New Limited-Time Mode highlights latest Fortnite 9.01 patch

The latest content update for Fortnite — the 9.01 patch — is out today, and with it comes the introduction of a brand new, John Wick-themed limited-time mode, as well as the addition of a new weapon and some minor fixes throughout the game. Eliminating an enemy player pays out all of the tokens that they were carrying, and the first squad to reach a certain threshold wins. The top 3 token leaders will have their location shown on the map & compass at all times…. You can check out the full list of changes to the Battle Royale portion of Fortnite below, and jump into a game now to check out the changes:


Limited respawning: Each player has three lives. Ready for something new? The more tokens a player is carrying, the more visible on the map they will be when moving or shooting. Check it out! Titled Wick’s Bounty, the newest limited-time mode will drop players into a game with gold tokens similar to that of the assassins in the movie.