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Butch Trucks, Founding Drummer of the Allman Brothers Band, Dies at 69

They retired in 2014, but Trucks still performed with his son Vaylor and Oakley’s son Berry Jr. This club owner loves Bob Dylan. (Credit: Rick Diamond / Getty Images)
Trucks fell in love with playing the drums as a young man — despite his Baptist parents not wanting him to be involved with secular music. Bassist Berry Oakley was killed in a motorcycle crash the following year
The Allman Brothers continued to play on — breaking up and reuniting multiple times in the decades that followed. The band was inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame in 1995. “I filled in for a couple of nights. You played Dylan, Byrds, and that kind of thing. “The music became secondary to being rock stars,” he said. Butch Trucks, a co-founder and drummer for the Allman Brothers Band, passed away Tuesday night at his home in West Palm Beach, Florida, his booking agent, Page Stallings, told CNN. Why don’t you guys audition and you can all just take over our gig for us?’ So we did and the club owner loved us, and we wound up working there for the next two years.”
That came after promising live gigs around the South and a disastrous stint in Los Angeles, where a record label had tried to mold them into a psychedelic rock band. “Something happens when the music starts and all that tiredness just goes away,” Butch Trucks said about performing in his 60s. In 2016, Trucks told Forbes that becoming stars in the music industry was one of the worst things that could have happened. For years, Trucks and drummer Jai Johanny “Jaimoe” Johanson kept the beat side by side. His nephew, Derek Trucks, also has had a successful music career. In those hours, I’m just soaring.”

-80.053375 The Allman Brothers Band eventually settled in Macon, Georgia, and are widely considered among the pioneers of Southern rock. as a part of Freight Train Band. Trucks was 69. The Jacksonville, Florida, native was raised in a strict religious home. After a couple of nights they said, ‘Hey, your band is great. “About a week into that job, Duane and Gregg [Allman] were in town playing with the Allman Joys and I got a call from ’em saying their drummer had just quit, and they wanted me to come fill in, so I did,” Trucks said. Recording Artist Butch Trucks (Allman Brothers Band) performs at the 2010 New Orleans Jazz & Heritage Festival on April 25, 2010, in New Orleans, Louisiana. “The sex and drugs outweighed the rock and roll.”
Duane Allman died in a Macon motorcycle crash in 1971. “When it’s going like that, I’ll take on any 20-year-old hot-shot drummer who wants to try me. In an interview with Classic Bands, Trucks said he briefly worked a “straight job” before linking up with what would become the Allman Brothers Band in 1969. You guys like Bob Dylan? Gregg became the band’s chief songwriter, while Duane, who had played on records by Aretha Franklin and Wilson Pickett as a session picker, was its guitar whiz and de facto leader.

Human Remains Discovered in Debris 3 Months After Fire That Destroyed Mount Washington Home


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Mount Washington Fire Victim’s Remains Not Found After Weeklong Search: LAFD
Fire Guts Huge Home in Mount Washington; Officials Using Cadaver Dogs to Search for 84-Year-Old Missing Man
LAFD Battles Fire at Mount Washington Home; 1 Person Injured, 1 Unaccounted For The home had been in foreclosure and was recently sold, according to LAFD. (Credit: LAFD / Harry Garvin)
Recovery crews initially reported being unable to locate remains for an 84-year-old man who was unaccounted for following the Oct. Fire officials will assist police and coroner’s officials in the recovery effort and ongoing investigation, the agency said. But just after noon Wednesday a demolition contractor notified fire officials what are believed to be humans remains had been found, according to Los Angeles Fire Department spokesman Brian Humphrey. The fire, which began in on the second subterranean level of the descending hillside home, spread to all its three levels within an hour, authorities said. Crews battle a residential fire in Mount Washington on Oct. 20, 2016. Just after the fire, Daniel Nateras — a fellow tenant who lived in 9,100-square-foot home — told KTLA he had seen the missing man retreat into his bedroom when he was altered about the flames. What appear to be human remains have been discovered at the scene of a blaze that gutted a three-story home in Mount Washington three months ago, officials said Wednesday. 20 fire at the hillside home in the 4000 block of Sea View Avenue. The residence housed 12 individuals at the time of the blaze, firefighters said.

Proposed North Dakota Law Seeks to Legalize Accidentally Running Over Protesters Who Block Roadways

However, President Donald Trump issued an executive order on Tuesday to advance the stalled pipeline. John Lesch, a Democrat who voted against the measure, said lawmakers were using “overzealous intimidation tactics to suppress speech” and argued that the measure is unconstitutional. “If you want to block a freeway, you’re going to jail, and when you get out, you’re gonna get a bill,” he said. 46.389439

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Trump Opens Keystone XL, Dakota Access Pipelines to Construction Again With Executive Action; Protestors Gather to Fight Back
Construction of Dakota Access Pipeline to Be Halted, Re-Routed in Victory for Protesters
Pipeline Protesters Clash With Law Enforcement in North Dakota; Deputies Use Tear Gas, Water Cannons But Native American and environmental activists argue that the pipeline poses environmental risks and would violate protected Native sites of historic value. Zerwas is also behind a measure that would increase the criminal penalties in Minnesota for blocking traffic on a roadway. Legislators are supposed to honor the will of the people, not criminalize it,” she added. Lawmakers in that state are set to vote Friday on a bill that would legalize accidentally running over protesters in the road, one of several actions in Republican-controlled states to discourage disruptive protests. Kempenich said he was spurred to act after Dakota Access Pipeline protesters last year moved to block public roadways, scaring some of his constituents. “[But] if you’re on the roadway trying to intimidate some people, then you’ve got an issue.”
Minnesota protest bill gets its own protest
Roadway protests are a hot topic in Minnesota, too. This is a warning to those trying to take away our freedom. Military veterans, most of whom are native American, confront police guarding a bridge near Oceti Sakowin Camp on the edge of the Standing Rock Sioux Reservation on Nov. Kempenich, for his part, argued that any drivers who intentionally targeted protesters would still be prosecuted, as would those texting and driving. Rowland said these proposals, if passed, will “undoubtedly” be struck down by courts for violating the First Amendment. (Credit: Scott Olson / Getty Images)
Rep. The local governments are only able to recoup costs if the protester is convicted of a crime, he said. “If people stay off the roadway, it has nothing to do with you,” he said. Nick Zerwas, a Republican who introduced that measure, said the public should not have to pay to cover law enforcement costs incurred dealing with illegal protests. Shortly after the measure passed by a 9-6 vote, protests erupted as members of the public angrily shouted at lawmakers, according to CNN affiliate WCCO. “If you’re not being inconvenienced, the likelihood of you listening is drastically lower. Rep. But at least one rights group is dismayed by the flurry of proposed laws. A lawmaker in Iowa, too, told the Des Moines Register of plans to propose a bill that would make it easier for law enforcement to push criminal charges on those who block roadways. One of those protesters was a friend of Philando Castile, the man shot and killed by a St. Keith Kempenich introduced the bill, which states that if a driver “unintentionally” causes injury or death to someone blocking traffic on a roadway, then the driver will not be liable for damages. Rep. We Ready. Effective protest movements, such as the Civil Rights-era boycott of buses in Montgomery, Alabama, are necessarily disruptive, he said. Action on the bill was deferred until a later date. 30, 2016, outside Cannon Ball, North Dakota. Similar bills elsewhere
Other states have also considered similar bills related to protesters and highways. There, a Republican-led House committee passed a measure Tuesday that would allow local governments to sue criminally convicted protesters for law enforcement costs. “This is not a post of defeat. We Coming,” the group wrote. That shooting sparked a series of protests in Minnesota led by the Black Lives Matter movement, which advocates for social justice for African Americans. So it’s remarkable that all these unarmed young black men were being shot all over the nation and no one cared until you had to take a detour to get to the mall.”
Black Lives Matter Minneapolis posted its opposition to the measure on Facebook. The bill comes amid contentious protests related to the proposed construction of the Dakota Access Pipeline, or DAPL. Protesters told CNN affiliate KFYR that they will continue to fight its construction. The pipeline, which would stretch from North Dakota to Illinois, has largely been completed except for a hotly contested stretch near the Standing Rock Sioux tribe’s reservation. Anthony police officer during a traffic stop last summer. “It turned from a protest to basically terrorism on the roadways, and the bill got introduced for people to be able to drive down the roads without fear of running into somebody and having to be liable for them,” he told CNN. Supporters argue DAPL would be a safe and efficient way to move crude oil through the Midwest. In Indiana, a lawmaker proposed a bill that would require officials to direct police to clear protesters from roadways by “any means necessary,” according to the Indianapolis Star. “We are seeing an alarming trend of state bills introduced with the purpose or effect of criminalizing peaceful protest — an act that lies at the very core of the First Amendment’s protections,” Lee Rowland, senior staff attorney for the American Civil Liberties Union, told CNN in an email. “Inconvenience is at the heart of protest,” he said. After months of protests, the pipeline’s construction was delayed late last year after the Army Corps said alternate paths for the pipeline would be considered.

President George H.W. Bush Could Go Home This Weekend; Barbara Bush Already Discharged

Former first lady Barbara Bush was also admitted the same day to address a case of bronchitis after “experiencing fatigue and coughing,” McGrath said. Bush, 92, sought care at the intensive care unit of Houston Methodist Hospital on Jan. “Despite a lingering cough, his lungs are clearing up and he is working with physical therapists to build strength.”
“At his current rate of recovery, President Bush’s physicians believe he could possibly go home over the weekend,” he added. She has since returned to visit her husband. 29.760427

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Former President George H.W. 14 for “an acute respiratory problem stemming from pneumonia. Former President George H.W. After a successful course of treatment involving antibiotics, the former first lady was discharged Monday. Bush is improving and may return home from the hospital as soon as this weekend, a spokesman for the 41st President said. Bush Will Be Moved Out of ICU; Barbara Bush to Be Released From Hospital
Former President George H.W. Bush, Wife Barbara Both Hospitalized Doctors then performed a procedure to protect and clear his airway that required sedation,” McGrath said in an earlier statement. “President Bush continues to improve as he recovers from pneumonia,” spokesman Jim McGrath said in a statement.

Facebook Video Showing Teen Being Viciously Beaten on School Bus in Chicago Area Sparks Investigation

The video starts off showing a 15-year-old girl outside the bus Monday afternoon at Stevenson High School, according to KTLA sister WGN-TV in Chicago. Lincolnshire police have sent the case to the state’s attorney for possible charges against the older teen. The fight was over some words the two teens exchanged in the past, according to school district officials. When the victim gets on the bus and walks to the back, a 16-year-old throws water in her face and begins throwing punches, according to the footage. The attacker and the person who recorded the video allegedly planned the assault ahead of time, according to police. Both she and the friend who shot video face punishments from the district for what they called a premeditated act of violence. Please enable Javascript to watch this video

School authorities in Lincolnshire, Illinois, are investigating a school bus beating that was uploaded to social media this week. The fight continues for more than 40 seconds before before the bus driver tells them to stop, yelling that security has been called. Another student eventually intervenes, pulling the attacker away. According to the school district, the company that provides bus service to the school has a policy of never touching students. Despite the beating, WGN learned that the 15-year-old only suffered minor injuries. But the beating continued after that. The footage was then posted on Facebook. 42.190025

Shohreh Agdashloo Talks SYFY Drama and New Movie “The Promise”

This segment aired on the KTLA 5 Morning News on January 25th, 2017. Please enable Javascript to watch this video

Don’t miss season two of “The Expanse” February 1st on SYFY and catch “The Promise” coming to theaters in April.

Police Arrest Hemet Man Found With Deceased Girlfriend in Vehicle

Hemet resident Vincent Marples was found in his vehicle Tuesday with the deceased body of his girlfriend, Cassandra Taylor, around 2:47 p.m. Anyone with further information regarding the incident can contact Hemet police at 951-765-2421. 25, 2017, by the Hemet Police Department.  

-116.971324 Hemet police have arrested a 33-year-old man after a family member reported he had killed his 32-year-old girlfriend, authorities said Wednesday. in a hilly area southeast of State Street and Gibble Road, according to a statement from the Hemet Police Department. The argument resulted in Taylor’s death, authorities said, declining to provide further details. Upon further investigation, detectives determined an altercation had taken place between Taylor and Marples, who were at the location for some time within the past 24 hours, officers said. Vincent Marples is shown in a booking photo released Jan. Marples was taken into custody and his bail has been set at $1 million. Officers were able to locate the couple with aerial support from the Riverside County Sheriff’s Department based on a vehicle description and general area provided by a relative of Marples’, police said.

Death Valley National Park Tweets About Japanese Internment Create a Stir on Social Media

“During WWII Death Valley hosted 65 endangered internees after the #Manzanar Riot. A series of messages from Death Valley National Park’s official Twitter feed set off a flurry of social media activity Wednesday when users assumed the posts were meant to be taken as commentary on President Trump. The three posts Wednesday morning addressed internment of Japanese Americans during World War II and appeared hours after news broke that Trump was mulling a ban on the admission of Syrian refugees and restrictions on travel from several majority-Muslim nations. Click here to read the full story on We are asked to accept a denial of that privilege in the name of patriotism.” The post also included a clearly vintage black-and-white photo of a man. During WWII Death Valley hosted 65 endangered internees after the #Manzanar Riot. We are asked to accept a denial of that privilege in the name of patriotism."
— Death Valley NP (@DeathValleyNPS) January 25, 2017

Togo Tanaka: interned at Manzanar and Cow Creek (Death Valley) during WWII #JapaneseAmericanInternment
— Death Valley NP (@DeathValleyNPS) January 25, 2017


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Badlands National Park’s Rogue Tweets About Climate Change Deleted; Park Blames Former Employee #JapaneseAmericanInternment” the first Death Valley NP tweet read. #JapaneseAmericanInternment
— Death Valley NP (@DeathValleyNPS) January 25, 2017

"We want the opportunity they have to prove their loyalty. Next, the park tweeted: “We want the opportunity they have to prove their loyalty.

Oscar De La Hoya Arrested on DUI Charge After Being Stopped for Speeding in Pasadena, Officials Say

Golden Boy Promotions declined to comment to The Times. 34.147785
-118.144516 Haffey/Getty Images)

Oscar De La Hoya Arrested on DUI Charge After Being Stopped for Speeding in Pasadena, Officials Say

Former professional boxer and founder of Golden Boy Promotions Oscar De La Hoya attends the Orlando Salido and Francisco Vargas WBC super featherweight championship bout at StubHub Center on June 4, 2016 in Carson, California. (Photo by Sean M. (Photo by Sean M. The 43-year-old former world boxing champion and Golden Boy Promotions chairman, who has battled post-retirement addiction issues, was taken into custody on suspicion of driving under the influence with a blood-alcohol level of greater than 0.08 after failing a series of field sobriety tests, according to the California Highway Patrol. Haffey/Getty Images)

Oscar De La Hoya was arrested early Thursday on suspicion of drunk driving after he was stopped for speeding in Pasadena, officials said. Former professional boxer and founder of Golden Boy Promotions Oscar De La Hoya attends the Orlando Salido and Francisco Vargas WBC super featherweight championship bout at StubHub Center on June 4, 2016 in Carson, California. “As for his [blood alcohol content], he was over the legal limit of 0.08%,” said Officer Xavier Bejar, a CHP spokesman in Altadena. Click here to read the full story on

Bronx Zoo Allows People to Name Roaches for Valentine’s Day

“Whether the gesture is spicy or sweet we promise not to judge,” the zoo’s website stated. The zoo has a new option to add on chocolates or a roach plush for $35, or $50 for both. For $10, your significant or not-so-significant other will receive a digital certificate with their roach’s name from the zoo. The Bronx Zoo started the “Name a Roach” program in 2011 as a way to raise money. Looking for an unusual Valentine’s Day gift for your loved one, or perhaps you want a unique way to remember an ex? 40.844782
-73.864827 And if you don’t have someone special to celebrate Valentine’s Day with, naming a roach can also be a creative way to “honor” past relationships. The Bronx Zoo thinks they have got the “perfect gift” for the holiday: naming one of its many Madagascar hissing cockroaches in someone else’s honor. Feeling extra romantic this year? Proceeds from the fundraiser will go to the Wildlife Conservation Society, according to the Associated Press.

California ‘Sanctuary Cities’ Vow to Stand Firm Despite Trump Threats of Funding Cutoff


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Gov. Details about Trump’s crackdown remain unclear. Immigration and Customs Enforcement officers looking for a fugitive migrant question his mother during a morning raid on his residence in Riverside. Brown’s State of the State: ‘California Is Not Turning Back. (Credit: Los Angeles Times)

Donald Trump’s vow to crack down on “sanctuary cities” that protect immigrants in the U.S. According to a draft document reviewed by The Times, under the new order the federal government would threaten to withhold funds from cities that limit cooperation with immigration officials. (Credit: Los Angeles Times)

California ‘Sanctuary Cities’ Vow to Stand Firm Despite Trump Threats of Funding Cutoff

Immigration and Customs Enforcement officers looking for a fugitive migrant question his mother during a morning raid on his residence in Riverside. Trump on Wednesday signed two executive orders designed to begin building a border wall with Mexico, add lockups for detaining immigrants who cross the border illegally, enhance enforcement powers for border agents and to strip federal funding to cities that refuse to cooperate with immigration enforcement. illegally has met with resolve, at least so far, in some California communities. Not Now, Not Ever’
L.A. City Leaders Will Fight to Protect Undocumented Immigrants From Deportation Under Trump More than 400 jurisdictions across the country have some sort of sanctuary policy, including Los Angeles, San Francisco and about 40 others in California. Click here to read the full story on

Buckitdream Winners Get the Trip of a Lifetime

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This segment aired on the KTLA 5 Morning News on January 25th, 2017.

Carrie Keagan Discusses Why Swearing is “Therapeutic”

This segment aired on the KTLA 5 Morning News on January 25th, 2017. Please enable Javascript to watch this video

Make sure to grab a copy of Carrie Keagan’s new book “Everybody Curses, I Swear!” available now everywhere books are sold.

Mary Tyler Moore, Beloved Television Icon, Dies at 80

The unsympathetic, dark role was a departure for Moore, who remains best known for her light touch in two classic situation comedies that, together, earned her six Emmy Awards. In 1981, she received an Academy Award nomination for best actress for her portrayal of the emotionally cold mother in “Ordinary People,” the Robert Redford-directed drama about an upper-middle-class family dealing with the death of its eldest son in a boating accident with his brother. In a career that began as Happy Hotpoint, the dancing and singing 3-inch pixie in Hotpoint appliance commercials on “The Adventures of Ozzie and Harriet” in 1955 when she was 18, Moore went on to star in television and films and on Broadway. (Credit: E Milsom/Getty Images)

Mary Tyler Moore, the multiple Emmy-winning actress who first charmed TV viewers on “The Dick Van Dyke Show” in the 1960s and became a beloved TV icon who could “turn the world on with her smile” on “The Mary Tyler Moore Show” in the 1970s, has died. Click here to read the full story on American actress Mary Tyler Moore, who starred in a number of sitcom TV series. (Credit: E Milsom/Getty Images)

Mary Tyler Moore, Beloved TV Icon, Dies at 80

American actress Mary Tyler Moore, who starred in a number of sitcom TV series. She was 80.