OnePlus 7 Pro review: The best Android phone under $700

The OnePlus 6T debuted at $549 just 6 months ago, and now we have a base-model OnePlus 7 Pro for $669 — and truth be told, the one you really want to consider as the “base” model is $699. Now, the equation has changed considerably. OnePlus steps up the price, but now goes toe-to-toe with the best phones available today. The common refrain with OnePlus phones is that every compliment you extend has to be appended with “for the price.” Aside from the software, which is in the conversation as the best available in the Android world, there hasn’t been any area of the OnePlus experience that stood out. That is, unless you considered the massive difference in price between it and the competition. Phone prices have steadily increased in… Price is extremely important, of course, but the positioning and compromises associated with OnePlus phones constrained them to a discussion about value and budgets, rather than being in the running for the moniker of the best phone at any price.