OnePlus 7 Pro vs. OnePlus 6T: Should you upgrade?

It feels more substantial, with a bit of extra quality in subtle ways. But the quality isn’t just skin deep; the OnePlus 7 Pro has stereo speakers for great audio separation and more volume, and the ha… But it’s much more expensive, and the OnePlus 6T is neither old nor short on performance and features — it offers the same core experience as the 7 Pro. Best answer: The OnePlus 7 Pro is undeniably a better phone than the OnePlus 6T across the board. The OnePlus 6T came out just 6 months before the 7 Pro, but the company has made substantial upgrades in that time. The design stands out, too — most so in the Nebula Blue color, but even in Mirror Gray. Pricey upgrade: OnePlus 7 Pro (From $670 at OnePlus)

What do you get with an upgrade to the OnePlus 7 Pro? The OnePlus 7 Pro marks a new higher level of hardware design and quality, and it’s apparent as soon as you set eyes on the phone and then pick it up. All of which makes this upgrade really tough to recommend.