorities believe was used by Russian hackers in an attempt to influence November’s election. The attack involved a team of sophisticated hackers who targeted six power companies at the same time, US officials briefed on an investigation into the attack told CNN in February. Some links led users to download the malware while others prompted people to change their passwords, which the hackers could then use. Shumlin calls Putin a “thug”
Vermont Gov. A US official who wanted to remain anonymous told CNN that the Obama administration sought to alert utilities and other entities in the United States and abroad to the malicious activity so they could better secure their networks. The Russian government has denied the hacking allegations. The attack raised major concerns because the US power grid and other major industrial facilities have many of the same vulnerabilities that were exploited in the Ukraine attack, US officials told CNN. The Washington Post first reported the existence of the malicious software. Peter Shumlin didn’t hold back in a scathing message issued Friday that linked Russia’s President Vladimir Putin to the cyber threat. Other top US intelligence and security officials said then that the evidence wasn’t conclusive enough to tie the Russian government to the attack. In December 2015, Ukraine was struck by a massive cyberattack that cut power to 103 cities and towns and affected 186 more. (Credit: Alexey Nikolsky /AFP/Getty Images)
Burlington Electric said it found the code after utility companies nationwide were sent an alert by the Department of Homeland Security. “This is beyond hackers having electronic joyrides — this is now about trying to access utilities to potentially manipulate the grid and shut it down in the middle of winter.”
A U.S. In February, Elizabeth Sherwood-Randall, the Obama administration’s deputy energy secretary, accused Russia of being behind the cyberattack. The hackers sent fake emails, texts and other messages attempting to get US users to click on malicious links, US officials have said. “Vermonters and all Americans should be both alarmed and outraged that one of the world’s leading thugs, Vladimir Putin, has been attempting to hack our electric grid, which we rely upon to support our quality-of-life, economy, health, and safety,” said Shumlin in a written statement. “Our team is working with federal officials to trace this malware and prevent any other attempts to infiltrate utility systems,” spokesman Mike Kanarick said. “This episode should highlight the urgent need for our federal government to vigorously pursue and put an end to this sort of Russian meddling,” said Shumlin. Patrick Leahy, D-Vermont, said he and his staff were briefed on Friday by Vermont state police about the development, which he called a “direct threat to Vermont.”
“State-sponsored Russian hacking is a serious threat, and the attempts to penetrate the electric grid through a Vermont utility are the latest example,” Leahy said. government official with knowledge of the investigation told CNN on Saturday it’s not yet known “the full scope or intent, or if this was an isolated event or not.”
After weeks of ramped-up accusations about Russian hacking around the US election, the White House announced plans Thursday to expel 35 Russian diplomats — giving them and their families 72 hours to leave the country — and shuttering a pair of Russian compounds in New York and Maryland used by officials, in theory, for recreational purposes. Destructive malware wrecked computers and wiped out sensitive control systems for parts of the Ukraine power grid, making it more difficult for technicians to restore power. 44.558803

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Putin Says Russia Will Not Expel American Diplomats in Response to U.S. Sanctions ‘Government, think tanks, universities’
The report said activity by Russian civilian and military intelligence services is “part of an ongoing campaign of cyber-enabled operations directed at the U.S. government and its citizens.” Russian operations went after “government organizations, critical infrastructure entities, think tanks, universities, political organizations, and corporations,” according to the report. Shumlin, a Democrat, called on the federal government to investigate and take action to prevent future attacks.

Showers Expected for NYE Celebration in Downtown L.A.’s Grant Park

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Thousands of revelers are expected to ring in 2017 Saturday night at Grant Park despite the rain and cold weather. 34.040713

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Two Storms Expected to Bring Rain, Possible Thunderstorms to SoCal; Snow Could Impact Travel Nerissa Knight reports from downtown Los Angeles for the KTLA 5 Morning News on Dec. 31, 2016.

6 Palo Alto Locations Vandalized With Swastika-Like Graffiti: Police

A law enforcement vehicle is seen in a file photo. James Reifschneider, a spokesman for the Palo Alto Police Department. Another swastika was discovered on a grocery store in downtown Palo Alto a few miles away on Friday. (Credit: KTLA)
The vandal or vandals drew the swastika symbol with the arms facing the wrong direction, said Lt. 37.362925
-122.169075 The swastikas drawn were more similar to the symbol for peace commonly associated with Buddhism and Hinduism, he said. “We believe he intended to make an anti-semitic reference as opposed to a Buddhist reference.”
The swastikas appeared on signs of two law firms on Page Mill Road, as well as city signs at three intersections along Stanford Avenue, said Reifschneider. “We’re assuming that our vandal was misinformed and was a bit lazy in drawing his graffiti,” Reifschneider said. Six locations around Palo Alto, including two law offices, were vandalized with what police believe were meant to be swastikas on Thursday night. Click here to read the full story on

Donald Trump Tweets Happy New Year Message to ‘My Many Enemies’

The President-elect has spent the holidays at his Mar-a-Lago estate in Florida. Love,” Trump tweeted. Donald Trump gives two thumbs up to the crowd during the evening session on the fourth day of the Republican National Convention on July 21, 2016 at the Quicken Loans Arena in Cleveland, Ohio. (Credit: Chip Somodevilla/Getty Images)
The incoming President wished a happy new year Saturday morning to all — including his “many enemies.”
“Happy New Year to all, including to my many enemies and those who have fought me and lost so badly they just don’t know what to do. President-elect Donald Trump is not quite ready to let auld acquaintances be forgot. Trump has continued to criticize opponents and the media during his transition, and has been at odds with the Obama administration over its belief that Russia meddled in the 2016 election to aid his campaign.

3 People Missing After Small Plane Vanishes off Hawaiian Island: Coast Guard

Three people are missing after a small plane vanished from radar off the Hawaiian island of Moloka’i, the US Coast Guard said in a statement Saturday. Coast Guard vessel. (Credit: KTLA)
The Cessna 172 aircraft left Moloka’i Airport and was headed to Honolulu, Hawaii, on Friday when it dropped off radar approximately four miles east of Ilio Point, the Coast Guard said. Poor visibility, and high wind speeds were reported at the time of the incident. 21.144393
-157.022630 The Coast Guard said an aircraft, helicopter and coastal patrol boat were taking part in the search and rescue effort. Search and rescue teams were engaged in a search operation early Saturday. A file photo shows a U.S.

Greek Ambassador to Brazil Killed; Widow and Her ‘Lover’ Questioned: Authorities

“The Brazilian government reaffirms its willingness to collaborate actively with the Greek side, as it has done from the beginning,” the statement said. ” As we said before, this was a tragic, cowardly act.”
Amiridis had lived in Brasilia, the capital, since being appointed ambassador in January but usually spent holidays in the house outside Rio, where he was consul-general from 2001 to 2004, Agencia Brasil said. Speaking to reporters outside the police station, Francisco Oliveira, the widow’s brother, said the couple “did not fight,” reported Agence France-Presse (AFP). “For me it’s like a dream,” said Rosangela Oliveira, her mother. “They were in a romantic relationship between them,” Pontes said. Being questioned in the killing are the widow, Francoise De Souza Oliveira; military police officer Sergio Gomes Moreira Filho; and the officer’s cousin, Eduardo Moreira de Melo, Pontes said. Ambassador Kyriakos Amiridis, 59, had been missing since Monday, Evaristo Pontes Magalhaes, a police investigator in the Baixada Fluminense state, said Friday at a news conference. (Credit: VANDERLEI ALMEIDA/AFP/Getty Images)

Brazilian police are questioning the widow of the Greek ambassador to that country, along with a military police officer described as her lover and another man in the death of the diplomat, authorities said Friday. “The late diplomat served at the Permanent Mission of Greece to the EU, at the General Consulates in Rio de Janeiro and Rotterdam and at the Greek Embassy in Belgrade during the first phase of the war in Yugoslavia,” the statement said. She denies taking part.”
Citing police, the state-run news agency Agencia Brasil reported the officer killed Amiridis inside the ambassador’s home in Nova Iguaçu. (Credit: VANDERLEI ALMEIDA/AFP/Getty Images)

Greek Ambassador to Brazil Killed; Widow and Her ‘Lover’ Questioned: Authorities

Picture of a TV set taken while TV Globo News shows the car of Greek ambassador in Brazil, Kyriakos Amiridis in Nova Iguacu, Baixada Fluminense, Rio de Janeiro on December 30, 2016. No charges have been filed. The news agency said Francoise De Souza Oliveira was Brazilian. “She only told us that her lover — let’s call him that — the military policeman, was the author of the crime, executed this crime against her husband. Picture of a TV set taken while TV Globo News shows the car of Greek ambassador in Brazil, Kyriakos Amiridis in Nova Iguacu, Baixada Fluminense, Rio de Janeiro on December 30, 2016. Francoise and the military policeman,” Pontes said. Pontes said the cousin told police Sergio Gomes Moreira Filho offered “to pay him 80,000 reals (about $24,574) 30 days after the crime, a period after which they thought there wouldn’t be any more problems.”
“All are under temporary arrest for 30 days for the ambassador’s death,” Pontes said. “It was a crime of passion committed by Ms. A burned car with a charred body inside was found in Nova Iguaçu, a town outside Rio de Janeiro, on Thursday and the body was identified as Amiridis on Friday, he said. With the help of the officer’s cousin, the officer wrapped the body in carpet and put it inside a car, Agencia Brasil reported. Greece’s Foreign Ministry issued a statement expressing its “deepest sorrow” at the death of Amiridis. Pontes said investigators think Francoise De Souza Oliveira ordered the killing. “I’ll wake up and nothing will have happened.”
Brazilian President Michel Temer’s office issued this statement: “In this moment of pain and sorrow, I offer, on behalf of the Brazilians, my condolences and solidarity to the government and people of Greece, in particular to the families and people close to Ambassador Amiridis.”
The statement says Brazilian authorities will investigate the incident thoroughly.

NYC Issues First ‘Intersex’ Birth Certificate in US

“They said I was 100% girl and I just couldn’t make hormones, and that was the second lie of my life, and that lie stood for 30 more years, until I was 49 or 50 years old and used the Internet and a visit to an endocrinologist to confirm the truth,” Keenan said. “A mistake had happened.”
As she grew older, she refused to wear dresses, asked to join the Boy Scouts and dropped out of the Girl Scouts. A city agency corrected a birth certificate for Sara Kelly Keenan, 55. However, this second lie relied on their participation, observed Keenan. And I felt comfortable even less of the time in groups of girls but knew I was different from them,” Keenan said. Using the different terms helps her give historical context for a time when “the protocol of the day was to lie to us.”
Years ago, it was accepted by the medical community that if you assign a child a gender — with surgery — and reinforce it, the child will assume that gender, Keenan said. On December 15, the city’s Department of Health and Mental Hygiene corrected the original birth certificate of Sara Kelly Keenan, born in Brooklyn 55 years ago. “The department will continue to work with community partners as we adopt changes to more accurately reflect a person’s sex.”
Though Keenan had requested a term not strictly based on medical evidence, she found the city’s correction “really validating.”
Ultimately, the term “intersex” “carries more personal significance to me than ‘non-binary,’ ” she said. Eric Vilain, a professor of human genetics, pediatrics and urology at the David Geffen School of Medicine at the University of California, Los Angeles. That was a real problem in high school.”
“I really hated my body. ‘Pushed down the female track’
The original “lie” of an intersex birth had been perpetrated by the hospital and the adoption agency without her adoptive parents’ knowledge or consent. “But a significant number of people born with ambiguous genitalia reject the ‘intersex’ identity. She was born intersex and says "gender issues came up almost immediately." (Credit: CNN)

For the first time in the United States, New York City issued a birth certificate reading “intersex” in the gender field. So there is no definition of ‘intersex.’ It will vary from one person to another,” said Dr. “I felt comfortable at times in groups of boys but knew I was different. I hated my life. Among doctors and clinicians, it is referred to as Disorders/Differences of Sex Development, or DSD. Though she believes “that’s probably a truer physical identity for me,” she would have wanted to go that way only “if I could be that way 17 years old in 2017,” since 1977 was “a harsher, crueler world to be different in.”
Today, she says she leads a wonderful life with her partner of 30-plus years, David. “We’re very happy, and we’re considering retirement and what comes next in the next 30 years of our life,” Keenan said. I felt cursed, and I felt like there was no hope for me,” she said, and she began to cut herself. Gender issues
“Intersex” is a general term used for a variety of conditions in which a person’s anatomy doesn’t fit the typical definitions of female or male. And that was the mission — get an unwanted baby a home — and they did what they needed to do that.”
Times have changed, and the medical community, when dealing with a baby born with atypical genitalia, does not always immediately “correct” a child’s anatomy. She received it in the mail at her Santa Cruz, California, home on Tuesday. She was born to an unwed mother in a Brooklyn hospital, where she stayed for three weeks until she was transferred to a nearby orphanage, the Angel Guardian Home. They are “equally as valid in their beliefs,” even if science hasn’t caught up, she said. … I wanted to be a boy,” said Keenan. Martinez, a spokesman for the Department of Health and Mental Hygiene. “So I was just pushed down the female track and given female replacement hormones.”
Self-defining words
” ‘Intersex’ is an identity. “Intersex people are treated differently and better now because of societal advancement in thinking,” Keenan said. Would she have preferred being surgically steered toward a male identity instead of female? To this day, Keenan is unsure whether she underwent genital surgery during her first three weeks of life, as was typical for intersex children at that time, according to the Intersex Society of North America. Next, she was placed in foster care for five months and then adopted by a couple on Long Island. “I use ‘intersex’ for present day, and I use ‘hermaphrodite’ when I’m talking about the ’60s and before, because that was the term when I was a baby,” she said. It is not a clinical term,” Vilain wrote in an email. After the surgery, she started female hormone replacement therapy. He explained that some transgender people identify as “intersex,” even though they were not born with atypical genitalia. “But I’m not content, because infant genital surgeries are still happening in America.”

-74.005941 “When I applied in court, I chose ‘non-binary,’ because that’s an umbrella term that would also include gender variant people.”
“A person may amend their birth certificate to have ‘intersex’ reflected on their birth certificate with appropriate documentary evidence from a US-licensed doctor,” said Julien A. Surgeons removed “what they said were ovaries that would never develop,” Keenan explained, though it was actually testicular tissue that had grown where ovaries are located in females. The results showed Keenan to be genetically male with female genitalia and mixed internal reproductive anatomy. She was born intersex and says "gender issues came up almost immediately." (Credit: CNN)

NYC Issues First ‘Intersex’ Birth Certificate in US

A city agency corrected a birth certificate for Sara Kelly Keenan, 55. “We’re trying to stop the surgical intervention on infants so that their genitals are not changed before they reach an age where they express a desire to have surgery or express a gender preference.”
She also hopes all gender-variant people will be able to get birth certificates, licenses and other official documents aligned with their identity. “His words were ‘hell, no, that’s my daughter. “They had a baby they needed to get a home for, and in their minds, they needed to possibly perform surgery to do that. After all, her mother had contacted her aunt, who arrived at her mother’s bedside “24 hours too late to have my mother tell her what my mother knew and what she wanted the aunt to do for me in my life.”
Her father definitely knew about Keenan’s gender circumstance. “It was wonderful. “The definition of DSD is ‘congenital conditions in which development of chromosomal, gonadal, or anatomical sex is atypical,’ ” said Vilain. “I never felt I belonged or fit in anywhere — but I looked like a little girl.”
Still, by ninth grade, she wasn’t showing signs of puberty. It was the first time I saw ‘intersex’ in print related to my name,” said Keenan, an addiction life coach. “Differences can be tolerated, accepted and even celebrated.”
Keenan makes use of the many terms meant to define her. Five years ago, he admitted to her that he’d been given the option for surgeons to construct a penis followed by male hormones as a way to allow Keenan to masculinize. Looking back, she understands the decisions that were made for her as a baby. She’s a girl,’ ” Keenan said. “If I had not been raised Catholic and believed that hell was waiting for me if I killed myself, I probably would have ended my life as a teenager.”
A month after turning 16, she underwent an operation to address the fact that she hadn’t entered puberty. Keenan thinks of her story as “typical” for an intersex child, yet in an essential way, it is different from most: She was given up for adoption as an infant. “My body really became different physically from everyone else,” said Keenan, who described herself at that stage as “a 6-foot-tall naked 8-year-old girl. What she does know: “Gender issues came up almost immediately.” At 3 or 4 years old, she realized that she was a girl, but “that wasn’t what I felt like. Keenan’s mother, who died of lung cancer just three years after her daughter’s surgery, probably knew this, she said. Keenan said the intersex community rejected the medical term, rebranding the condition as “differences of sexual development.”
“The idea being that our bodies don’t need to be altered, necessarily: Disorders need treatment; differences can be allowed to exist,” she said. “There was a time when science hadn’t caught up and understood my genetic reality,” she said. Trying to learn why she was not developing normally, they had taken their 16-year-old daughter to a succession of doctors, who ordered various tests. “I don’t know enough about what happened to me as an infant, because the medical records were tied up in a sealed adoption, and then the medical records at the hospital were destroyed in a fire in the ’70s,” she said.

5 Teens Arrested in String of Violent Chinatown Robberies

Marc Reina of the Los Angeles Police Department’s Central Division. Police believe there may be more victims. Five teenagers have been arrested on suspicion of assaulting and robbing Chinatown residents during a crime spree that lasted from mid-November until just before Christmas. They punched and kicked the victims and threw them to the ground, taking cellphones, purses and jewelry, Reina said. In another, they brandished a sharp object. In one of the robberies, the suspects threatened the victim with a gun, said Capt. Click here to read the full story on Eight victims, including elderly Chinese immigrants who speak little English, have come forward, authorities said.

Internet Stories That Went Viral in 2016

30, 2016. Please enable Javascript to watch this video

The Internet was full of viral stories, and popular trends, in 2016. Nerissa Knight reports for the KTLA 5 News at 6 on Dec.

California’s First Dog, Governor’s Beloved Sutter Brown, Dies

Brown Press Ofc (@GovPressOffice) December 31, 2016

Keep fighting Sutter! Jerry Brown gives his dog, Sutter, a snack before a Los Angeles press conference to promote the California Pet Lover’s License Plate in 2012. #GoodBoy
— Gov. We’ll miss you buddy. Jerry Brown and in the process became a social media sensation as California’s first dog, died Friday after an illness that had sparked a bipartisan outpouring of support. #suttercomehome
— annebgust (@annebgust) October 11, 2016

While mom & dad got to go light the real Capitol Christmas Tree, we got stuck with this fake fir & 2 stuffed dogs #Ruff
— Sutter Brown (@SutterBrown) December 6, 2016


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California Has a Deputy First Dog: Colusa ‘Lucy’ Brown Happy trails, @SutterBrown.
— Jerry Brown (@JerryBrownGov) December 31, 2016

No colleague brought us more joy – & distraction – than you, @SutterBrown. (Credit: Wally Skalij / Los Angeles Times)
The 13-year old dog, the oldest of two canines belonging to the governor and First Lady Anne Gust Brown, had emergency surgery in October to remove some cancerous masses. Gov. The pets of politicians often hold a unique place in public life, and perhaps no California governor has more steadily relied on a four-legged family member for companionship and political peacemaking than Brown did with Sutter. “It took a dog to humanize the Capitol,” said Jennifer Fearing, a lobbyist for animal rights issues who became one of Sutter’s unofficial caretakers in Sacramento. A beautiful day on the ranch, but a very sad parting. We want you home. News of the dog’s prognosis traveled quickly through political circles, but his condition improved and he returned home with the governor. In recent days, his health took a turn for the worse, the governor’s office said. Sutter Brown, the charismatic corgi who seemed to soften the rough edges of Gov. Click here to read the full story on

18 People Trapped on Knott’s Berry Farm Ride


-117.998367 Check back for updates on this developing story. The Sky Cabin ride travels over 180 feet into the air and is a popular attraction at the amusement park. Authorities were called to the scene around 5 p.m. Friday after reports of the trapped passengers. There have been no injuries reported, fire officials said. Eighteen people are stuck 125 feet in the air on the Sky Cabin ride at Knott’s Berry Farm, according to the Orange County Fire Authority.

Sleeping Man in Car With Gun-Shaped Cell Phone Case Prompts Police Standoff, Lockdown at Alhambra Shopping Center

The Alhambra Police Department released this photo on Dec. 30, 2016 after a person asleep in a car with what appeared to be a gun prompted a lockdown at a shopping center. The Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department’s Special Enforcement Bureau was called in and took over the investigation, police said. Several stores including Albertsons and PetSmart were on lockdown as authorities were assessing the scene, and shoppers were not allowed to leave the stores or shopping center. Responding officers found a man who appeared to be asleep or unconscious in the driver’s seat of a blue SUV with what appeared to be a gun next on his lap, the Alhambra Police Department reported. Authorities determined the gun, was actually a cell phone case shaped like a gun. 34.087834
-118.151895 Stores in the shopping center resumed normal business operations by 4:30 p.m. At about 2:35 p.m., the man surrendered peacefully after waking up, and exited his vehicle with his hands up, police reported. The man did not need medical attention, and was not arrested, police said. in the parking lot of the Albertsons grocery store located at Commonwealth and Fremont avenues. The incident began about 10:52 a.m. Police swarmed an Alhambra parking lot Friday and put a shopping center on lockdown for several hours after receiving calls about an armed man in a car possibly having a medical issue, but authorities later determined the man was asleep and had a cellphone case shaped like a gun on his lap.

N.Y. Police Officer Jumps Into Moving Car to Save Toddler From Allegedly Impaired Mother

-72.807879 Maria Lagatta is shown in a booking photo released to WPIX by Suffolk County police on Dec. She will be arraigned on Dec. “I’m a dad myself, so as soon as I saw the baby in the backseat … “The window that she rolled down to tell me that she can’t pull over was actually the window of opportunity to actually stop the vehicle,” Goss said. The car slowed to 5 mph on the busy expressway. Goss reached the shifter and put the vehicle in park, he said, and neither Lagatta nor her young daughter were hurt. 30. The girl was released to a family member and Child Protective Services was notified. Goss sped past Lagatta’s car, moving back and forth across lanes to slow traffic. When Lagatta refused to stop, Goss pulled alongside her and saw a child in the rear passenger seat, police told KTLA sister station WPIX in New York. Maria Lagatta, 37, was driving approximately 20 mph eastbound on the Long Island Expressway in Manorville, about 60 miles east of Manhattan, when Suffolk County Police Department Highway Patrol Officer Joseph Goss tried to pull her over around 5:30 p.m. Then he parked his vehicle on the right shoulder before jumping into her car through the passenger seat window. the biggest threat I saw was the safety of that child getting rear-ended,” Goss said at a news conference. Thursday, police said. 30, 2016. Please enable Javascript to watch this video

A police officer jumped into a moving car to save a toddler and arrest the child’s allegedly impaired mother, authorities in New York said Friday. Lagatta held on suspicion of driving while ability-impaired by drugs, aggravated driving while intoxicated with a child passenger 15 years old or younger, and endangering the welfare of a child, police said.

Man Accused of Slitting Throat of 16-Year-Old He Met on, Leaving Her Body in Suburban Chicago Garage

“I’m just numb,” the girl’s mother, Yvonne Robinson, said outside court Friday. Rosales told police a fight started after he didn’t have cash to pay her. During the altercation, prosecutors say, Rosales punched her in the face and strangled her as she tried to call for help. on Christmas Eve, Robinson’s friends realized she hadn’t returned and asked the homeowner to open the garage, according to investigators. He came outside and told Robinson’s friends that she’d be out shortly, and then left. Police say Rosales invited Robinson to a home in Markham, Illinois, where she showed up with two friends. Robinson’s grandfather told WGN he had recently gained temporary custody of her and that she had begun skipping school.  Witnesses later told police they saw Robinson and Rosales having sex in a truck during that first meeting. He turned himself in on Tuesday and admitted to the crime, according to court documents.  He had an outstanding warrant for his arrest out of Massachusetts for a robbery last August. Rosales turned himself into police three days ago, according to KTLA sister station WGN in Chicago. 41.593645
-87.694770 Rosales is due back in  court Jan. They found her naked body on the ground inside, along with a bloody knife, prosecutors said. Meanwhile, police say Rosales – who had cuts and swelling on his knuckles and blood on his pants – went to a friend’s home, then his sister’s house. Antonio Rosales is shown in a photo provided to WGN. Desiree Robinson is shown in a photo obtained by WGN. He reported her missing on Dec. Prosecutors say Rosales then used a knife to slash Robinson’s throat before locking her body in the garage. He believes she got caught up with the “wrong crowd,” WGN reported. 13, he said. Rosales’ prior criminal history includes robbery, assault and battery, for which he served two years in an Indiana prison, WGN reported. Antonio Rosales, 32, has been charged with murder in the death of 16-year-old Desiree Robinson, from the South Side of Chicago. He admitted to the killing and explained to authorities how he met the victim through an ad on, according to the Cook County State’s Attorney’s Office. 18. Please enable Javascript to watch this video

A man suspected of killing a teenage girl on Christmas Eve, leaving her in the garage of a suburban Chicago home, was denied bail Friday. The two went into a garage next to the home while Robinson’s friends fell asleep in their car. After several hours, around 9:00 a.m. He contacted her after attending a party. Afterward, Robinson and her friends left, but investigators say the three girls came back a short time later because Rosales wanted to have sex with her again.

Army Warns Consuming Energy Drinks Can Be a Threat to Troops

Dr. On the company’s website it says their drink “has been tested on the battlefield and is a favorite of our troops.” The company did not reply to a message left by CNN. “Those who drank three or more drinks a day also were more likely to report sleep disruption related to stress and illness and were more likely to fall asleep during briefings or on guard duty.”
The military has long had an interest In keeping troops on the battlefield awake, and from instant coffee to caffeine-infused chewing gum in military rations, access to stimulants has been a feature of being deployed overseas. The research found that nearly 45 percent of deployed military personnel consumed at least one energy drink daily, while nearly 14 percent reported drinking three or more per day. The US military is warning against the danger of troops over consuming energy drinks, saying it could do “some serious harm to your body.”
A post on the Pentagon’s official science blog this week details the health risks involved, citing a report that found soldiers in the field were more likely to fall asleep on duty if they consumed multiple beverages a day. Patricia Deuster, professor and director of the Consortium for Health and Military Performance at the Uniformed Services University of the Health Sciences, told the Defense Department’s science blog that “doctors don’t know what the effects of (energy drink) ingredients are in larger doses.”
“I don’t think anybody has an answer on the long term effects question,” she added. “These products generally are unregulated and can have negative side effects,” the report said. The study by the Walter Reed Army Institute of Research, titled “Energy drink consumption and its association with sleep problems among US service members on a combat deployment,” looked at data from over 1,000 soldiers and Marines conducting operations in Afghanistan in 2010. One of the more commonly seen brands, Rip It, is actively involved in supporting military groups like the USO and highlights its military connection in its online marketing. Soldiers serving in recent war zones across the globe have grown particularly keen on energy drinks with many forward operating bases in Iraq and Afghanistan maintaining large stocks of the beverages.