Netflix: The Little Prince – Rose Parade Float

The asteroids consist of seeds, petals and fresh flower blooms. The film’s story reminds us not to get so wrapped up in our adult lives that we lose our ability to be imaginative and fail to instill the value of imagination in the next generation. And, of course, you can’t ignore that a main character in The Little Prince is The Rose! The large tree is a paper bark trunk with a canopy of magnolia branches. So we felt The Little Prince and The Rose Parade were connected in that way. The float shows Zero17 and her fox flying through asteroids searching for the Little Prince. The Prince’s home planet is covered in pink, hot pink, lavender and white roses. It is a story we love and we feel not only honors a internationally beloved book that has been passed down through generations, but also the tradition of families sharing time together watching great content, which is harder and harder to find time for in this day and age. The neighbors plane is decorated in cranberry seed, silverleaf, ground orange lentil and onion seed. All text and information courtesy Pasadena Tournament of Roses. We named our float “Soar Beyond Imagination” because success and imagination are inextricably linked, especially as we look for the next creative innovations that will make our world a better place. There is accents of carnation petals, lunaria, cut statice and ground split pea. The Rose Parade is also something that has become a tradition across generations and it is something that families share together as part of their holiday season. The Rear unit is a garden of tulips, amaryllis, daffodils, hyacinth, daisys, and snapdragons. The old man’s home is a combination of lettuce seed, crushed walnut shells, poppy seed and pepper. Flowers/Materials used
The Front Unit has clouds of blue iris, white carnations and white gypsophila. Dimensions: 26’H x 16’W x 42’L
Float Title: Soar Beyond Imagination
Float Theme
The Little Prince was a big new title that we launched on Netflix this year and something that was both part of our foray into feature films, but also family-friendly programming.