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Victims’ Families Sob During Closing Argument of Confessed Charleston Church Shooter Dylann Roof’s Trial



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Mass Shooter Dylann Roof Laughed While Confessing to South Carolina Church Massacre: FBI Video
Charleston Church Shooter Dylann Roof Can Represent Himself at Trial, Federal Judge Decides Prosecutors presented Roof as a “cold and calculating” killer. (Credit: Randall Hill – Pool/Getty Images)
Roof, a 22-year-old self-declared white supremacist, has admitted to last year’s killings at Emanuel African Methodist Episcopal Church. And they watched a video of Roof laughing after admitting he killed the victims. “The parishioners could not have seen the hatred in his heart,” Williams said. “He needs to be held accountable for every bullet,” Assistant U.S. Attorney Nathan Williams told the jury Thursday, emphasizing what he said was the depth of Roof’s hatred. Now, after watching an on-camera confession by Roof, jurors could decide not just whether he’s legally guilty, but also whether he should get the death penalty. Closing arguments began Thursday morning in the Dylann Roof murder trial. And Roof has said he wants to represent himself in that part of the case. Jurors saw a witness whose son was killed sobbing on the stand. His trial in that case is scheduled to start in January. The defense did not call any witnesses, and Roof did not testify. The closing arguments come after a week of dramatic arguments and chilling testimony about the June 2015 massacre. “He sat and waited until they were at their most vulnerable.”
Family members of the victims sobbed as Williams spoke. What’s next
But jurors may hear directly from Roof later. If he’s convicted, the sentencing phase of his trial would start in early January. Roof has pleaded not guilty to 33 federal charges, including:
• Nine counts of violating the Hate Crime Act resulting in death
• Nine counts of use of a firearm to commit murder during and in relation to a crime of violence
• Nine counts of obstruction of exercise of religion resulting in death
• Three counts of violating the Hate Crime Act involving an attempt to kill
• Three counts of obstruction of exercise of religion involving an attempt to kill and use of a dangerous weapon
Roof also faces nine counts of murder and other charges in the state court system. The fate of the man who confessed to gunning down nine people in a Charleston church soon will be in a jury’s hands. Dylann Roof, 21, listens to proceeding with assistant defense attorney William Maguire during a hearing at the Judicial Center July 16, 2015 in Charleston, South Carolina. They heard an FBI agent read a series of Roof’s racist writings.

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Snowland at Great Wolf Lodge

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Great Wolf Lodge reservations can be made on their website.

Man Fatally Shot While Standing in Front Yard of Citrus Area Home Near Azusa

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Homicide detectives are investigating the death of a man who was fatally shot while standing outside his home in the unincorporated Citrus area near Azusa Wednesday night. Authorities investigate a fatal shooting in the Citrus area near Azusa on Dec. 15, 2016. After the shooting, Espinosa managed to get back inside his home, where he collapsed and died, Quintero said. Those who wish to remain anonymous can call Crime Stoppers at 800-222-TIPS (8477),

-117.907563 (Credit: KTLA)
The victim, identified as 30-year-old Paul Espinosa, was standing in the front yard of his home in the 178000 block of East Newburgh Street when someone opened fire about 10:58 p.m., Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department Sgt. Investigators were searching the neighborhood for anyone who may have witnessed the shooting. Marcelo Quintero confirmed. Espinosa, whose mother was home at the time of the shooting, was described as a longtime resident of the area by Quintero. Anyone with information was asked to contact the Sheriff’s Department at 323-890-5500. No gunman or vehicle descriptions were immediately available.

2 Firefighters Injured Battling Blaze at Strip Mall in Monterey Park

15, 2016. No other injuries were reported. The fire was eventually knocked down just before 4:30 a.m., Hallock said. Capt. (Credit: OnScene.TV)
Emergency crews responded to a smoke alarm at the northeast end of the mall in the 300 block of East Garvey Avenue about 1:33 a.m., Monterey Park Fire Department Sgt. 34.062511
-118.122848 Residents at a nearby apartment complex in the 100 block of North Nicholson Avenue were forced to evacuate the building during the firefight. Two firefighters were injured while battling the fire and were taken to a local hospital with minor injuries, Fire Dept. Duke said. Matt Hallock said. Firefighters battle a blaze at a strip mall in Monterey Park on Dec. Two firefighters were injured battling a blaze at a strip mall in Monterey Park Thursday morning.

What to Do If You Have 1 of the 1 Billion Hacked Yahoo Accounts

“But I think this is a severe setback for them and the entire company,” he added. (Credit: Justin Sullivan/Getty Images)
The latest data theft affected more than one billion accounts, Yahoo says. Having your credentials stolen “is a matter of the lowest common denominator, the site with the least security,” he said. Never share any account information or passwords over email. If you’ve put a freeze on your credit report, you will be alerted that an institution is trying to run a check and can flag that you didn’t request it. Use different passwords for all online accounts
People who create a really strong password for one site but then use it across others are vulnerable to attacks, said Shuman Ghosemajumder, chief technology officer of Shape Security. “The trust that your users have in you is directly tied to the level of security they expect,” he said. corporate headquarters is seen May 16, 2006 in Santa Clara, California. The problem is it happened all the way back in August 2013. Yahoo has announced another huge security breach, leaving its users fretting once again about their personal information. “If you don’t have confidence [in Yahoo] in the future, that’s a personal decision people need to make,” Ghosemajumder said, noting that Yahoo has a large security team and has invested heavily in security. It’s not all on you
Companies need to step up security measures to protect themselves not only against hacking, but also against the aftereffects of hacking like credential stuffing attacks, according to Ghosemajumder. When that happens, the first thing a bank will do is run a credit check. “I would strongly recommend it, even if you don’t have a Yahoo account,” Nigam said. The embattled tech company said it’s notifying users who may have been affected by the breach and making them change their passwords. The exterior of Yahoo! 37.368830
-122.036350 After two major breaches, is it time to say goodbye to Yahoo? But there are still several ways to make your information more secure. “Yahoo has now won the gold medal and the silver medal for the worst hacks in history,” said Hemu Nigam, CEO of online security consultancy SSP Blue. “Criminals will give you information to gain your trust, and victimize you further,” he said. Yahoo is advising people to change the passwords and security answers on any other accounts for which they used the same or similar information as their Yahoo account. Hackers obtained more than just names and passwords in the Yahoo breach — they also nabbed answers to security questions. Platforms like 1Password or LastPass generate and store passwords and security answers for every account you have, so you only have to remember a single master password. But what about closing accounts? That means whoever plundered the information has had more than three years to exploit it, security experts say. Block access to your credit report
Nigam recommends that you put “a freeze on your credit report and use a company that monitors your credit for you.”
Hackers who have valuable credentials will often try to open a credit card in your name. That’s roughly double the number involved in the cybersecurity incident it announced in September, which is believed to be separate. Beware of emails asking for more information
Hackers can use stolen credentials to craft emails that have the veneer of legitimacy, according to Nigam. Be extra cautious about clicking on links or opening downloads from unknown email addresses. Since strong, unique passwords are a huge pain to memorize, Ghosemajumder recommends using a password manager. Such emails might disclose the answer you gave to a security question, for example, and then ask if it’s still up to date and request more information. Cybercriminals can use that info to conduct automated attacks called “credential stuffing.”
That’s when hackers take the stolen information of millions of users and build a program that tries to log in to other online accounts like banking, retail and airline rewards.

Super Mario Run Debuts on Apple Devices Thursday

However, Pokemon Go also led to a spike in sales for Nintendo’s 3DS handheld system and other Pokemon-related software titles, reassuring the company that “investment into the mobile space could deliver them extra revenue instead of cannibalizing it,” said Peter Warman, CEO of Newzoo. Super Mario creator Shigeru Miyamoto said mobile games in general didn’t meet the company’s standards, but he recently had a change of heart. Meanwhile, Nintendo is benefiting from another burst of nostalgia. Nintendo is sprinting into a new era with the launch of Super Mario Run. Mario’s mission is to rescue a kidnapped Princess Peach from bad guy Bowser. It’s currently unclear when it might come to Android. One big question over Super Mario Run is how much money it will bring in. 35.011636
135.768029 About 500 million people are expected to download it in the first month, according to Newzoo. And the company only got a modest profit boost in the latest quarter from Pokemon Go because of its relatively small stake in the game’s developer, Niantic. holiday shopping season. By keeping a finger to the screen for a longer period of time, Mario jumps higher. A fraction of that group — 10 million people — are likely to pay to fully unlock the game, it estimates. Super Mario Run is launching exclusively on iOS devices. But the Japanese firm has raised eyebrows in the mobile industry with its decision to charge a one-off fee rather than adopt the popular “freemium” model, where users don’t pay for the game but have to make repeated in-app purchases to access more features. The app comes with premium price: $9.99. “When you put out a paid game like this you cap your earnings at $10 a consumer.”
Fiercely protective of its mustachioed plumber, Nintendo had previously been reluctant to put him in a mobile game at all. Users can play parts of the game for free, but the one-time payment will grant them unlimited access. Along the way, users run into familiar challenges, like piranha plants peeking out of green tubes and coins in treacherous spots. “They’re leaving a lot of money on the table by not picking the freemium option,” said Tero Kuittinen, a gaming expert and chief strategist with investment firm Kuuhubb. But rather than using a controller, users tap the screen to jump over enemies. “We felt that now is the right time to bring Mario to iPhone, to introduce a new generation of players to Mario,” he said. “The power and performance that we’re able to get out of an iPhone, specifically for gaming, has gotten to the level where it matches our expectations of the performance that we want for our games,” Miyamoto told CNN. And the wild popularity this year of augmented reality smartphone game Pokemon Go, in which Nintendo has a stake, highlighted the scale of the potential audience. Consumers are expected to spend at least $85 billion on video games this year, according to reports from Deloitte and market research firm Newzoo. (Credit: From Nintendo)
The beloved ’80s character debuts on Apple devices for the first time Thursday with the launch of Nintendo’s much-anticipated mobile game. It will be the first time mobile will take a larger share of the gaming pie than computers or consoles. Nintendo is sprinting into a new era with the launch of Super Mario Run. The game is also likely to drum up excitement for the company’s new handheld device, Nintendo Switch, due in March 2017. “There are more people with smartphones than game consoles,” said tech consultant Shelly Palmer. The launch of Super Mario Run signals a major shift in Nintendo’s approach as the video game business moves beyond consoles and computers. “The vast majority of people interested in gaming will be able to take advantage of it on anything distributed via mobile.”
Nintendo’s software game revenue dropped to $1.95 billion in the financial year ended in March, down from $2.17 billion a year earlier. Its NES Classic Edition — a smaller version of the original Nintendo console with 40 built-in games — is one of the most sought-after gifts of the U.S.

Fear of Flying? This Study on Pilots and Suicidal Thoughts Won’t Help

“The advantages of having an anonymous survey would be more important for us because we wanted obviously participation but we wanted the pilots to absolutely feel like their answers were confidential and it wouldn’t be able to be traced back to them in any way so that they could honestly report,” said Alexander Wu, first author and a doctoral student at Harvard Chan School. 42.360082
-71.058880 The Federal Aviation Administration requires aeromedical examiners to evaluate the fitness of pilots, explained Allen and his co-authors. An airplane takes off from Ronald Reagan Washington National Airport in Arlington, Virginia, August 15, 2016 (Credit: SAUL LOEB/AFP/Getty Images)
Hundreds of pilots who are currently flying commercial planes may be clinically depressed, according to research published in the journal Environmental Health on Wednesday. Within this group, 233 pilots — or 12.6% — met the criteria for likely depression. Similarly, an incident report from Silk Air Flight 185, which crashed en route to Singapore in 1997, killing 104, indicated that the captain was suffering from “multi-work related difficulties.”
Despite effective treatments, fewer than half of people with depression receive treatment, says the World Health Organization. “We suspect that disrupted circadian rhythm and/or sleep disturbances may be associated with having a higher depressive score,” said Wu. Examiners, though, do not diagnose mental health conditions, and the only way a mental disorder is even noted in a pilot’s health records is if he or she mentions it. High prevalence
Allen and his colleagues designed the survey with a mix of topics so as not to “tip their hand” and reveal the study’s focus on mental health. In June, the Federal Aviation Administration announced that it will require medical examiners who screen commercial pilots to undergo more training to help them better identify warning signs of mental illnesses. Chan School of Public Health. Until now, most information about mental health and pilots has been based on incident investigations and reports and health assessments that are protected by airlines and aviation authorities. The profession is among the “most highly vetted careers today” in North America, the Air Line Pilots Association responded. Still, though, commercial pilots will not need to undergo psychological testing. Pilots who used higher levels of sleep aid medication also were more likely to be depressed. Out of nearly 3,500 participants, 1,848 completed the questions about mental health. Spoiler alert: Your fear of flying is likely to increase after reading this. Pilot evaluation
“It is important to remember that airline travel is the safest mode of transportation in the world,” the Air Line Pilots Association wrote in an email. This was done to avoid participants’ preconceptions as much as possible. The survey was intended to provide a “more accurate description of mental health” among pilots, yet Allen noted that he and his colleagues did not have access to medical records and did not conduct interviews to confirm diagnosis of depression. The new study comes just a year and a half after a depressed Germanwings co-pilot killed 150 people when he deliberately crashed a plane into the French Alps. Nearly 1,850 pilots participated in the anonymous, web-based survey conducted between April and December 2015 and led by Joseph Allen, senior author and an assistant professor of exposure assessment science at Harvard Chan School. Yet the authors of the study believe that “underreporting of mental health symptoms and diagnoses is probable among airline pilots due to the public stigma of mental illness and fear among pilots of being “grounded” or not fit for duty.”
Prevalence of depressive symptoms among high-stress occupations include 7% among emergency medical technicians, 10 to 17% among police officers, and 12% among deployed and 13% among previously deployed military personnel, the researchers estimate. The fatal Germanwings incident was not an isolated event, suggested a team of Irish researchers in a study published this year. Of 1,430 pilots who said they’d worked within the past seven days, 193 — or 13.5% — met the criteria for depression. The association noted that pilots for US carriers safely accomplish 27,000 takeoffs and landings each day and in all kinds of conditions. In future studies, the researchers hope to examine the risk factors for depression among pilots. Worse still, many pilots with symptoms of depression may not seek treatment due to fears of negative career consequences, such as being grounded, said researchers at Harvard T.H. Depression was more likely among pilots who were victims of sexual harassment (36.4% among those experiencing harassment four or more times in the past week) or verbal harassment (42.9% among those experiencing harassment four or more times in the past week), the researchers learned. Overall, 75 pilots (4.1%) reported having suicidal thoughts within the previous two weeks. After weighing the pros and cons, the team chose to conduct their survey anonymously. The association noted that pilots “are continuously evaluated throughout their careers” through medical exams, training and other programs as well as “during random flight checks by the Federal Aviation Administration.”
“Flight and cabin crewmembers also monitor and evaluate each other while on duty, and procedures, processes, and programs exist to respond should a concern arise,” added the association. By comparison, 7% of people in the United States experienced depression in the past year, noted the authors. They report “inconclusive evidence” to suggest the 1999 crash of an EgyptAir Boeing 767 that killed 217 individuals after taking off from New York might have been deliberately caused by the relief first officer. Analyzing the data, Allen, Wu and their colleagues discovered a considerable number of pilots suffering symptoms of depression. One of the major barriers for seeking care is social stigma, yet pilots have the added burden of long and continuous work hours, which make scheduling treatment difficult, noted the authors. Pulling standardized questions from the National Health and Nutrition Examination Survey, the research team also included queries typically used by doctors to diagnose depression.

NorCal Drought Conditions Have Dramatically Improved While SoCal Remains Bone Dry

30, 2016. But the story is more grim in Southern California, which remains historically dry. 36.778261
-119.417932 So far this season, rain levels in the northern Sierra are 180% of average, with 23.5 inches of rain falling — and more on the way this week. “California is a big place. And by almost all measures, the drought picture in Northern California has dramatically improved over the last two months, as a series of storms have helped replenish the state’s two major water projects. “We certainly saw that last year … and we’re likely to see that again.”
Click here to read the full story on Rain and snowmelt from the area feed into a complex system of rivers, canals and reservoirs that send water across the state. While Southern California still gets some water from the Sierra, about 50% of its supply comes from local sources such as groundwater and reservoirs. When California water officials assess the drought, the first place they look is the northern Sierra Nevada mountains. Now water officials must figure out how to deal with the disparity and its implications for managing the drought. It has different droughts in different parts,” said Jay Lund, a professor of civil and environmental engineering at UC Davis who studies water in California. Snow on SR203 near Mammoth Mountain is seen in an image posted to Facebook by Caltrans District 9 on Oct.

1 Boy Dies, Another Survives After Being Trapped in Collapsed Snow Fort in New York

“We know (the boys) burrowed into the backside of the snow bank to make a fort, like all kids do,” Bell said. 40.712784
-74.005941 Public works Superintendent Leo Flynn told CNN affiliate WTEN that his workers “are devastated.”
The boys, who were described as best friends, lived on the same block and attended the same Greenwich middle school. Searchers were led to a snow bank in a nearby parking lot by tracks — and then spotted a sled sticking out from the bank. The cause of the accident is under investigation, but police believe a public works crew may have dumped more snow on the structure, causing the collapse. The other boy was found alive. Greenwich Police Chief George Bell said officers started a frantic digging operation, removing seven tons of snow. The boys had crawled inside the snow bank to build a fort, police said. Snow plows work the area where the boys were playing and dump cleared sidewalk snow at the location, authorities said. A winter tradition turned tragic when two boys building a fort were trapped after a snow bank collapsed on them. The pair were reported missing when they didn’t return home at nightfall, according to Greenwich Police. After school, they had dressed in their winter clothes and taken off with their sleds. His 12-year-old friend survived and is recovering from hypothermia. Police in Greenwich, New York, said Joshua Demarest, 13, died Tuesday night in the collapse. Joshua was found and taken by ambulance to a local hospital, where he died.

Trump’s Sons Involved in Interviewing, Vetting Cabinet Candidates

Eric Trump campaigns with his father, republican presidential candidate, Donald Trump in Biloxi, Mississippi. Trump has faced frequent questions about how he will manage his potential conflicts of interest between his business empire and his administration. He has said he would have his children manage the company, but experts say that only a blind trust would be enough to satisfy ethical concerns — admitting that Trump’s situation is complicated. The pick was expected to be a western state politician given Trump Jr.’s background. He is part of a conservationist hunting club called the Boone and Crockett Club, based in Montana, which Zinke represents. and his son. speaks at the Republican National Convention in Cleveland, Ohio on Tuesday, July 19, 2016. (Credit: CNN)
Donald Trump Jr. “Conflicts of interest arise when you’re not — when you’re sneaky about it, when you’re shady about it, when you’re not transparent about it.”


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Judge Orders Trump to Sit for 7-Hour Deposition in Early January
Trump National Security Adviser Pick Michael Flynn Shared Classified Intel: Military Report
Trump Meets With Top Execs From Silicon Valley, Tells Them ‘We’ll Be There for You’ “Donald Trump’s adult children cannot run the business and simultaneously have a role in Donald Trump’s transition without the appearance President-elect Trump’s decisions are for the good of the Trump Organization instead of the country,” said Eric Walker, DNC deputy communications director in a statement. She and her husband, Jared Kushner, have been house hunting in Washington, and Kushner is also expected to play at least a key informal role in the administration. and Eric were also all seen in a meeting Trump held with big Silicon Valley executives Wednesday at Trump Tower. Steve Daines, who has been hunting with Trump Jr. The Democratic National Committee criticized the role of Trump’s children in the transition. He has played a heavy role in picking that nominee, which is Montana Rep. Donald Trump Jr. managing the business with non-family help, presumably freeing Ivanka to have a formal role in her father’s administration. They’ve long been a key part of his executive team at his organization, and their involvement in building his administration is an extension of that. CNN reported last week that Trump Jr. A source close to the process said the children’s involvement is only natural given how much Trump trusts their opinion and how well they know their father. and the transition have also gotten input from Montana Republican Sen. Trump Jr. and Eric, are actively involved in his transition efforts, sources say — raising questions about their dual role in his administration and businesses. Trump postponed a previously teased press conference planned for this week, which he had repeatedly said and tweeted would be the forum to answer questions about untangling his administration from his business dealings. A transition source said the Trump children’s natural inclination toward conservation was weighed heavily in the search, balanced against other traditional Republican priorities of small government and less federal control of public lands. The transition did not respond to a request for comment about the potential conflicts. The new plan will reportedly involve Eric and Donald Jr. Ivanka, Donald Jr. was heavily involved in the opening at Interior, in large part due to his hunting passion. Donald Trump’s sons, Donald Jr. But Eric and Donald Jr.’s roles in the transition have given fodder to ethics experts who say that even without their formal involvement in the administration, their closeness to their father mean there would not be enough of a firewall between the business and the White House. “You tell everyone, here’s what’s going on, here’s the process, here are the people that are playing a role, that’s being transparent,” Spicer said. Ryan Zinke, transition sources confirm. helped vet and interview candidates for the interior secretary position, a source familiar with the process confirmed, and Eric Trump was present for at least one meeting for secretary of state between his father and Mitt Romney. The press conference will now be in January, his team says. Sean Spicer, a spokesman for the Republican National Committee who has been working closely with the Trump team on the transition, told CNN’s Kate Bolduan that only “sneaky” dealings are a problem. But at the same time, that history with the organization is exactly the problem, critics say.

Newport Beach Celebrates Holiday Season With Annual Christmas Boat Parade

Mary Beth McDade reports for the KTLA 5 News at 10 on Dec. 14, 2016. 33.618910
-117.928947 Please enable Javascript to watch this video

Boats decorated with ornate lighting floated through Newport Beach Wednesday night as part of the town’s 108th-annual Christmas Boat Parade.

Video Shows Man Locked in San Bernardino Store After Allegedly Attempting to Commit Burglary

“He actually came back to get his bike,” Hawkins said. Acting on instinct, Han immediately left the store and locked the suspect in, he said. The suspect eventually escaped by kicking down a back door, surveillance footage shows. Security guard Kevin Hawkins said he apprehended him soon after. The man is seen on the store’s surveillance footage grabbing clothes. The suspect was then arrested without further incidence, Han said. Boutique owner Steve Han says he then threatened him with a knife. “At that time, he had a knife in his hand.”
Hawkins said there was “a little bit of a struggle” with “pushing and shoving,” but he was able to hold the suspect 10 minutes while they waited for police to arrive. 34.102351
-117.300030 The man can be seen attempting tp break the store’s windows with a large wooden block, but he was unsuccessful. Please enable Javascript to watch this video

The owner of a clothing store called Mix & Match in San Bernardino says a would-be thief became stuck in his store Tuesday afternoon when he locked the doors as the man was attempting to commit a burglary there.

New DNA Testing Planned in JonBenet Ramsey Case

JonBenet was found with a garrote fashioned out of rope embedded deep into her neck. 39.550051

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JonBenet Ramsey Suspect Charged in Colorado Child Porn Case
Grand Jury in 1999 Sought to Indict JonBenet Ramsey’s Parents The same rope was around one of her wrists. 26, 1996, in the basement of the family’s home in Boulder, hours after her mother discovered a handwritten, three-page ransom note. Boulder police officials said they will only have comments if there is new information to be announced. An American teacher in Thailand who confessed in 2006 to JonBenet’s killing was brought to Boulder, but John Mark Karr’s DNA didn’t match the unidentified male DNA he ultimately was released. JonBenet’s body was found in on Dec. The district attorney said he isn’t sure whether they will use DNA from pieces of evidence or only re-test results they already have. Unknown male DNA had been found on the waistband of JonBenet’s long johns. That DNA finding led Mary Lacy, the Boulder district attorney at the time, to make one of the most controversial decisions in the case. Patsy Ramsey died of cancer in 2006. Her father, John Ramsey, said he removed duct tape from her mouth when he found his 6-year-old girl. As he told CNN affiliate KMGH: “To ever have a prosecutable case, we have to have several different pieces of evidence come together.”
Garnett told CNN that his office along with the Boulder Police Department meets periodically with the Colorado Bureau of Investigation as they continue to keep up with the changes in DNA testing. The Colorado Bureau of Investigation is opening a new DNA testing facility in 2017 and will next year use new technology in the JonBenet case — as well as other cold cases. John Ramsey remarried and lives in the western United States. At the end of the garrote was a broken paintbrush that appeared to be from the art set of her mother Patsy Ramsey. She issued an apology to John and Patsy Ramsey, at the same time saying they were exonerated of any criminal wrongdoing in the death of their daughter. Hunter announced there would be no charges in the death of JonBenet. Angela Williamson. At the conclusion of the proceedings 13 months later, then-Boulder County District Attorney Alex Hunter convened a press conference broadcast live nationwide. Boulder County District Attorney Stan Garnett told CNN’s Jean Casarez that he expects the DNA testing results will be “not significant and not a big deal.”
Garnett stressed the JonBenet investigation is much more than a DNA case. The two samples matched or “were consistent” with each other, according to testing done by forensic scientist Dr. Earlier tests had found unknown male DNA on the crotch of her underwear. Any new results will only be significant if they can be matched with other evidence authorities already have. In 2008 there were new forensic findings. Authorities in Colorado are going to use new DNA testing technology in one of America’s most famous unsolved murder cases. Two years after JonBenet’s killing, with the case not close to being solved, Boulder’s district attorney convened a grand jury in 1998. Garnett, although respecting his predecessor, has told CNN, “I disagreed that an exoneration on the state of that evidence at that time was appropriate.”
No one has ever been charged in the case. In an interesting twist, the Boulder Daily Camera reported in January 2013 that the grand jury had voted to indict the Ramseys, neither of whom were ever charged. But don’t expect it to lead to an arrest in the 20-year-old JonBenet Ramsey case in the near future.

Viral Story of Tennessee Boy Who Died in Santa’s Arms Unravels

The Knoxville News Sentinel story quickly went viral after it was published Sunday. Schmitt-Matzen did not respond to multiple calls seeking comment. “It’s sticks and stones.”
In an email to CNNMoney, Venable said the newspaper’s statement “speaks for itself.”
The announcement by the News Sentinel forced the dozens of news outlets that picked up the story to address the change. USA Today added an editor’s note to the top of its version of the story, saying it had also removed a video interview with Schmitt-Matzen that accompanied the post. He would not name the nurse or boy. When reached by phone this afternoon, a man claiming to be his spokesman told CNN he was working on a response. USA Today republished the column, which was written by News Sentinel columnist Sam Venable. It was a story many wanted to believe: A terminally ill child gets his last wish to see Santa and dies in his arms. A search of obituaries in Tennessee newspapers from the beginning of 2016 for 5-year-old boys did not yield conclusive proof confirming or refuting the account. Too good to be true? But the Tennessee newspaper that ran it first now says it can no longer stand by the account. “If some people want to call me a liar … I can handle that better than I can handle a child in my arms dying,” he said. He repeated the heart-wrenching exchange nearly word for word in subsequent interviews, with the same impact. A host of national news outlets gave it additional coverage, including CNN, who spoke to Santa actor Eric Schmitt-Matzen about his interaction with the boy in his final moments. “When you get to those pearly gates, you tell ’em you’re Santa’s No. The coroner’s office was unable to provide information without a name. “I’ve gotten a big response to this,” Venable told CNN. “The News Sentinel cannot establish that Schmitt-Matzen’s account is inaccurate, but more importantly, ongoing reporting cannot establish that it is accurate,” McElroy and Venable wrote. He said he arrived at the hospital in 15 minutes and took the child in his arms, warning people who might cry to leave the room. “I think part of the issue here is that a lot of outlets don’t give their reporters time to vet these things.”


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‘Can You Help Me?’: Terminally Ill 5-Year-Old Tennessee Boy Asks for Final Christmas Wish Before Dying in Santa’s Arms, ‘Santa’ Says Schmitt-Matzen, a known Santa in the area thanks to his jolly frame and impeccably groomed white beard, told the News Sentinel a nurse called him and told him a sick 5-year-old boy wanted to see Santa Claus. Story begins to unravel
The story nailed the emotional richness of the holiday season in a time when Americans could use some heartwarming news, even if it provoked a few tears. Schmitt-Matzen told the Washington Post he stands by his account. But in a note published online Wednesday, Venable and News Sentinel editor Jack McElroy said they were unable to verify the account after it was published because Schmitt-Matzen refused to provide the identities of the child’s family or the nurse who purportedly called him to the hospital, which is not named in the story. 1 elf, and I know they’ll let you in,” Schmitt-Matzen recalled telling the boy. BuzzFeed rewrote the story at the same URL where the original story was published. “The story kept spreading but with no second sourcing,” Arturo Garcia, the Snopes reporter who wrote the follow-up, told CNNMoney. “Therefore, because the story does not meet the newspaper’s standards of verification, we are no longer standing by the veracity of Schmitt-Matzen’s account.”
CNN called all the major hospitals in the Knoxville area that treat children and none could confirm his account. “People have told me that they were crying when they read it, and I tell them that I was crying when I wrote it.”
The story began to unravel on Tuesday, when Snopes ran a piece scrutinizing Schmitt-Matzen’s account.