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North Carolina Legislature Fails to Repeal ‘Bathroom Bill’

and lawmakers headed home. Accusations about what happened broke down along party lines. Backlash against HB2 caused huge economic losses for the state, such as businesses canceling plans to expand and the NBA moving its all-star game from Charlotte to another city. That’s why we called a special session,” Cooper said. Political, economic fallout
North Carolina Gov. Davis/Getty Images)
People in the gallery chanted “shame” as the gavel came down about 7:30 p.m. It would have imposed a six-month moratorium on any local government that wants to “enact or amend an ordinance regulating employment practices or regulating public accommodations or access to restrooms, showers, or changing facilities.”
The moratorium could be renewed again and again, essentially making it impossible for cities to pass nondiscrimination laws, said state Rep. “It cannot be our last chance.”

-79.019300 Berger said Cooper instructed Senate Democrats to vote against the bill, something Cooper denied at a news conference. “They said they had the votes as long as we had the Democrats. Department of Justice countersues North Carolina Governor Pat McCrory from enforcing the provisions of House Bill 2 that dictate what bathrooms transgender individuals can use. They’ll adjourn again January 11 for a regular session of the General Assembly, at which time they might discuss repeal again. But there were not enough votes to approve the bill and after meeting for nine hours the legislators called it quits. But the repeal action in the Republican-dominated House and Senate was not to the liking of Democrats or opponents of HB2. (Credit: Sara D. Senate Bill 4, called “Repeal HB2,” was filed by Republican leadership Wednesday afternoon. The Justice Department filed a suit challenging the measure, and the state’s public university system pledged to defy the statewide law. We got the Charlotte City Council to take this step, something they didn’t particularly want to take. “We had better see a clean repeal bill if we are going to actually clean up the mess that these folks have made in the state of North Carolina.”
Later the bill was amended to extend the moratorium — called a “cooling off period” — until after the end of the 2017 General Assembly. PayPal and Deutsche Bank both said they would cancel plans to expand into the state. “It’s going to continue discrimination,” Sgro said. The legislature recently stripped the governor of many powers with a law that removes state and county election boards from Democratic control, slows legal battles’ path to the state Supreme Court — where a majority of justices were appointed by Democrats — and makes the state Supreme Court elections partisan rather than nonpartisan. North Carolina legislators failed to repeal the state’s “bathroom bill” on Wednesday during a special session called for that purpose. Pat McCrory, a Republican, said in a statement, “As promised, I called a special session to reconsider a manufactured political issue that strategically targeted the city of Charlotte and our state by well-funded left-wing interest groups. This was at least the third time that pressure from the left sabotaged bipartisan good faith agreements for political purposes.”
McCrory blamed his gubernatorial defeat last month to Cooper on controversy over the bathroom bill. But on Monday, the City Council there rescinded its nondiscrimination ordinance — apparently in exchange for a special session by the legislature to repeal HB2. “This was our best chance,” he said. Singers Bruce Springsteen, Demi Lovato and Nick Jonas, as well as bands such as Pearl Jam and Boston, canceled concerts in the state. And the NCAA said it would relocate several college athletic championship events for the 2016-17 season that were scheduled to take place in North Carolina. For now, House Bill 2 stands as the law in North Carolina. Signed by the governor in March, HB2 bans people from using public bathrooms that don’t correspond to their biological sex as listed on their birth certificates. Cooper said he got input from Republicans, the NBA and business leaders in putting together plans for the session. Cooper said he’ll keep trying to reduce the effects of HB2 and bring businesses and sporting events back to the state. Debate over transgender bathroom access spreads nationwide as the U.S. … What happened is they broke the deal.”
The Charlotte vote
The state law was passed in response to a Charlotte city “nondiscrimination ordinance” that allowed transgender people to use bathrooms that correspond with their gender identity. Chris Sgro, a Democrat and an openly gay legislator. “There was an agreement among everybody. A unisex sign and the ‘We Are Not This’ slogan are outside a bathroom at Bull McCabes Irish Pub on May 10, 2016 in Durham, North Carolina. He said he’d always advocated a repeal of the “overreaching Charlotte ordinance.”
In the nine months since McCrory signed HB2, the state has grappled with wide-ranging repercussions. North Carolina also suffered huge economic losses after HB2’s passage. ‘Our best chance’
Simone Bell, southern regional director at Lambda Legal, said in a statement issued with the ACLU of North Carolina: “As long as HB2 is on the books, thousands of LGBT people who call North Carolina home, especially transgender people, are being discriminated against and will never feel safe.”
The NC Values Coalition said the legislature got it right: “We are thankful for the members of the General Assembly who stood up for what is right, and represented the will of voters by stopping the move to cower and cave in to the city of Charlotte and the Human Rights Campaign.”
Cooper said the failure will color his relations with the General Assembly, in which Republicans hold supermajorities. “Their action proves they only wanted a repeal in order to force radical social engineering and shared bathrooms across North Carolina, at the expense of our state’s families, our reputation and our economy,” Berger said. Senate Leader Phil Berger, a Republican, put a statement on his website blaming Gov.-elect Roy Cooper, a Democrat, and Senate Democrats.

Ikea to Pay $50 Million to Families of Toddlers Killed by Dressers

(Credit: Saul Loeb/AFP/Getty Images)
The settlement was announced by the families’ lawyers. Ikea did not immediately respond to a request for comment. Ikea also agreed to only sell chests and dressers in the United States that meet or exceed the national voluntary safety standard. Ikea has agreed to pay $50 million to the families of three toddlers who were killed when Ikea dressers tipped over on them. The money will be split evenly among the families of Curren Collas of West Chester, Pennsylvania, Camden Ellis of Snohomish, Washington, and Ted McGee of Apple Valley, Minnesota. In addition to the $50 million, Ikea will donate $50,000 to three children’s hospitals in the families’ home states, and $100,000 to Shane’s Foundation, a child safety charity. 52.132633
5.291266 After the third death, it announced a recall of millions of the dressers, along with a refund program for customers who returned them. All three boys were killed when Malm dressers tipped over on them. The settlement was reached after a two-day hearing before a retired federal judge. Ikea announced a repair program in July 2015 to encourage customers to anchor the dressers to the wall. The recall included Malm chests and dressers with three, four, five and six drawers, as well as children’s chests and dressers taller than 23.5 inches and adult pieces taller than 29.5 inches. All three boys were 2 years old when they died. An Ikea furniture store location in Woodbridge, Virginia, January 5, 2016.

Gold-Plated Trump iPhones Now Available to the Super Rich

If they do, the phone would fit well with the famously golden decor at Trump’s penthouse apartment in New York City. “There are very wealthy, high-net-worth individuals all over the world and sometimes its very difficult to buy gifts for them because they have everything,” said Frank Fernando, Goldgenie’s managing director. He said he believes her family wants to give it to the U.S. “They visit us in London and they don’t just buy one phone. All the opulent objects on sale at his store in Sharjah, a city near Dubai, are either solid gold, gold plated or diamond encrusted. But the phones are far from the most expensive item on sale. Goldgenie started out in London back in 1989. (Credit: Goldgenie)
This year, one option is an iPhone 7 encased in solid gold, encrusted with diamonds and bearing the face of Donald Trump. This year, one option is an iPhone 7 encased in solid gold, encrusted with diamonds and bearing the face of Donald Trump. The billionaire president-elect is proving to be good business for the store, which opened earlier this year. The company’s business concept was simple: gold plate virtually any item its customers wanted. Since selling that first Trump iPhone, Goldgenie has received a further nine orders for gold-plated ones bearing his face. Priced around $151,000, it’s just one example of the mind-blowing bling sold by Goldgenie, a store in the United Arab Emirates where the super rich do their shopping. We needed to come here to show ourselves to all the people in the Arab states.”
Goldgenie isn’t satisfied with just the one retail outlet, though. A Chinese woman walked into the store last month and requested that Goldgenie put together the glitzy device emblazoned with the president-elect’s features, Fernando said, declining to identify the woman by name. president-elect after his inauguration next month. 25.204849
55.270783 Fernando says his staff members will even take their special gold-plating machine to wealthy individuals’ homes in order to cover their entire bathrooms in the precious metal. And it’s aiming to take its ostentatious offerings farther afield with plans for stores in Malaysia and Spain. But the idea for the golden Trump iPhone came from a customer only recently. What gift do you get for the person who has everything? The company picked the UAE as the place to open its first retail store because of the strong demand from the Gulf region. They buy five, ten phones to give as gifts. Priced around $151,000, it’s just one example of the mind-blowing bling sold by Goldgenie, a store in the United Arab Emirates where the super rich do their shopping. “We have many visits from the royal families,” Fernando said. The brand is opening a store in neighboring Qatar early next year and is in discussions to set up another in Saudi Arabia, Fernando said. A gold-plated racing bike will set you back about $350,000.

Pregnancy Changes a Mother’s Brain for Years, Study Shows

For instance, since attachment or connection was greater in women during pregnancy and postpartum, Yonkers speculated this knowledge might be applied to conditions where emotional response is poor — such as autism. “We haven’t investigated whether these changes stretch beyond this period,” said Elseline Hoekzema, co-lead author of the study and a senior brain scientist at Leiden University in the Netherlands. Nearly identical reductions in gray matter were seen among the mothers who used fertility treatments as compared to those mothers who became pregnant naturally. Because of the new study’s short timeframe, how long lasting these changes may be in women remains unknown, said Dr. In rodents it is known that some of the changes in brain and behavior following a pregnancy last until old age, Hoekzema noted. While changes to the brain were clear, how to interpret them is not. Kim Yonkers, a professor in psychiatry and obstetrics and gynecology at Yale School of Medicine who was not involved in the new study. She explained some of these regions are involved in memory, while others are implicated in depression. Rodney L. For comparison, 20 women who had never given birth and 17 of their male partners were also scanned at the same time intervals. Pre-conception, 25 women who became mothers for the first time and 19 of their male partners underwent high resolution MRI brain scans. “These areas are involved in a number of behaviors,” noted Dr. In humans, it’s not clear — Hoekzema followed the participants in her own human study for two years only. Mothers with the greatest degree of overall brain change scored higher than others when tested on the strength of their maternal bonds, the researchers discovered. “Loss of volume does not necessarily translate to loss of function,” said Hoekzema, “Sometimes less is more.” She explained that the loss of gray matter could “represent a fine-tuning of synapses into more efficient neural networks.”
Our teen-aged brains undergo a similar process of “synaptic pruning,” explained Hoekzema. In fact, participants of the new study took cognitive tests during their MRI session with no significant changes seen over time. Women expect the physical changes of pregnancy, yet having a baby also produces some changes in the brain. Using the results
“At this point the results are associative,” said Yonkers, who noted the authors included “strong controls in the study including women who were not pregnant and men.” It remains unknown whether changes last beyond two years, she said, and “we don’t know what happens with multiple pregnancies.”
Overall, Yonkers, who has a long-standing interest in psychiatric disorders in women, finds the study “provocative.”
“Pregnancy is part of many women’s healthy lifestyle and it makes sense that it would confer benefits,” said Yonkers. Adolescents with a more “mature” network — meaning, less grey matter — actually show increased brain activity in their thinned-down regions, she observed. At that developmental period, weaker brain connections are eliminated, leaving a more efficient and more specialized neural network, she said. “The significance of these changes and the duration of these changes is yet to be determined,” said Wright, who was not involved in this research. Still, based on changes in the teen brain associated with “hormonal surges” and changes in the menopausal brain tissue that follow a significant drop in estrogen, Wright said it “is not entirely surprising that pregnancy, which is also associated with rapid changes in estrogen levels, might also be associated with changes in brain tissue.”
The study is “exciting,” even if it “unfortunately leaves us with many questions,” Wright said. The new mothers showed a loss of gray matter in several brain areas associated with social cognition, a form of emotional intelligence. Reduction in gray matter occurred in various regions of the brains of pregnant women, including the prefrontal and temporal cortex. She believes better understanding how the brain changes during pregnancy could lead to treatments for some medical conditions. Increasing social awareness
Hoekzema and Erika Barba-Müller, co-lead author and a psychologist, began the study while working together at Autonomous University of Barcelona. Wright, associate professor of clinical obstetrics & gynecology and women’s health at Albert Einstein College of Medicine. While the current study does not provide enough evidence for such treatments, Hoekzema observed that “in rats, it is known that some of the neural changes and the effects on maternal behavior can be simulated by administration of a regimen of hormones similar to pregnancy.”
According to Albert Einstein College of Medicine’s Wright, the small number of participants made it impossible for the researchers to accurately say whether the brain changes they observed might have been influenced by other factors, such as breastfeeding or stressors in the home related to pregnancy. “There still is so much not yet known about the human brain.”

5.291266 “Reduced volume does not necessarily reflect reduced brain activity,” said Hoekzema. However, following their pregnancies, the mothers had fewer correct responses on the verbal word list learning task, though to an extent considered insignificant by the researchers. File photo (Credit: KTLA)
Pregnancy alters the size and structure of brain regions involved in understanding the thoughts, feelings, beliefs and intentions of others, according to a study published Monday in the journal Nature Neuroscience. After completing their pregnancies, these same participants were re-scanned. Changes in these areas may help women forget the pain or difficulty of pregnancy, suggested Yonkers. Many of the changes lasted two years after giving birth.

210 Freeway Crash in Pasadena Sends Big Rig Onto Gold Line Tracks, Shuts Down Train Service

Gold Line service was stopped Thursday morning after a big rig crashed on the 210 Freeway in Pasadena and landed on the train tracks. There was no immediate word on the extent of the injuries resulting from the crash. (Credit: KTLA)
The crash occurred on the eastbound side of the freeway near North San Gabriel Boulevard about 4:52 a.m., the California Highway Patrol’s traffic incident log stated. The big rig went over the center divider wall following the collision, and overturned onto the train tracks. 34.147785
-118.144516 An overturned SUV believed to have been involved in the initial collision was spotted on the Sierra Madre onramp to the eastbound lanes, according to the CHP. A big rig landed on the Gold Line tracks in Pasadena on Dec. Bus shuttles would be provided for commuters during the stoppage, Metro stated in the tweet. 22, 2016. A SigAlert was issued for the eastbound HOV lane, which was also blocked by the big rig, according to the CHP. The crash knocked out power to the Gold Line and forced service to be stopped between the Allen and Sierra Madre Villa stops, Metro tweeted.

Kellyanne Conway Lands Top White House Job in Trump Administration

Republican political strategist Kellyanne Conway talks with a visitor in the lobby at Trump Tower, December 16, 2016 in New York City. She took over as campaign manager after Paul Manafort’s departure and a period of tumult in August, following the conventions. Trump praised Conway in the announcement, calling her “a trusted adviser and strategist who played a crucial role in my victory,” adding she has “amazing insights on how to effectively communicate our message.”
Conway said in the statement that she was “humbled and honored to play a role in helping transform the movement he has led into a real agenda of actions and results.”
A veteran pollster, Conway was a fixture in Trump’s inner circle after joining the campaign in early July. “In terms of going into the West Wing, I will do whatever the President-elect and the vice president-elect … believe is my best and highest use for them,” she had said. She had publicly debated about the possibility of taking a job in the Trump administration, and expressed some concern about having time for her two children and making full-time move from New York to Washington. She played a critical role in organizing the campaign’s operations and was a near-constant presence on television and social media as she helped craft the Trump campaign’s message. Conway’s role would be similar to Karen Hughes’ position in the Bush 43 administration — placing her close to the President, and handing her responsibility for much of the big-picture communication duties for the White House, a transition source told CNN’s Jim Acosta. 43.299428
-74.217933 Still, Conway made clear that she was interested in serving in some capacity, saying at an event hosted by Politico in early December. “In her position, Conway will continue her role as a close adviser to the President and will work with senior leadership to effectively message and execute the Administration’s legislative priorities and actions,” the Trump transition said in a statement. (Credit: Angerer/Getty Images)
The transition team said Conway, the first female campaign manager to win a presidential race, will work with White House senior leadership on messaging and to help execute the administration’s legislative priorities. Ted Cruz’s 2016 presidential bid, called “Keep the Promise I.” Though she became one of Trump’s most trusted advisers, Conway had previously criticized Trump for having “built a lot of his business on the backs of the little guy.”
Nevertheless, Conway emerged from the campaign as an indispensable part of Trump’s coterie. President-elect Donald Trump tapped former campaign manager Kellyanne Conway as “counselor to the president,” the presidential transition team announced Thursday morning. The source drew parallels between Conway and Hughes, and also compared Trump’s chief strategist Stephen Bannon to Bush’s political maven Karl Rove, and chief of staff Reince Priebus to his Bush counterpart, Andy Card. Prior to joining the Trump campaign, Conway headed a super PAC that supported Sen.

Dreamers Prepare for Fight Against Trump; Want Path Toward Citizenship

Dreamers, the children of undocumented immigrants brought to the United States as children, are preparing to stand up for themselves and for their parents. “We are preparing so that we can respond both legally and through community activism to challenge the policies that we expect [Trump] will implement.”
CNN’s 2016 national exit polls showed that 70 percent of people agreed undocumented immigrants working in the US should be offered legal status. “I don’t know if he will try to build up that trust or will he try to bring us down.”
Ho started CALA in 2014 as a way to unite lawyers, activists and communities to push for access to justice and social change. Emanuel pledged and city council recently approved the budget for a $1.3 million legal defense fund that is expected to assist thousands of immigrants with legal services. But most of her life was spent being afraid, she remembers, because of her undocumented status. “If [Dreamers] are protected and [undocumented parents] are not we are going to be in a situation where we either leave with them or we stay by ourselves,” Solano Suarez told CNN. Then came DACA, or Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals, President Obama’s 2012 executive action on immigration. She is currently a sophomore at Northeastern Illinois University, studying computer science and justice studies. It’s a fight President-elect Donald Trump might not see coming. People known as ‘Dreamers’ march outside a Trump building to launch the ‘Caravan of Courage’ on November 22, 2016 in New York. She would stay quiet, she said. “I felt that there was a lot of negative connotations with not being a US citizen,” Solano Suarez said. Dreamers say they want a path toward citizenship and they are gearing up before Inauguration Day. People would make comments. After the election, Ho said, CALA’s phones started ringing off the hook, dozens of lawyers, students and regular people asking what they could do to help Dreamers and other immigrants. It’s a fight that puts the President-elect in a tight political position because Trump’s supporter base elected him in part because of his promise to deport undocumented immigrants and build a border wall. If the President-elect -indeed allows Dreamers to stay in America – Karina worries that the move will separate Dreamers from their parents. It offered youth like Karina a work permit and a temporary stay in exchange for coming out of the shadows. Solano Suarez said it was frightening to share her address with the federal government. “If I had the chance to speak to Donald Trump I would tell him we are here to stay,” Solano Suarez said. “Donald Trump is really between a rock and a hard place here,” said CNN Political Director David Chalian. “We are a force to be reckoned with,” Karina Solano Suarez told CNN. “Because his supporters during the campaign — one of the things that thrust him into the Oval Office was their fervent desire for a really tough on immigration position.”
Trump’s mixed messages on immigration has Dreamers very worried in the lead up to Inauguration Day. Los Angeles Mayor Eric Garcetti announced a similar effort in his city. “We are preparing for the worst-case scenario,” immigration attorney Lam Ho, founder of the Community Activism Law Alliance, told CNN. He has been advising Dreamers to seek legal counsel, to have a lawyer study their individual case and, if need be, to stay away from the purview of immigration agents. Getting a background check and letting immigration know she was undocumented was nerve-racking. Memories of her native Mexico and of crossing the southern border escape her. I can’t just worry about the mergers and acquisitions, human beings and their lives are being severely threatened by this election’,” Ho said. Also empowering Dreamers, Ho said, the support from strangers and politicians who are willing to stand up with them. Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel is also standing up for Dreamers and other immigrants in the city when he re-affirmed Chicago is and will be a ‘sanctuary city’ – which welcomes all immigrants. “That is what being an American is about, standing up for your rights, standing up for the rights of your community, standing up for the rights of all people who are disadvantaged,” Ho said. She would internalize the pain. “I felt a sense of empowerment from this movement that is undocumented, unafraid or coming out of the shadows,” Solano Suarez said. In recent weeks Trump appeared to soften his tone about Dreamers to Time Magazine when saying “We’re going to work something out that’s going to make people happy and proud.”
But his appointment of immigration hardliner Jeff Sessions as attorney general has immigrants fearing that the incoming administration will make good on its promise to implement mass deportation — even on historically low priority Dreamers like Solano Suarez. She was too young to remember the arduous journey to Illinois, she said. 40.712784
-74.005941 Dreamers, Ho said, are speaking out and are not afraid to put up a fight because they were educated in US schools that taught them to stand up for themselves. He made that very clear from the beginning of the campaign,” Solano Suarez said. It’s the fear of being separated from their parents, Karina said, that is driving Dreamers to push for comprehensive immigration reform — and not just for a path towards citizenship for themselves. “We have a long list of lawyers suddenly, who were sitting in their corporate offices thinking ‘this is something that I need to do. Only a quarter of all voters said undocumented immigrants should be deported. But after getting her work permit in the mail and getting a job at King Café in downtown Chicago, the uneasy feeling began to fade, she said. Her household for example is made up of DACA recipients, US citizens and undocumented immigrants. “I think he should be preparing himself for this sort of fight, for us trying to stay together with our parents and our community members.”
Solano Suarez, 20, arrived to Chicago when she was two years old. “I don’t trust him because he thinks very little of us. Solano Suarez and other Dreamers are digging in their heels, participating in protests around the country and seeking advice from attorneys on the best ways to fight against Trump’s campaign promises.

LAX Jammed After Storms Hit SoCal

While temperatures will hover in the mid-40s and 50s across the L.A. NWS meteorologist Scott Sukup said there was a chance of thunderstorms before the first storm moves out Thursday. basin through Friday, the Antelope Valley will continue to freeze. Please enable Javascript to watch this video

The first of two storms moved into Southern California Wednesday evening, soaking some areas and contributing to delays at Los Angeles International Airport. The storms could deliver snow over the weekend — and that could complicate travel plans for motorists on Christmas Eve, according to the National Weather Service. The previous record for the day — 13 degrees — was set in 2012. According to the weather service, Lancaster set a record low Tuesday when temperatures dropped to 10 degrees. Click here to read the full story on

Packages Stolen, Thrown at Homes in Orange County; Authorities Investigating

-117.867834 21, 2016. Please enable Javascript to watch this video

Orange County authorities and FedEx officials are investigating after a number of packages were stolen from homes in Santa Ana and one FedEx delivery man threw a package from his delivery truck. Kacey Montoya reports for the KTLA 5 News at 10 on Dec.

LAFD Battles Commercial Building Fire in Van Nuys

Los Angeles firefighters battled a fire burning at a commercial building in Van Nuys on Wednesday night. Check back for updates on this developing story. Sepulveda Boulevard. 34.189857
-118.451357 The fire was burning through the roof of the two-story building in the 7800 block of N.

Georgia Woman Gives Birth to Naturally Conceived Quadruplets

“I was scared.” In fact, a scheduled C-section was still a month off when she rushed to the hospital to give birth. A Georgia family will have an especially merry Christmas this year after mom Kortney Miller gave birth to quadruplets Friday. The couple already have a son, 4-year-old Bentlee. As the saying goes, the more the merrier. Multiples do run in Kortney’s family, but no other relatives have had quite this many at once. Boys Brandon, Brayden and Bryant and sister Kenlee were born to parents Kortney and Justin, according to the Atlanta Journal-Constitution. Kortney’s quadruplets were delivered at 29 weeks, and each weighing about three pounds. “I thought ‘my body’s not gonna be able to carry four, I’m gonna die,’” Miller told the paper. The babies’ natural conception was exceedingly rare for quadruplets – there was a chance of just 1 in 700,000, according to Piedmont Newnan Hospital officials. In the end, it turned out that the C-section wasn’t even needed. 32.165622

Tennessee Man Gets $75 After Being Wrongly Imprisoned for 31 Years, Fights for Compensation

“He doesn’t deny that story. “The parole board is not qualified to make these decisions and should not,” he said. “After considering all of the evidence, the board did not find clear and convincing evidence of innocence and declined to recommend clemency in this matter.”
One of McKinney’s attorneys, Jack Lowery, believes the decision should rest solely with Haslam. McKinney told the board he’d been in prison for years, and that “only the strong survive,” Hunn said. All he’s gotten so far is $75. “Because I had no ID it took me three months before I was able to cash it,” McKinney told CNN. Phil Bredesen never acted on the board’s recommendation against exoneration before leaving office. The Tennessee Board of Parole, which makes recommendations to the governor, denied McKinney’s request by a 7-0 vote at a hearing in September. DNA evidence cleared him of the charges in 2008, and when he was released in 2009, the Tennessee Department of Corrections gave him a $75 check to restart his life. According to McDonald, Tennessee’s governors have granted two exonerations in the past 16 years, and both were in January 2011, just over a week before Bredesen vacated the governor’s mansion. In 2010 he married a pen pal with whom he corresponded during his time in jail. “For the parole board to step in when many (of them) are not trained in the law is ridiculous.”
‘Only the strong survive’
According to John Hunn, McKinney’s pastor and most ardent supporter, the board cited a list of 97 infractions that McKinney incurred while he was in jail, including the alleged assault of a fellow inmate, who testified against McKinney at the hearing. Hunn testified at the hearing on McKinney’s behalf. McKinney said his lawyers at the time told him that if he wanted any chance of being released early, he would need to admit to something. She later identified one of them as her neighbor, Lawrence McKinney, who was 22 at the time. The two attend Immanuel Baptist Church in Lebanon, Tennessee, where McKinney participates in a Bible study five nights a week and where he has found a supportive community that has rallied around him time and time again. He was convicted on rape and burglary charges in 1978 and sentenced to 115 years in jail. I didn’t do nothing, and I just want to be treated right.”

-86.580447 Bill Haslam to exonerate him. “Although I’ve spent more than half of my life locked up for a crime I did not do, I am not bitter or angry at anyone, because I have found the Lord and married a good wife,” McKinney said. “Lawrence has told that story at our church,” Hunn said. This is his second attempt; he initially tried in 2010, but then-Gov. His last chance
While he and his team are optimistic, McKinney knows this is his final opportunity for exoneration. Lawrence McKinney is shown in an undated photo. Now the 61-year-old is asking Tennessee Gov. In October 1977 a Memphis woman was raped in her home by two intruders. ‘I just want to be treated right and fair’
Since his release, Hunn said, McKinney has worked hard to put his life back together and salvage the time he has left. “All I ask is that I be treated right and fair for what has happened to me. He was in prison, man.”
The parole board also knew that 28 years into his sentence, McKinney admitted to the burglary charge he was convicted of. Board voted against McKinney’s exoneration
A formal exoneration could open a pathway to $1 million in compensation from the state Board of Claims for the decades McKinney was wrongfully imprisoned. When Haslam became governor, McKinney was given the opportunity to apply again. (Credit: CNN)

Tennessee Man Gets $75 After Being Wrongly Imprisoned for 31 Years, Fights for Compensation

Lawrence McKinney is shown in an undated photo. “The (parole) board reviewed all relevant information related to the crime, conviction and subsequent appeals, as well as all information provided by the petitioner,” said Melissa McDonald, spokesperson for the Tennessee Board of Parole. (Credit: CNN)

A Tennessee man who served 31 years in jail for a crime he didn’t commit is petitioning the state to compensate him $1 million for the years of his life that were taken away.

Redondo Beach Police Search for 4 Suspects Seen on Video Using Hammer to Break Into Store

21, 2016. Please enable Javascript to watch this video

Police are searching for information four people seen on surveillance footage attempting to break into a store in Redondo Beach by smashing its glass window with a hammer. 33.849182
-118.388408 Chris Wolfe reports for the KTLA 5 News at 6 on Dec.

Video of BART Police Officer Punching Handcuffed Man Sparks Outrage

Bay Area Rapid Transit (BART) police officers stand on the platform at the Civic Center station on August 15, 2011 in San Francisco, California. Smith’s girlfriend and others told Smith to cooperate, and soon he and his girlfriend were hauled off to a police substation, where the woman was let go and Smith was booked on suspicion of assaulting and resisting police. 37.774929
-122.419416 That prompted the officer to punch him in the face with a closed fist, causing Smith’s head to bounce off the ground. But the call that led to the July 29 confrontation — a report that Smith may have been armed and that he and another black man had threatened to rob someone on the train — turned out to be unfounded. Click here to read the full story on (Credit: Justin Sullivan/Getty Images)

Videos captured the moment in July when Bay Area Rapid Transit police officers pounced on Michael Smith and his girlfriend in downtown San Francisco, ordering them to the ground at gunpoint and handcuffing them. (Credit: Justin Sullivan/Getty Images)

Video of BART Police Officer Punching Handcuffed Man Sparks Outrage

Bay Area Rapid Transit (BART) police officers stand on the platform at the Civic Center station on August 15, 2011 in San Francisco, California. As people gathered and recorded with their cellphones, Smith, 22, still handcuffed, crooked his head up and spit in an officer’s face. People at the Embarcadero station exploded in screams of anger.

Police Search for Man Accused of Killing Wife, Another Man in Front of Son Avenal; Believed to Be in L.A. Area

Please enable Javascript to watch this video

Police on Wednesday were searching for a man they say shot his girlfriend and another man in Avenal in front of the 7-year-old son he shares with the woman, and authorities said he may be staying with family in Sun Valley. Ellina Abovian reports for the KTLA 5 News at 6 on Dec. 36.004122
-120.129027 21, 2016.